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  • im 14 and not aloud to go outside alone.?

    they say cause im female, and theyre worried ill be raped. but we live in a nice neighbourhood. i just wanted to have a nice picnic at a nature park alone... i have a phone. it kinda sucks. and im unsure of what to do.

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  • im moving and im unsure how i feel about it.?

    so im 14 and when we move, i dont get much of a say out of it. but my family wants to move to an island, and build a house. well its being built, we will live in trailers. i HATE this idea. im just about to go into highschool and i dont want to switch now. and the school were we are moving, is a k-12 school. idk what a k-12 school is like. is it different then a normal highschool? idk. im just scared.

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  • i think im non binary. but idk...?

    so im 13 and ive been hinking about gender, as most kids do at this age. now for my whole life ive been female, and have identified as female. and ive been fine with that generally. bu then i got thinking... am i female? is that what i like? or is that what i just let myself be because i was assigned this? so i thought well "would being called they them be nice?" and i felt nervous, but also empowerd. but idk if i was empowerd because i feel non binary or because non binary people are generally supposed to be empowering....

    gosh im not making sense. i think i have been over thinking about this because i am literally scared, and having butterflies in my stomach when this isnt even that big of a deal. so i guess im just gonna ask these questions

    is it okay if i try out being non binary?

    is it okay i am non binary but dont feel as much a male as much as i feel like a female? (if that makes sense)

    im sorry if im offending anyone, i really dont mean to im just trying to figure stuff out.

  • im getting a chameleon and im nervous?

    so i didnt really ask for it cause it was a surprise for me, and i dont really think im the best qualified but ill do my best (can return it) so heres my questions after reasearching

    i know some people free range the crickets but i heard its hard to keep track of what theyve eatin so how do i feed it in another way do i put the crickets in a bowl?

    also how long do i hand mist them for? (i dont have a drip system) i heard seven times a day for like five minutes?

    i have a normal lamp, is that good for the heat aspect? if it isnt coming with the chameleon im gonna get a uv light.

    any tips i should know? anything helps.

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  • should i wear a bra well running?

    so im a teen and i dont wear bras. (i always hated them and stopped wearing them shortly after trying it) i dont feel any discomfort withought a bra and so i think its completly fine. but my mom said that its not good for my breasts if i dont wear a bra well running. (i do track type running. my breasts dont hurt at all when i run though) and i dont have any sagging (i was reading some women get sagging breasts if hey dont wear a bra well running) so idk i wanna know thoughts you all have about this. i dont think i will wear a bra well running. it just adds to the discomfort

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  • how can i make more friends, and help with other friend.?

    so I'm in grade eight and have one good friend. and lately, I realized that either shes busier or just doesn't want to hang out. I suggested if she wanted to hang out and she replied

     "well I don't have any money" and I said 

    "me neither but we don't need money"and I tried suggesting a few things but she just seemed uninterested or something. and it's not like it could've been she couldn't have done it on those days because we hadn't even made a date! and she seems to be kinda clingy. and also in my other post, I said how she would get mad when i wore certain things, which i chalked up to her not wanting to draw attention (like if i have messy hair) and she will get anxious, anyways read my other post for more detail, so i wore a sticker on my forehead (because idk why, it was a dog and i felt sad and when i put it on gosh darnit i felt happy.) but when she saw it she said

     "plz take it off!" and i said

    "i like it! im gonna wear it the whole day!"

    and she said

    "WHAT? noo! you cant! just put it somewhere else not on your forehead!"

    "but its not hurting anyone!"

    "its hurting me!" she said and basically that was it. anyways i get the sticker is silly on my head but who cares? 

    and with that i just want to find more friends. i think that shes nice but i want to hang out with people. and do silly things together! and not have them tell me what to do! but everybody already has friends in school. and i tried joining a club but everyone sticks to there own friends. so what do i do?

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  • my grandma wont sit down and talk to me about something i waant becuse its ridiculous?

    okay so, i want to dye my hair half and half white and black (i have a pixie haircut also) im 13. now i get that can be crazy. but i went to my grandma, in a calm mood, and this is how it went:

    hey grandma lets talk about my hair

    (with a raised voice she replys)

    NO That Is RIDICULOUS! i am not talking about ti!

    okay well why dont you want me to? what are the reasons


    thats not a ligitemit reason!

    IT IS

    okay and then we do this for a while longer and now sip to this part>


    (im angered now because she is just not even willing to be adult and not raise her voice, or sit down, or even give actual reasons!)

    but thats not aactual reason!

    IT IS

    anyways i get im some annyoing entitled teen but what can i do about this how can i talk to her?

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  • how should I handle this friend of mine?

    so they are a pretty good friend I guess... but there are times where they are rude. like the other day it was windy and my hair was a mess and she said "your hair..." (implying that it's messy) "are you going to fix it?" I was about to but then I realized I don't have to fix it! so I said " yes- actually no." and she said "fine then I'm going this way" and just walked off. then the bell went for school to start and when I got up to my locker which was next to her she said "where were you?" idk... I think she does it because of her anxiety and doesn't want to draw attention to her, so if I have messy hair that draws attention or something like that she doesn't like it. but all the other time she's nice, so what should I do? also, I didn't go to school today because it snowed (although I could've gone I feel guilty about not going, read my other post about it for more detail) and I know she's gonna ask why I stayed home and i don't want to tell her it was because I didn't want to go.  what do i do?

