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  • Why are All Latinos racist?

    I never met one Latino that wasn’t racist most Latinos just wanna take advantage of people I’ve actually noticed Latino moms to be cruel like how can a Latino mom send her child all the way too another country to be disciplined while the mom is running a business in the United States Latinos just want money 

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  • Odin is the only true god ?

    If your telepathic like me you will notice when you pray to the Christian god he gets mad when you pray to him even the Bible condones satanic worship psalms 109 set a wicked man over him and let satan stand at his right hand even most other gods from other pantheons like Greek and Roman mythology get mad at you when you pray the best example tho is in Hindu mythology shiva being the destroyer can’t Even change someone’s past life I found out that Odin and rest of Norse mythology are the only true gods that don’t get mad at you when you pray i guess unlike shiva zues and the Christian god,,,,,my god Odin focus on making you a man while the Christian god etc only want to see you suffer.....grammar Nazis and religious nuts can post there delusional comments below and say I’m wrong buts that okay love you anyway 

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  • Why are grammar nazis so edgy ?

    Let’s face it yahoo answers is filled with a bucket load of members that make accounts to troll people because there mom didn’t love them I wouldn’t doubt if there Latino and there mom forces them to wash the dishes this is why in places like India there’s a thing called astrology that’s made it’s way all the way to the states because arrogant foreigners can’t get along with nobody but there own kind and blame all there problems on white people for example in Brazil a lot Brazilians have took up Norse mythology but still don’t get along with white people and haven’t taught them anything about exu or pomba Gira I hate to break it too you feminist whites and stubborn foreigners but Norse mythology is way more complicated then quimbanda or any kind of voodoo so maybe you should stay away from Norse mythology and the white feminists and Latinos need to find something better to do then be so ocd about somebody’s grammar 

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