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  • Do abstract objects exist?

    Do abstract objects like numbers, sets, functions, shapes, properties, and propositions exist?  Cars, trees, and people exist, but are these abstract objects just as real?

    10 AnswersPhilosophy9 months ago
  • What is a woman?

    Is a woman defined biologically or by a certain set of attributes?  In the first case, you're a bigot who conflates gender and sex.  In the second case, you're a sexist who defines women based on some "womanly characteristics" that all women have in common.  I don't think there's a third way how do you answer it?  What's the definition of the English word "woman"?

    9 AnswersGender Studies10 months ago
  • Does anyone have their own solution to the liar paradox?

    This sentence is false.  This seems to imply the Principle of Bivalence is false.  That's the principle that says every proposition is either true or false.  Has anyone come up with their own solution to this?

    6 AnswersPhilosophy10 months ago