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  • Theres somthing wrong with my brindle pitbull?

    I went out this morning to feed my animals as i noticed my brindle pit had a sore on her upper lip the size of a quarter.. Also on her back she has a peice of meat the size of a quarter half way ripped off of her back. I want to know what is causing this so i can fix it if there is somthing in her area outside or wat?

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  • Is my cat sick or depressed?

    I have a cat named Boo Bear that recently hasn't acted himself at all. 4 days ago i found homes for my two kittens and after that my cat boo bear has started not to eat or drink and has lost major weight, n all he did was lay around n not move like hes lifeless. All i do is pet him n give him attention, i went out and bought a can of kitten formula to feed him so he has something in his stomach, but he kept throwing it up, so i stopped that, so i got a syringe again n tried water cause hes dehydrated and i got some unflavored pedialyte, i recently got him to drink water by himself and hes slowly trying to eat his canned food i gave him so he has something on his stomach, and he starting to walk around now n move, but hes still moping around and hes skinny. Could this be depression from his friends going away or is he sick. I know some of you would say take him to the vet but i don't have the money due to payments n rent raise and hes doing fine now i just need to know what it is. please n thank you.

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  • Why is my pitbull loosing weight?

    I have a purebred brindle female pitbull i have rescued from being starved to death. This will be the 7th month having her at my house. I feed her twise a day once in morning n the toher in afternoon, and i also cook rice for her to add to her food cause of her loosing weight. When i first got her she was skinny like a skeleton, i got some weight on her but now its dropping and she has muscle just her spin and her bones are kind of showing again. im worried, she walks constantly n barks alot but she eats like a pig also. She has been wormed. I just dont know what else is going on with her. Can someone please give me some answers n help me out i would greatly appreciate it.

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  • Did cold weather kill my chicken and rabbit?

    I woke up saturday morning to find out it was snowing outside in the middle of October. I wasn't ready for the snow, i went to feed my chickens and rabbit and found my rabbit dead outside covered in snow. He has a covered rabbit hutch with a box with straw in it, and then a run i built attached to the hutch for him to have room to run. I also found my barred rock hen dead in the chicken building. I have no clue why or how they died, but the hen was only about 6 months old, and the rabbit was 6 years old. someone please help me figure out why they died so i can feel better.. .

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  • My puppy is dying HELP!!?

    I rescued two orphan puppies when they were only 1 day old, the girl died just yesterday morning, and the boy is still alive. Hes 10 days old and he knows his sister is dead hes just giving up.. He wont eat nothing but pedialyte cause hes dehydrated.. I have no money to take him to the vet due from paying bills.. His tounge gets stuck to the roof of his mouth and he seizzes up.. I NEED HELP.... PLEASE!!!

    13 AnswersDogs10 years ago
  • My cat has an abcess!!?

    I found out my cat has an abcess.. i brought her inside to see what was wrong, the way she was acting was like her back was broken.. but she kept licking it, the next morning i woke up i found her on the floor licking it again, and it bursts.. It drained everywear, its the size of the bottom of a sippy cup... It smells really bad, and it keeps draining, and to keep her from licking it i have a cat cone on her head... i have been giving her baby tylenol like the vet said, to kill the pain.. its working so far, but it keeps oozing everytime she wants to move her back... so you know where it is its right above her tail on her back on the right side.. i want to know what i can do to make it heal faster, so it wont hurt her when she moves and it wont ooz... Is it ok for me to let her lick it for a little to get some infection out or what? I need help..

    6 AnswersCats10 years ago
  • How to train 11 month old puppy?

    I have a 11 month old german shepherd / lab mix puppy. I have tried to train her to walk on leash without pulling me, and to not jump when i walk up to her outside. My dog is an outside dog on a long silver cable, i got from petsmart, and everytime i walk over to her to give her food, water, straw, or toys she jumps on me, and tries to trip me, along with biting my pants leg so i dont go away.. And when i walk her she pulls me. I have bought a halty to try to train her, but all she does is rub her face on the ground to try to get it off... She was abused by a man when she was a pup. But doesnt mind women, i need help to try to train her, and is their any way she can come trust guys again???

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  • What do to wiht animals outside for winter?

    I have 4 cats, a dog, a chicken, and a rabbit that lives outside. I cannot have them in house due to landlord, and allergies.. I love them to death, i go out every morning at 7 to collect all my animals water bowls, and water bottles, to get the ice out of them and fill it with warm water, which they love, and i go out every 2 to 3 hours to check on them... I have put straw in my dog box, for my dog, and i put straw in a igloo dog house for all 4 cats, and straw in my rabbit hutch and chicken cage... Anyways i am asking for more advise to keep them all warm for the winter.. I love them all and am more worried about the chicken cause of it not having enough body fat to stay warm.. So any advise is great.. thank you

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  • Please help i think my rat had a stroke!!?

    I heard alot of noise and movment coming from my rats cage, n when i went ot check on her she was rolling around in circles, wiht her head limped to the side. She can move her right side of her body, but her left side is so stiff it looks like she has a charlie horse in her legs. She cannot walk =, when she wants to move she rolls around like a fish out of water, at first i thought she was having a siezure, but they dont last a long period of time, from what the internet says she had a stroke, she drinks water well out of the bottle, but i have to give it to her, i tried to give her a very soft noddle, and she choked on it, i feel soooo bad, but i got the noodle out of her mouth... She is sooo hungry i dont know what to do.. I called at least 12 vets includiing emergency vets and they said they do not treat exotic animals, and i cant find any where to find one... I reallly need help.. Please someone help me, i think shes in pain.

    7 AnswersRodents10 years ago