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  • Idea's for puppy activity before boosters?

    Hi, We have a new addition to our family! Mylo is a 10 week old English Springer Spaniel, and he'll be having his boosters a week tomorrow - I'll then be able to take him for walks a week after that. I'm a SAHM with a 1 year old baby, so I'm here all day - and not wanting to leave Mylo for long periods, I was wondering if anyone has any idea's as to how to keep him entertained? Bearing in mind that I have a 1 year to care for too!

    Thanks in advance :)

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  • Christening responsibilities?

    We have already selected our sons godparents for his baptism in August. We were wondering if there were any other roles during the service? Long story short - we have an elderly family friend that has never had children, and we would dearly love to involve her somehow. Does anyone have any ideas?

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  • easy 10PTS help! *Medical induction next week!?

    Has anyone else had to be induced with their first baby? I'm 5 days late now, and have induction booked for Monday 17th - obviously I'm desperate for the baby to come naturally for his benefit and (from what I've heard) mine too!.

    Any experiences appreciated - ALSO any other old wives tales re how to kick start labour... these are the things I've tried so far;


    Rasberry Leaf tea



    Long walks

    Walking up and down stairs

    I have the Castor oil in the cupboard, but I've heard it can really distress the baby - so have left that as a last resort.

    Thanks in advance

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  • REALLY need help with door scratching cat!!?

    Ok, so my 4 year old (spayed) female house cat is on the verge of being out on her ear :O(

    We are due our second baby in a matter of weeks, and I'm at the end of my tether. Basically - early hours every morning, Bella will sit next to the bedroom door - sit back & scratch. Obviously this wakes my husband and I up, when we bat her away - she comes back about 5 minutes later and does it again. We've now covered our bedroom door in fabric, but she moves to the drawers, or the wardrobe... anything that is noisy.

    So, things that we've tried;

    'stop scratch/chew spray'

    Playing with her excessively to try and tire her out before bed

    Keeping her awake in the day

    Spraying her with water as and when she does it (but if she senses that she's woken you - she's off!)

    Getting up and feeding her

    Closing her out of the bedroom at night (she get separation anxiety really bad and keeps us awake howling!)

    AND we've tried ignoring her.

    I'm really upset at the prospect of having to find her another home, she's well and truley a member of our family and we all love her very much. But I'm going to be getting little sleep as it is when our new addition arrives - the last thing anyone is going to need is Bella waking them as the baby finally goes to sleep!

    I'd really, really appreciate some advice please!??!


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  • What was the one thing you wish you'd had when you had your first baby?

    Hello from London!

    I am expecting my first baby in 10 weeks (eeeak!), and I was wondering what the one thing you'd wished you'd had when you had your first baby? I think I'm quite well prepared, but as you know... there is always something!

    Many thanks :O)

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  • Really can't decide on a name :o/?

    Ok, so we were TTC for 4.5 years, and finally got pregnant on Clomid. Having been trying for so long, obviously we came up with some possible names - and the favorite throughout my whole pregnancy has been Ellis (Anderson is our surname).

    We went for a 3D scan the other day, and he is SO adorable, but I just don't think this name suits him anymore :O/ My stepson lives with us and is called Alex... I think they sound too similar? Our other choices are;

    Jacob (we'd call him Jake)


    Edward (prob call him Eddy)

    He's due to make an appearance in 13 weeks, and I'm lost :O(

    I'm going to try and chance my profile picture, so that you can see what he looks like.

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  • Can't stop crying?! BFP?!?! after 4yrs ttc?!?

    I can't quite beleive what I've just read..... Clearblue digital is telling me I'm 1-2 weeks pregnant?!?!?!?! **ARGH!!!***** we've been ttc for 4 years, and I can't believe it's finally our turn?! OMG! <3 Clomid!

    Masses of baby dust to all

    *can't believe it guys **cries (a lot!!)**

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  • All TTC'ers I really need your advice/opinion?

    We've been ttc for 4 years... just finished our 2nd round of Clomid. I'm 11 DPO, and I saw this when I tested this afternoon...

    Now, I basically need to know if I'm seeing things? You know how it is, when you've been ttc for a while - you could buy a small country for the amount you and up spending on pregnancy tests! I just want to know if I should be getting excited or not? I couldn't bear the let down if I'm imagining it?

