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  • Do I need to do basic again if I just got out the Army last year?

    I want to join the marines. i got out last year of april. do i have to do marines basic? i know if you do marine or army basic you dont have to redo basic for air force or navy...but since marines basic is the longest i dont know....

    8 AnswersMilitary9 years ago
  • Why do people stay in a relationship they dont want to be in?

    I been in a relationship engaged for three years and my ex fiance said he never loved me, but he said that after we had financial issues. The relationship was perfect. I mean it was great. And i know some couples go through this stuff too. Husbands who have been married for years and divorce saying they never loved their wives.. Has anyone done this? Why? My fiance said he just wanted to make me that not love?

    6 AnswersMarriage & Divorce9 years ago
  • How can we get help from the military being gay?

    My fiance moved me to sv near his base a year ago. I havent been able to get a job, and its getting hard for us. We are a gay couple and he cant mark me as his dependent. Im going to school and i am 22 but he got declined today. I heard gay couples cant get bah unless due to hardships.... Do we count as hardship? I dont get it.

    7 AnswersMilitary9 years ago
  • what does a genderless-child mean?

    theres a sign for a bathroom and it says to "please do not bring non-gender children into bathrooms"

    i mean:

    1- it sounds like discrimination

    2- how can you have a genderless child? all people are both with a gender. boy or girl right?

  • is there any bible verses anyone can give me about relationships?

    is there any quotes in the bible saying to work things out with a failed marriage? to give things another try?

    7 AnswersReligion & Spirituality9 years ago
  • anyone lives with an ex?

    me and my ex-fiance were together for three years until things went downhill. i mean whenever i have problems i let him know and he fixes them, but hes been holding problems we had for three years and i guess him being in the army and trying to support our family on his own got to him and now we are not together. he is not seeing anyone. and he says he does not want to be in a relationship with anyone, solely for the fact that he doesn't like being tied down. but he still supports me and takes care of me. but what should i do? i try to fix the relationship, but he says he doesn't like people changing for him, so him telling me his problems will never happen. it makes no sense to me because every relationship isn't perfect. you have to change for each other. that is all. anyways, yea im like depressed because all he wants to do is be by himself and if i try to talk about things i think he moves farther away. should i give him his space and pretend like nothing is happening with hope it will just be his phase? or what? he is in the army, and he is always stressed out at work and all he wants to do after work is not talk and rest on his bed and do nothing. but he told me that AFTER we broke up.... and i dont know what to do. he says he keeps thinking about me, and always does things for me. and he doesnt like that. but i see that as love. and i guess he just wants his space? what do i do before i mess things up?

    2 AnswersMarriage & Divorce9 years ago
  • What did the girl use to cause acne to jenny in the show RJ Berger?

    in season 2, one of the girls put yellow powder in Jenny's makeup and gave her acne, what was that stuff?

    1 AnswerSoap Operas9 years ago
  • I want to become a professional driver, how do i become one?

    i know i need to go to drivers school and then get my racing license. but i been searching for schools in south carolina, and i want to know if anyone out there knows a good school in south carolina that will give me a license. and i know after that im supposed to join some drivers club. any suggestions for drivers clubs as well? i want to race cars or test them for a living. i mean, being a pro driver in nascar would be awesome, but im trying to be realistic here. :}

    3 AnswersFormula One9 years ago
  • What does 3 puppies mean in a dream? ?

    it says they represent a time it takes to create or finish an idea. so three days? three weeks? three years? im

    1 AnswerWords & Wordplay9 years ago
  • Is It Common to have adrenal problems?


    ever since i was young, my adrenaline pumps whenever i am nervous, scared, excited, anxious. and i used to like it, i used my adrenaline whenever i had a track meet, and it would help my performance. i used to be an adrenaline junky. anyways, i know adrenaline is normal and is used in certain emotions and stuff, but lately for a few months now i cant control my adrenaline. it can be at anytime or anyplace, my adrenaline starts pumping for no apparent reason. and its getting worse. my heart hurts sometimes.

    my question to anyone out there is:

    is this common in people or rare? are there others who have this problem and theres medication to fix it? i have no health insurance so i used yahoo answers. and last time i went to the hospital, i paid $800+ for a small nose infection. also, is there a risk i may have a heart attack or something? because it is kind of puzzling me.....

    2 AnswersOther - Diseases10 years ago
  • who has the invisible braces?

    i want to know who has invisiline, but yahoo answers refuses to post the title up since its not spelled correctly.

    im thinking about getting it, does it hurt as much as braces do? i mean.. the whole point is to move your teeth so they are nice and lined up..but you can remove them and etc.... im just wondering

    1 AnswerDental10 years ago
  • Is being gay less of a sin than pretending to be straight?


    i know being gay is wrong but someone is arguing with me, a FELLOW CHRISTIAN.

