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  • how to cope with no friends at school?

    tomorrow my entire year (apart from a few) and all my friends are on this school trip and i will have no friends for the whole day this is making me really anxious as i have no clue what to do and where to go. what can i do during break and lunch to stop myself from feeling anxious and down?

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  • my friend shows off and it is affecting me?

    my friend goes to a rance class with the rest of my friends (not me) and she does a important school choir. She always sings loudly and when she does she stares at you until you notice and she taps you until you see her singing. Her family has lots of money so she can afford a expesnive dance class all the big trips and concert tickets, but i dont have loads of money to blow and i feel in signifficsnt and lesser than her. When she gets her concert tickets she shows off and brags about it for days.She got Katy Perry tickets aand One direction and i cant afford any what she gets so yes i admit i do get jealous sometimes. When she goes to her dance class she talks about it with the rest of my friends and i feel excluded. When ever i have a moment in the spot light she takes it and puts it back to her and i just feel like a piece of rubbish i could go on and on and on but i need help just getting past her showing off and bragging

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  • I think my dad is cheating on my mum?

    He has a phone and he always has a passcode on it and he wont let anyone touch it not even my mum and he is always texting people but if i look at him while he is texting he turns his phone away so i cant see and whenever he is texting he is either smiling or laughing and he is always on it even when we are spending time as a family he has a fabswingers account and he always goes out for the night he is always saying im going out tonight and im staying in a hotel we ask where he is going and he says "...nowhere" and leaves he never lets anyone into his car and he doesnt have a very important job to keep working at and theres this woman who looks and is like what my dad saw in my mum and she keeps buying stuff for my and my sister and he stays at her house when he goes out sometimes i think he is cheating but i dont know myabe im just paranoid

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  • What did he mean by this ?

    my friend told.her parents she wanted to move out in about five years and her dad said "good luck with those five years ha ha" she is in secondary school and she does average sometimes below in school so what did her dad mean did he mean you wont get a job good enough or you are not smart enough ? what did he mean ?

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  • How to tell your parents you cut?

    my mum had depression and i do aswell and i cut myself because of it and im scared that my mum will be angry because i told a friend first but she isnt helping but my mum will be angry that i went to a friend before family and im scared that she will hit me or shout and my dad probably wont understand and he scares ne because he will probably be angry .im not sure how to start like what do i say i know i will say "theres something thats been going on and its bugging me its that i have .......... " and yeah but im not sure what to do next

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  • I think my dad is abusive?

    He gets really mad over small things and if my mum is telling me off for something my dad will come and blow up and he will patronise me he isn't afraid to hit me and my sister he pokes us smacks us with an old rubber slipper and he pushes you all for no reason my sister is crying down stairs because she was taking medicine and she choked and all the water ran down her front so my dad hit her with the slipper and hit her with his hand you will think I'm overreacting i kinda think i am but do you think he is abusive if so what type of abusive

    5 AnswersMarriage & Divorce7 years ago
  • How to be ok with my self ?

    last time i was invited swimming and i didnt go because i was to self concious but this time i cant cancel because my mum wants me to go but im scared what my friends will think of me because i am fat and i have self harm scars and somethings i am embarassed about and i dont want anyone else from my class to see me in a swimming costume and my body quirks i just want to feel okay with myself but how do i do it

  • Is he bullying me??? Racist boy on my bus?

    Well theres a boy on my school bus and he is throwing things into my hair (my hair is big and curly ) and i don't notice half the time because of my hair (i hate tying it up because i feel like my face is fat don't judge i am who i am) and yesterday he was racist and asked if i had any chicken and laughed and said to his friend "ha ha you know because she is black" and I'm not black I'm mixed race (my "friend" does not stick up for me she just sits there i. Silence not paying attention the the fact the theres a crisp packet in my hair) its really humiliating but is it bullying or just a mean guy teasing me (this happens almost everyday)

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  • How to upload a video to instagram on a samsung galaxy ace?

    I can't do it is it just for i phones?

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  • My sister is bullying me?

    She keeps calling me dumb she is prejudice and racist to my indian friend she is prejudice to all my friends and she still talks like a baby and clings onto my mum like nobody's business whenever i do the slightest things she will cry and tell my mum so she will shout at me keeping in mind this girl is TEN don't be mean and say I'm weak because i let a younger girl bully me because i know and she calls me ugly and is selfish she hits me as well i need to know how to stand up to her and stop it because its killing me and i feel stupid

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  • What song is this ???? Please help?

    Theres an old song and the music videos is of some women dancing around filing cabinets and a men is there its all grey and its something about the weekend or it was something to do with moday or the week its an old retro song from the nintys

    1 AnswerLyrics7 years ago
  • Emo characters costume?

    I need a few female emo characters so i can dress up as them for school and they need to be female and from a tv show a book or a movie thank you

    1 AnswerHalloween7 years ago
  • What should i do about this boy ?

    Theres a guy i like he does know i like him because i got in a fight with friends and they told him and after that the whole class teased me he even started banging his head on a text book when i came in the room but its been a year since then and i still like him and im considering asking him out but im not sure but i must thank him for being mature and not spreaing around rumors

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  • I pod or a television?

    My birthday is in july and my mum said i can either get a tv or an i pod and im not sure which one so which one would you get and why

    6 AnswersTiVO & DVRs7 years ago
  • Will i go to hell for this?

    I am 13 i am a christian and i lie a lot and i do swear (please no mean comments) and i dont go to church i do pray everyday and i do have full faith in the lord but im scared i will go to hell for lying swearing not going to church please can you tell me if i will go to hell or not thank you!

    13 AnswersReligion & Spirituality7 years ago
  • Why is this happening?

    It has been going on for a while and its before i go to sleep i have these uncontrollable creepy flashes in my head its like all those screamer faces on youtube wrapped up into a fast slide show in my mind i cant help it this just happens what is it ? Is there a way i can stop it ?or do i belong in a mental asylum or something ?

    1 AnswerPsychology7 years ago
  • Paranormal story ideas?

    I want to write a paranormal story about ghosts but I'm not sure about ideas it will involve death and love and scary moments as well i have the characters names Lucy Lauren casper and Jordan thats about it any ideas for a plot ?

    2 AnswersParanormal Phenomena7 years ago
  • Bored on an airplane ideas?

    Tomorrow i am flying for a holiday from England to trinidad in the carribean and its a long flight and i am going to get bored my phone lasts only 4/3 hours i cant sleep on a plane i have my sister and my parents but they're going to sleep for most of the trip because they will be exhausted me and my sister cant sleep on planes for some odd reason but we are going to get bored and yeah any ideas i have no i pod or laptop or i pad all i have is a kindle and i am not allowed to bring it also the kindles charge does not last long either

    5 AnswersAir Travel7 years ago
  • Please help me!!! I pad history?

    Ok well i am a fan of one direction (if you are going to complain leave now) and i searched one direction into the i pad and when i clicked one of the suggestions it came up with one direction dirty imagines (which i didn't want) and now when you press the search bar it comes up with recent searches and one direction Dirty imagines now i cant find a way to delete it because when i press history nothing shows up so i cant clear it but i want to know how to stop this coming up in my searches if my parents see it they will kill me

    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks7 years ago