    I'm going to retest in the morning with several tests!! Thank you for taking the time to read my question, and masses of babydust to you all!!!

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  • Management agents left residents without lighting UK?

    We have had no end of problems with the management agents for our block. The latest being, that they sent a locksmith out to our block late on Friday night, to fit a chubb lick to the under stairs cupboard. This cupboard houses the communal lighting timer. From Friday night onwards, there was no lighting to the communal block whatsoever - equalling a very dark and dangerous environment. A resident has since forced entry into the cupboard, only to see that the power switch for the communal entry was switched to 'off'. The lighting was then turned back on, and the timer set appropriately. I see this as a malicious act on their part, and was wondering if anyone knew there was anything we could do about it from a legal point of view?

    The block consists of 3 levels, and 3 flights of stairs. Any help would be gratefully received.

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  • Flea bites but no fleas?

    My husband and I have been bitten quite a bit over the last 3-4 days. We have an indoor cat (that I know had fleas some months ago - that was teated by the vet) that I have checked thoroughly with a flea comb, there are no signs of fleas or eggs anywhere on her. However my husband has several bites on his legs, and we think we saw a flea (hopped away too quickly!) but it was really big for a flea! We have hoovered throughout each day (we have wooden floors), boiled washed bedding, hoovered bed etc. Can anyone shed ANY light? It's driving me MAD!

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  • What is this piece of music? EASY 10Pts?

    I'm desperate to know what this piece of music is! First correct answer gets 10 points!

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • weimaraner pronunciation?

    First option for pronunciation was supposed to be 'y-mar-a-ner, not y-mar-a-mer'

    Dogs1 decade ago
  • should I be worried nearly 8 weeks on?

    Ok, so I had ovarian drilling surgery on 26th of march. I have still not had a period? Should I be worried?

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  • What are your thoughts on this? 10 POINTS!?

    My husband and I have been ttc for years, and are possibly going to look at IVF. I've heard that if either party has a child from a previous relationship, you are put as less of a priorityfor IVF on NHS?

    My husband has a 7 year old from a previous relationship.

    If this is the case, I think it's very unfair, as his son is his (obviously I love him dearly, but he's not 'mine'). Any info would be great. I have surgery on thu to try and sort my tubes out (I have PCOS too - lucky me!) so I know I@m a little hyper emotional atm. THanks guys.x

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  • joki_winki's answers - Wierdo!!?

    OK - so a woman is asking advice on how to get pregnant, and he feels that;

    Have your husband and his friends run a train on you every day until you get pregnant.

    is an appropriate response?

    What is wrong with some people? Compassion costs nothing guys. What a heartless person!

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  • Help? Really scared!?

    Ok, so I have PCOS and I am having a lap & Dye nxt week and removal of a 'blockage' in my left tube. The consultant said to me today that 'upon re examination of your scan, we have to tell you that the 'blockage' may be a growth, and there is a possibility that it may be cancer!?!? I'm all over the place! I've decided to not tell my husband until we know for sure, as it's enough for me to worry, let alone have him worry too. I need some advice guys, I'm really scared! Even though it's a slight possibility, I can't stop thinking the worst :(

    I'm 27, and my husband and I have been ttc for years.

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  • 32 days late on period?

    We have been ttc for some years now. I have always been irregular, but never this irregular! I have recently been subscribed Metformin to try and regulate my ovulation (maybe this has something to do with being so late?). I have surgery booked for march 25th to unblock my tubes, so I might ask that my specialist does a blood pregnancy test if I haven't started my period before then. Any idea's? I don't feel like I am due to start my period... nor do I feel 'pregnant'. I don't want to get my hopes up, because having tried for so long.... well it's hard :( Comments appreciated.x

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  • Free save the date Fridge Magnets?

    I got married last year and sent save the date fridge magnets. I ordered them from a website that allowed me to edit their fridge magnets - change the background etc, and I only paid for the postage! I can't find the email anywhere... anyone got any idea? Hope so!


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  • Free save the date Fridge Magnets?

    I got married last year and sent save the date fridge magnets. I ordered them from a website that allowed me to edit their fridge magnets - change the background etc, and I only paid for the postage! I can't find the email anywhere... anyone got any idea? Hope so!


    2 AnswersWeddings1 decade ago