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  • If Ron Paul doesn't win the Presidential nomination again like he hadn't since 1989...?

    Can Libertarians give me a "crystal ball" preview of what will happen to this country come November 5th, 2012--so I can see if it will come true or not?

    Or what freedoms and liberties they claim will be lost as a result?

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  • Will Rick Santorum declare war on classical music the way he's declared war on heavy metal?

    Rick Santorum has been on the offensive lately, but his target has not been Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney or even President Barack Obama. For the past week, Santorum has been using his campaign to take aim at an issue he feels to be the single most dangerous force in America today: Satanism in heavy metal. “If you listen to the radio today, many of these brand new, so-called heavy metal music bands like Black Sabbath, Venom, The WASP and Iron Maiden use satanic imagery to corrupt the minds of young people,” announced Santorum at a 10,000 dollar a plate sock-hop in Valdosta, Georgia on Thursday.

    Santorum’s popularity in the polls has grown substantially since he began speaking out against metal and its assault on traditional values. He has spent much of the past week in the Midwest encouraging young people to stay away from metal artists and listen to performers like Michael W. Smith and Pat Boone. In a recent Gallup Poll, 87 percent of Republican voters think that the biggest problem in America today is “the demented bloodlust of teenagers caused entirely by heavy metal music.”

    In the past, Santorum has accused heavy metal of being the cause of some of the worst crimes in American history including the attempt on the life of Ronald Reagan in 1981, 9/11 and the passage of Obama’s Health Care Bill. He stepped up his rhetoric in a speech on Wednesday when he implied that heavy metal is the cause of many forms of mental illness as well as lactose intolerance.

    It’s probably not a coincidence that since he began his crusade against metal that his poll numbers have been surging upwards. Picking out a small and unique group, singling them out as “other” and using them to frighten the masses is a proud tradition in American politics. However, many commentators believe that his call for metal internment camps goes too far. Santorum has openly advocated the forced re-education of metalheads. They would be forced to endure 30 days of non-stop “values based” music that promotes the American way of life as well as the free market. In order to leave, they will have to sing the chorus to at least one Celine Dion song.

    In response to Santorum’s metal onslaught, Mitt Romney officially denounced his earlier position of “tolerance towards all fans of extreme music”. This, in spite of the fact that GWAR played his inauguration as governor of Massachusetts back in 2003. But things have changed since 2003 and embracing heavy metal music is about as popular selling baby organs on Ebay or clubbing seals. Romney will need to begin pretending to be something else if he plans on facing Obama in the general election in November.


    I listen to groups like Disturbed, Opeth, and VNV Nation--which are classified as rock or metal music groups. Should I be worried about being lactose intolerance and contracting mental illness as a result of my music selections? (Trying not to laugh here...)

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  • So conservatives? What's next? You gonna drug-test Grandma for her Social Security check each month?

    You want to drug test welfare recipients, but we've already found out in Florida, that this doesn't work. (It only caught 2% of recipients on drugs and cost the state millions in the process.)

    Georgia's in doubt because one of their main sponsors of the drug-testing legislation was busted for DUI and failing a breathalyzer test.

    Now, you want to drug test people who are collecting unemployment and enroll in GED classes. (Does it matter that some of us graduated from high school and college and still can't find work? How's that going to work?)

    So here's my questions:

    1) Is this drug-testing your so hard up this your idea of 'limited government' and 'getting the government out of our lives'? Or is this something completely different entirely--apart from your silly agenda?

    2) How many times will you require people to undergo these drug tests? Once a month? One every six months? And how do you expect people on limited income or on UE benefits supposed to pay for these tests when they can barely afford to support themselves? Grant them special waivers? Exclude them from testing entirely?

    3) Do you have a contingency plan in case people get nailed for false-positives? Or screening those using prescription drugs?

    4) Do you know your ideas are in violation of the 4th Amendment? The very Constitution that you claim to uphold and protect?

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  • Conservatives: Where's the proof that your hard-earned money has been going to someone else who didn't earn it?

    Can you give me times, dates, and instances where your money has gone to someone who hasn't earned it?

    And did you ask for a receipt in return as proof of payment? :0)

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  • Same-sex marriage vs. traditional marriage: Who has the right to get married?

    California's Prop. 8 was struck down because it's unconstitutional and violates people's rights under the 14th Amendment.

    But opponents of gay marriage say that they will still fight to have the decision overturned, saying that the people have spoken and gays don't have the right to be married.

    Okay. So here's my question:

    How is taking rights away from people called a 'democracy'?

    Are you saying that 14 million people in California should freely marginalize others because they feel uncomfortable about their sexual orientation?

    Think about that one for a second:

    I'm gay and I want to marry my same-sex spouse. You're a straight guy who gets to marry his wife.

    No questions asked.

    Why should my rights to be married be DENIED? Because I'm gay? Or is it something else entirely?