    If a man knows and believes in God and that being gay is wrong, and he CHOOSES to not be gay anymore to DEVOTE his life to God, then is that alright? Because God just wants us to love him.

    But my friend says this:

    being gay according to the bible is bad.

    but you must walk according to the truth as you know it, until it is revealed to you

    Until you come into the knowledge of the truth you are fine, but the moment you become aware of the truth then you must live life according to the truth.

    I may have done you more harm than good, because know I have told you the truth and you have been enlightened. now that you are enlightened and if you go against the truth it will counted as a sin amongst the rest of sins.

    so basically my friend is saying to act on being gay, but i think that is wrong. who is right here?

    17 AnswersReligion & Spirituality10 years ago
  • Can Someone Give Me A Certain Bible Verse For This Situation.?

    I know someone who lies constantly, and manipulates people.

    Is there a bible verse for someone who constantly sins and says they are changing but in reality they are just using God to decieve others, when they are really sinning puposely behind closed doors.


    a cheater says they turned a new leaf and says he is trying to be with god. but when no one is around, he has all the unprotected sex as much as he can

    3 AnswersReligion & Spirituality10 years ago
  • What does it mean to hear whispers in my sleep?

    I been hearing voices whispering in my ear and i feel the breath of their voice touching my ear, whispering some gibberish, and when i wake up my heart beats, and i have a huge jolt to wake me up and no one is around... what is that?

    i also been having a history of weird instances happening in my sleeping for two to three days straight... or waking up forgetting who i am or where i am for a few hours....

    is there any spiritual or scientific reasons why this is happening to me?

    7 AnswersParanormal Phenomena10 years ago
  • Is there any real talent agencies in south carolina?

    everything around here seems fake and a lot of them are obviously scams and the real looking ones i found were reviewed as scams. i just moved in from NJ/NY, and im trying to look for a decent agency to get into modeling in south carolina. i only moved here because my family is in the military and i move around a lot but i will be in south carolina for a good three to seven years. so yea, is there any real legit agencies out there that is not a scam in the south!? like honestly... no TROLLS~

    1 AnswerOther - Local Businesses10 years ago
  • Does the IRS really give out all your tax papers?

    My family was told the IRS gives you all the paperwork you need to fill out your taxes. So he did it for me, but when it got sent to me only one of my jobs had sent their tax forms. I worked in the army for that year for two months, but then got medically discharged. then i worked for a cell phone company for two days until i moved to south carolina. And i only got my tax form from the IRS from the cell company. But my family said they had marked me as their dependent in the army as well, so is that why my army papers didnt get through to the irs? i'm worried. i dont want to go to jail! i never missed a tax return thing before :( i don't want to end up as wesley snipes! lol. my mom said that the cell company tax return form was useless to file for taxes because your tax exempt if you make less than 600 for the taxes. is that true as well?

    2 AnswersUnited States10 years ago
  • What does it mean when i dream of breaking up a random fight?

    Me and my fiance are in a new apt. Then three guys bust open our door while fighting. I breakup the fight and start beating them.... Then i wakeup.

    What does that mean? I seen dream interpretations of being in a fight or seeing a fight, but nothing about breaking up a fight.

    3 AnswersDream Interpretation10 years ago
  • Can someone tell me how a full body baptism ceremony works?

    I want to know what happens step by step of how a baptism ceremony works from beginning to end.

    4 AnswersReligion & Spirituality10 years ago
  • my man had sex with someone with genital herpes, and doesnt show symptoms...?

    he cheated on me for someone who had genital herpes, and he found out after he decided to break it off with this person. he said he wont do it again and blah blah blah. i was just wondering, if he doesn't have symptoms and goes to a doctor and doesn't show it two months afterwards, does that mean he doesn't have it? or is he a carrier and can give it to me and he will always have it? i researched and the words are honestly too complicated for me. lmfao DONT JUDGE ME!

    he also basically ate this person out when he clearly saw warts too.... which is disgusting by the way..... so does that mean every person he kisses will always keep getting infected?

    8 AnswersSTDs10 years ago
  • what is the smallest lock i can buy that wont blow up a metal detector?

    im going to buy my man a chastity belt and the airport safe lock they give is an easily cut plastic lock, i want a lock that can not be easily cut or detected if he flies a plan in a metal detector.

    will zinc show up on a metal detector?

    i need a small lock thats not easily cut that fits this chastity belt:

    5 AnswersOther - Home & Garden10 years ago