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  • 23w4d pregnant - intense stomach pains?

    I am currently 23w4d pregnant with a high-risk pregnancy. Tonight, I have been experiencing some pretty intense and uncomfortable stomach pains. They last for probably 20-30 seconds a piece and cause the top and bottom of my stomach to tighten. After the tightening disappears, the pain still lingers. It causes me to stop what I'm doing, makes my vision blur, and I have to concentrate to keep breathing through them, but I don't think they're contractions.

    Does anyone have any experience with anything similar? I'm not sure what to do about this. Take some Tylenol, grab a heating pad, and go to bed, maybe?

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  • I'm looking for the name of a book/novel/short-story.?

    It's a classic book - short story, really, I think. It's about Americans in another country, during a war-like time. At one point in time, there is a large animal running wild through the town - I think the animal is an elephant.. The American soldier, who is usually overlooked and ignored, shoots the animal. The town is furious with him for having done this, even though killing the animal saved them and their town.

    A quote from the story is similar to: "It was the first time in his life that he was ever important enough to be hated."

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  • My husband is a disabled veteran and we recently moved from Georgia to Texas.?

    My husband is a disabled veteran and we recently moved from Georgia to Texas. Is there an quick and/or easy way that we can register at the VA here in Texas? Does he have to walk into the VA or can we make an appointment? Is there any place online that we can register?

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  • I recently went through four interviews for a new job and was told that I did not get it.?

    I recently went through four interviews for a new job, and was told at the last interview (with the president of the division) that they wanted to bring me in for a day-long job shadowing interview. (This is common practice in this field.) The hiring manager admitted that they were looking at two other people, but still scheduled me for the day-long job shadowing for today (Friday).

    Half an hour before the interview was to begin, I received a call from the hiring manager advising me that they have decided to move forward with another applicant. She wished me luck, and I thanked her for letting me know. It was a personable, polite, and professional telephone call.

    My question is - is it wrong or detrimental to me to send the manager a letter, thanking her for having taken the time to talk to me, and asking her for any advice she may have for me, in my attempt to get a job?

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  • Does pregnancy ruin your teeth?

    All right, I’ll admit it. I don’t have the best teeth in the entire world. I have great gums, though!

    I’ll also admit that I don’t floss like I should. I probably floss about once a week. I do, however, use a pre-mouth wash (for plaque – to see where it is) and Listerine whitening mouth wash before I brush. After brushing for three solid minutes (I have a timer), I use Listerine Cavity Defense mouth wash. I do what I can, basically, to prevent cavities. Since I’m pregnant, I’ve given up all caffeine, so I know that helps a little too. I also brush on a minimum of twice a day.

    So, why is it that since I found out I was pregnant three weeks ago, I’ve started having teeth pain when I brush?

    Tonight, I gave my mouth a close look and #14 and #19 appear to have cavities on the exterior side. #20 has a funky vein-looking thing going on it side. The space between #2 and #3 is sensitive on the inside but does not appear to have any cavities. These cavities were NOT there 2 months ago

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  • How far along in your pregnancy can you be and still fly?

    My best friend is graduating college in December (12/13). I'll be 28 weeks pregnant on 12/13. If the pregnancy progresses normally, should I be okay to fly? What if I am having twins? Would I still be allowed to fly then?

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  • I have a pain in my mouth - feels like inflamed gums between two back teeth.?

    I have a pain in my mouth - feels like inflamed gums between two back teeth. The teeth themselves do not hurt. The feeling is similar to eating a potato chip and having an end of it poke into your gums, only I haven't had any potato chips lately. I've brushed and flossed, as well as used mouth wash, and the pain doesn't go away. It does not appear that I have a cavity there, and my gums appear to be healthy - except for the pain. It also feels like the gum is pulling away from the teeth.

    I don't know if it's related at all, but I'm also in the first trimester of my pregnancy. (5w4d along)

    Does anyone have any suggestions of what to do - or what could be causing this? Chewing does hurt, but putting pressure on the area does. Even eating a baked potato can hurts now.

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  • During a recent job interview, I was asked for the names of the other companies I have been interviewing with.

    During a recent job interview, I was asked for the names of the other companies I have been interviewing with. I initially told her that I was keeping my options open and that I was speaking with a company in [insert industry]. She asked if I remembered the company's name, and I said yes. She asked me what the name of the company was and, not knowing what else to do, I told her... turns out that the two companies are sister companies!

    At this point in time, we were speaking pretty sociably - it was a very casual telephone interview. She asked me if I had spoken to XX from the other company, and I laughed and said that I had spoken with her. We continued the interview, and at the end, she said she'd love to have me in for a second interview.

    Do you think I blew my chances with EITHER company, since I admitted that I was interviewing with both of them?

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  • How bad are raw eggs for a fetus?

    I know you're not supposed to eat raw eggs when you're pregnant, but I'm 5w3d along and the chocolate chip cookie dough that I'm using to make chocolate chip cookies looks so good. Is it safe for me to lick the beaters?

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  • Did you use a changing table?

    I'm currently pregnant with my first child and debating purchasing a changing table. If you used one, did you find yours to be a worthwhile expense? If you didn't use one, did you find yourself missing it?

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  • Could my hCG level indicate possible multiples?

    At 3w6d pregnant, my hCG levels came back at 1,339. Does anyone know if this indicates potential multiples? My family has a strong history of multiples - Mom had a set of twins and a set of triplets. I'm one of the triplets. One of the twins went on to have twins also. Not sure about my husband's family since he's adopted.

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  • Was I pregnant?

    I know it sounds like an insane question, but it's my first time, so it never hurts to ask, right?

    I was due to get my period on June 1st, and I had sex on May 29. I took an pregnancy test on June 8 and it came out negative. I called my OB-GYN and review my "symptoms" with her and the nurse said to give it another week before I come in.

    - tender breasts, right around the nipples

    - nausea

    - constanty going to the bathroom

    - tired, all the time

    - thick cm, no smell (yuck, I know)

    - mild, mild, MILD cramping

    (TMI part) On 06/11, I passed what looked to be old blood and the cramping stopped. On 06/12, there was some real watery new blood. This morning, the blood was very, very dark and... stringy? Constant, too.

    I'm realizing that I'm not currently pregnant, but would you say that my period is just acting wacky or was there a chance this was something more like a chemical pregnancy?


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