    If it's because I'm gay, why do you get the right to be married? Who determines that right? You? The courts? The government? Who gave you the right to be married in the first place?

    So why can't people like me enjoy the same privilege? What stops us from enjoying the same rights as guaranteed by the Constitution?

    Or are people like me condemned to be second-class citizens because of our sexual orientation? Is that how people want us to live our lives? As a people with no rights because others think we shouldn't have them?

    How is this democratic or just?

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  • How many self-published authors have actually spent money on editing and cover art before going to press?

    I read a Huffington Post article yesterday on "Moon People"--which (next to 'Atlanta Nights') could be the WORST self-published novel ever.

    So it got me thinking: Do many self-published authors these days ever invest enough money in professional editing services or pay money for good cover art--before going to print?

    What's the story?

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  • Why does Rick Santorum think that gays & lesbians should not be afforded the same rights as straight couples?

    He claims that gays and lesbian married couples don't offer any benefits to society in general and that we Americans should make a concentrated to continue denying LBGT couples their rights in order to preserve the sanctity of traditional marriage--which he says benefits society more than same-sex marriage does.

    So going by his viewpoints, how does divorce and adultery benefit society overall?

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  • What are the conservatives' alternative to food stamps and welfare if there are no jobs being created?

    I keep hearing how they hate Obama for creating what they call a 'generation dependent on government handouts', but I wonder if they knew the hard reality in which we've been living in for the past three years:

    A stagnant economy that has created little in the way of meaningful jobs.

    So in light of this fact, what are the conservatives' alternatives to food stamps and welfare for people in hard times? Should we just save money by terminating all forms of assistance and let millions starve in the process?

    What's their answer?

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  • Has anyone else noticed how the GOP candidates never talk about job creation or fixing the economy?

    It's all about who is the most wealthy (Mitt Romney), the most bigoted moron ever (Newt Gingrich), the most hung up on conspiracy theories (Ron Paul), the most ignorant about women and gay rights (Rick Santorum).

    Why aren't they trying to come up with a plan that includes job creation and fixing our economy?

    Just for the record: Deregulation and lower taxes hasn't worked.

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  • Since Republicans hate education so much, why are they determined to protect high school dropouts from Obama?

    I think the man sneezed at some point during his third SOTU address and the GOP prematurely panicked. ^_^

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  • Will Newt Gingrich fund American education and science in order to meet his lofty space goals by 2020?

    I'm thinking: "Nope."

    But hey...! Let's RELY on just commercial space travel alone. Maybe we can ask the guy who runs Virgin Galactic to give us the Mark IV version of Spaceship One ahead of schedule?

    I'm sure that he can "wing" it. ^_^

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  • Is the GOP deliberately trying to lose 2012 with these joker candidates of theirs?

    Where's the 'A'-list material anyways? The moderates? The centrists? True blue conservatives? All I see from the candidate slots of the GOP these days are diseased degenerates. Not a single one of them are worth voting for.

    Not unless I'm an insider trader like Mittens who rakes in millions on the backs of fired employees, or a sleaze bag adulterer like Newt who has three wives and four mistresses in just under 20 years time, or a gay bashing/black hating moron like Santorum who thinks gays should stop being gay and blacks should stop being black, or a conspiracy nut like Ron Paul who thinks the Fed has been taken over by Martians in their bid to control the people through chemically laced, holographic currency...


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  • Can anyone on the right give me concrete proof on how liberals like me are destroying America?

    I've lived in poverty all my life, jumped from one job to the next, a writer, married into a Republican middle class family (what fun! lol), unpublished writer, and I'm currently job-hunting.

    But after coming across somebody's answer about how liberals are ruining this country, trying to destroy America's "economic might" and wanting to induce socialism (not sure how that's possible--but let's not ruin that guy's fantasy, shall we?), I'm curious:

    How am I personally destroying America? Is it through my weekly errands to the post office and the library? My lifestyle? The fact I'm poor? Or is it just me being a liberal enough that warrants such a critical reaction from the right?

    Which is it?

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  • Is there a reason why Ron Paul's supporters are so belligerent and militant towards everyone these days?

    Especially when we expose the horrid truth about Ron Paul's archaic positions and ideas on how to run our government?

    Or do they act on blind faith and vengeance--not willing to take "no" as the answer?

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  • What are the excuses by Ron Paul supporters on the Chosen One's fourth place finish in South Carolina?

    At last check, captures...16% of the vote.


    And here I was told he was going to win in South Carolina too--just like in New Hampshire (second place) and Iowa (third place).

    Could it be that someone rigged or stole votes away from Ron Paul this time around? ^_^

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  • What do conservatives find so alluring in someone like Newt who has committed adultery?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't this behavior of theirs go *against* their strict moral and ethical "family values" belief system?

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  • Why does Newt think it's wrong to question his open marriage tactics...?

    But it's okay to impeach Clinton over a BJ?

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