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  • My friend tried to kill herself?!?

    My friend tried to kill herself the other day. She drank fabric softener and the next day her stomach started hurting. I wanted to help but I didn't know what to say. One of her other friends told the nurse and she went to the hospital. I feel bad for her but I'm also really mad at her. Everyday all she does is mope around on how she loves this guy who doesn't love her back. She thinks he's the love of her life, but she's only thirteen. She says he's the reason she's suicidal. I don't want to ignore her, but I want to be done with her. She tries to make everyone else's life miserable. It's tiring and I feel done with it all. Then she asked the guy who she "loves" out again. He's my best friend and asked for advice. Logically I thought well if you guys break up again, it'll never stop. She cuts herself and puts all of her friends in a position that if they tell her the truth or something that might hurt her, she'll hurt herself again. She's never happy. Even though she has so much power. I don't know what to do. I'm mad and sad and there's a hole in my stomach that won't go away. Please help.

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  • what the heck is his problem?

    so me and this guy were really close friends andwe hung out a bunch and he held my mand for like a minute or so he was a giant flirt and stuff. so he told me he loved me and i was like dude. no you dont. and he kept insisting he did. we kept in touch when he went to camp and then he asked me out. on facebook though it said he had a gf. so i told him we were friends and he was like oh... and im like sorry and we started getting distant so the other day he moved away and i messaged him and he saw it but didnt reply and i was r u okay and he was like i really dont want to talk to you okay? so dont reply. ever. and im like we were best friends a month ago!!!

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  • how do you lessen a punishent?

    i went on vacation and left my rooms almost completly clean. my mother went into my rooms and decided they were dirty and cleaned them.i was then texted that i was in trouble and we fought. my punishment is undetermined so i was wondering is there anyway to lessen a punishment? i know this is really dub and i told her i was sorry. but my rooms were mostly clean. then she went through my drawers and closets and cleaned them.

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  • how do you know youre in love?

    my friends keep telling me they love their bfs but i dont know how you know and if they really are. please details!! i'll answer yours too!!

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  • why is he flirting again?

    so my ex and i were together for a month and i thought everything was fine. he was sweet and kind and shy and he wasnt afraid to be himself. as the relationship progressed i found myself happier and doing better in classes. i started to develop a little stronger feelings until one day this girl who always flirted with him and was his best friend (she was my best friend too) told me that he wanted to break up. at first i totally didnt believe her until the whole class started talking about it. i found out the whole school knew and i didnt. and this was my relationship! his friends were trying to tease me and my ex just stard at me. i didnt talk to him for weeks until he moved right next to me for first period. he started talking and we became friends again but soon he went back to flrting like before. he gave me his number because his old phone got lost. i dont like him and id rather be friends. why is he flirting if HE ended the relationship and how do i tell him to stop it?

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  • What does he mean???????????

    so this guy i kinda like was texting me saying h weas gonna get me back for a prank i pulled on him. he kept saying it but never did it. later i asked him what he was gonna do he txted back, "nothing, i just like making you paranoid. :)" what does it mean? does he like me??

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  • mucus discharge coming from my vaginal area?

    a little bit after i got my period i woke up with with discharge coming from my vagina. it comes daily and almost alll the time. i dont know if this is a disease but im going into 8th grade so its really weird. ive read everything online with no help. i hoping if someone else has this they can help. oh and the mucus is usually clear and sticky and sometimes in clumps and turns whitish. please help!!

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  • why does my mom nag me so much?

    my mother attacks every word i say. i feel like i shouldnt even open my mouth. ive tried to confront her and then she just grounds me and i hate it so much. sometimes i feel like she forgets im her daughter because she treats me like ****. im not happy at home i feel like its and uncomfy place to live. please help me!

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  • why is my guy friend mean to me all of the sudden?

    I'm in middle school and my guy friend lives behind me. He's the only one my age that i can hango out with because hes in my grade. he's been crushing on a bunch of my friends and asked me to help. sometimes i would but if i did anything wrong he'd scream at me and tell me im jealous of the girls he likes. i have a band and he tell me my band is filled with jealousy and tells me im not talented. he makes sick jokes about being mad at me then says "jk" after like an hour of fighting. but hes puts this bad stuff in my head that im stupid and stuff. then hes tells me i cant take a joke if i freak out. also when we hang out he'll say something like let me be in your band and i'll say no and he just ignores me until i leave. he gets older kids on the street to gang up on my and so im stuck at home with nothing. why is he doing this? should i just stop being his friend? i want to but he's been my friend since elementary school and his dog ran away recently. my friends said hes just going through changes and stuff but im not possitive its "changes". please help even if this is really stupid!

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