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  • Citizens of the USA. What would you do if Gas reached $12.41 a gallon.?

    I asked a similar question 4 years ago, and the answers were interesting. At that time Gas was $9.55 (equivalent as the Pound was stronger). To compare using the same exchange rate as at that time, it's now a real time cost of $12.41 a gallon for us.

    That's what the average price of gas is in the UK at the moment. Some filling stations are dearer. Most of Europe is expensive for gas, but Britain is taking the biscuit just now.

    We had Truckers blockading refineries and massive Fuel protests, but they just fizzled out. Our 'liberal' government has legislated to stop any future protests taking place, and the costs have soared. Our vehicles have become marginally more economical, but the trend towards smaller cars has stopped, and even 'tiny' cars are getting bigger. As a result the quantity of fuel we use has remained stable or even risen.

    Our governments answer is to tax tax tax. We are charged to own a car (road tax) run a car (fuel duty) insure a car (insurance premium tax) and if we speed, god forbid, one of the many, many automated speed cameras will dish us out a hefty fine. (revenue cameras?)

    The situation for us seems to be that we have given up, and just pay it all. We have no reasonable public transport system. Trains and buses are unreliable and expensive. Flights are impractical.

    If this was to happen in the States would you accept it as just a fact of life. Would you size down (anyone want a powder blue Prius? Beep Beep!) Would you use public transport? Would you be able to cope? I'd love to see how your answers compare to last time. And how much is Gas in your own States at the moment?

    Thanks. :-)

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  • Anyone flown to Sanford with Thomas Cook?

    Previously flew First Choice (Thomson), would have done the same this time as it was ok, but my wife's leave got stuffed by her work and by the time I could book, way too dear. Thomas Cook had a deal on and we got flights and hotel for the same price as Thomson was so have booked it. But now taking a panic attack that this was a mistake? How do the flights compare. If anyone has any experience of the entertainment / food / service, please share. Any problems I can expect also. Thanks. :-)

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  • Anyone flown to Orlando Sanford with First Choice Airlines from the UK recently?

    If so, what movies were on offer? and was the food good?


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  • Actors are overpaid pretentious pillocks..?

    who get paid for pratting about on stage or screen OR are they are concientious hard working individuals in a difficult profession and are rightly rewarded.

    Personally I cannot act, but do like to watch theatre, TV, cinema etc so have a great respect for the talent of these people.

    BUT why do some of the 'stars' in the media get so full of their own importance, and should actors (and footballers etc) be getting paid more than the doctors, nurses, paramedics, firemen, policemen etc who are out there every day and night looking out for us, often to the detrement of their own well being. What are your opinions.

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  • Can you tell me..?

    Where you are from.?

    I am looking at Yahoo! Uk & Ireland, but a LOT of answerers seem to be from the US.

    So where are you from?

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  • What would you think of $100 a tank for Gas in U.S.A.?

    Ive just read a news report that in the USA you are worried that some SUVs could set you back $100 a tank to fill with gas due to rising prices.

    We have crossed that threshold in the UK ages ago!

    My Dodge Caliber (a mid to large car in the UK) costs $110 to fill the tank. I dread to think what a SUV would cost to fill here.

    The problem we have is TAX. The government takes 85 cents to the dollar in tax on our prices Its excuse being to deter drivers lessen pollution / greenhouse gasses and ease congestion. (The real reason is obviously revenue collection)

    (Our public transport systems are expensive and unreliable)

    My question for anyone in the USA is - would the prices we have across here if introduced across there stop or limit you using your vehicles, or would you carry on regardless?


    Would you take action to try and bring the prices down?

    (We had Fuel Price Protests a few years ago, blockading of refinarys etc- it nearly worked but they gave up too soon

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  • Yahoo Answers Alert?

    I have had an answer reported as an abuse. Undortunately it was a miss-type, and as a result was quite rude so was correct in being removed. I replied to the alert with an explanation. Is the black mark against my account liable to be removed? If anyone has any experience of this please let me know.

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  • Harry Potter Fans....?

    Lord Voldermort. Custard creams or Rich tea buscuits? Which would he choose....? Suggestions please.

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