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  • i didnt go to school today and i feel guilty?

    so its snowing and its only -3 with like an inch of snow, i definitely could have gone but my grandma said if i didnt want to i didnt have too. so i chose to stay. i feel guilty because last year i skipped alot of days because of just not wanting to go, and this year ive been super good about my attendance. i feel super guilty about not going. if like to ratinalise it to being i couldnt have gone in the snow but, i know i couldve... any help?

  • i didnt go to school today and i feel guilty?

    so its snowing and its only -3 with like an inch of snow, i definitely could have gone but my grandma said if i didnt want to i didnt have too. so i chose to stay. i feel guilty because last year i skipped alot of days because of just not wanting to go, and this year ive been super good about my attendance. i feel super guilty about not going. if like to ratinalise it to being i couldnt have gone in the snow but, i know i couldve... any help?

    2 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education9 months ago
  • my mom has a suspicion im anorexic when im not.?

    so im not overweight at all. im a good weight in my eyes, except my stomach isnt as flat as i want it to be and i usually would just snack throughout the day. so recently i decided to start a "diet" if you would call it that. i think of it as more just eating healthy. anyways, i try to only eat three meals a day now (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and if i do decide to snack it has to be healthy. anyways so heres what ive eaten today:

    a bowl frootloops

    peanut butter sandwhich

    a can of alphabet soup,

    cup of eggnog,

    a whole carrot

    (i just got back home today on a fairy boat, so i wouldve had more and ill probably have some more later i usually snack on apples alot also inbetween meals  but we ran ojut today.)

    and my mom ordered pizza but im trying not to eat junk so i didnt have any. and we spoke

    mom: why arent you eating youve barely eaten today!

    me: i ate i had-(lists all ive aten)

    mom: are you in some sort of no eating club at school?

    me: what?! why would i ever do that thats ridiculous.

    mom: ok...

    (she also mntioned how today i had to use a hair tie to tie up my pants but thats just because these pants have always been a little big, my other pants fit fine.)

    i also do a small workout before bed. idk what do you think? im 13 btw

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness10 months ago
  • I wanna be an animator but also character designer and a backround designer?

    So I wanna be an animator, but also a character designer, but also a backround artist. And I don't know what to choose. Is their a job for all of that in one? If so I've never seen one. I love designer characters and their backstorys, but also how a character walks and talks and Carey's themself, but also backgrounds!!!

    2 AnswersDrawing & Illustration12 months ago
  • My mom won t let me shave my head?

    My mom won t let me shave my head again! (It s already a buzz cut but I want to cut it again) I m a female and 13 she says that I don t have the mentality to make decisions tell I m sixteen she said the same thing about me wanting to be a vegitarian. I want to have a nice calm rational talk about cutting my hair but she just says "No You Cannot. Nope. Uh uh. Listen, you don t have the mentality to make these decisions at thirteen. I said at 16 you can do whatever you want!" I need help.

    4 AnswersFamily1 year ago
  • I want to love my mom.?

    I do but .. okay here s the problem. She does stuff for me, I want to do chores but she just does them for me. Because she thinks they ll never get done. Pretty much the rest of my family don t like her but in reality she s actually nice and puts up with me! But... She s so ignorant! She won t listen to me alot of the time when I want something bad to sister is concerned she s Toxic but only she thinks that. Some things she has done to help U understand her

    Shaved my head, said how awful it looked how I won t do it again. But I like it

    I wanted to be vegitarian and I researched all the health problems or diet I ll need to do and she still thought I was too young! (13)

    I feel like she makes me out to be immature and lazy. When I m trying to change but how can I talk to her about this! I feel trapped.

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  • I'm a lazy 13 year old.?

    I go outside once a day and I usually stay in my room. I'm really lazy on the outside but on the inside i have schedules and thinking constantly i think about how I can express myself, how to be kinder, how to stay healthy, when to work out, what not to eat like junk food, ext... And I know that i should be thinking about how to be less lazy but... I don't like my grandma who i live with. Shes nice and all but sometimes she argues a lot and is just generally annoyong. Just thinking about it makes my stomach tighten and my eyes water. I can't talk to her about how I don't like her because who am I to talk? I'm lazy and mostly grouchy throughout the day (I don't like being grouchy but usually i notice i am when it's already too late.) I know I need to change and stop being lazy but honestly... I like the comfort of my room! I'm not scared of the outside world or anything. It's just... Boring. My grandma talks about boring things, and I don't have any interest with things outside and my friends can t hang out everyday. More like once a month. If I what to do.

    3 AnswersPsychology1 year ago
  • Would this help me lose weight?

    I'm 13 weigh 150 pounds and 5'1

    I walk an hour a day

    Do 100 sit ups a day

    And ten squats a day

    My diet is something I'm working on to be healthy and junk free

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 year ago
  • I never leave my room?

    So I'm 13 and I leave my room not much. Maybe once a day. My mom doesn't like it and yells at me. I'm trying to get into shape so I walk thirty minutes a day isn't that a good start? Idk. I feel unmotivated when I'm outside my room. What can I do?

    5 AnswersFamily1 year ago
  • I'm thirteen and my mom needs to give me more responsibiliy?

    She doesn't let me go out when it's getting late but still completely daylight out. She won't let me go an hour walking distance away alone and I know she is mostly rig h all the time. But sometimes she's wrong AND WOMT ADMIT TO IT AT ALLL! it makes me so mad. Any help?

    6 AnswersFamily1 year ago
  • I can't shop with my grandma?

    She is nice and has fun when we shop and I honestly don't understand why I get mad at her. Even if she's being nice i feel like she's being rude somehow when she's not! I get this heavy feeling on my chest here it's hard to breathe and throughout the whole shop i act bored for some reason. Why could this be?

    4 AnswersPsychology1 year ago