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Hi Im Allie!! I'm In Love With Baby Names!

  • Bonfire w/ friends need help?!?

    Okay! Im having a bonfire w/ 2 of my good friends, a family friend once told me how to play an M&M game, but its diffrent than other ones. Here's how you play, You dumpo the bag of M&Ms out and you sort them by color, you come up with questions and write them down on a paper strip and write a M&M color down. You pull an paper strip out of an bowl of paper strips, an read the question it will say an M&M color and then how many M&Ms there are of that color thats how many you say, the only problem is I cant think of any questions. Can I have your help? (Example: What do you see yourself looking like in 10 years, then it says red on the side and you look at the red M&Ms and theres 4 so you come up with 4 things that you see yourself looking like in 10 years..) Thanks :)

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  • What type of cheerleading shoe's should I get my daughter for cheerleading?

    Okay, for Christmas my daughter asked me for cheerleading shoe's. I don't know what to get her because I was never a cheerleader growing up. She cheer's for her middle school and her coach did not say what type/brand to get. The store's closest to us are Payless, MC Sports, Dunaham's, Footlocker, Target, Meijer. Thanks so much!!(:

    7 AnswersFashion & Accessories8 years ago
  • What Are Your Favortie Thing's?

    Erase Mine & Put Yours There!

    Color: Turquiose, Lime Green, Purple & Pink!

    Food: Noodles With Gravy!

    Drink: French Toffee Coffee

    Candy: M&Ms, Twix, Kitkat!

    Animal: Orange Giraffe's & Koala's!

    TV Show: Cake Boss. America's Next Top Model, Dance Moms & Army Wifes!

    Movie: The Sisiterhood Of The Traveling Pants!

    Song: One Thing-1D Eyes Open-Taylor Swift

    Singer: 1D, Taylor Swift & Justin Bieber

    Ice Cream Flavor: Cotton Candy & Blue Moon!

    Shape: Heart Or Peace

    Number: 3 Or 12!

    Sport: Dance, Cheerleading & Volleyball!

    Sports Team: Michigan Wolferines, Phillies!


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  • Do You Know Of Any Good Websites For...?

    Im Helping My friend With her wedding and she cant find any bridemaid dress websites online.

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  • What Would You Name 10 Kids?

    I'd Have 4 Boys And 6 Girls.


    Jordan Lee J.r

    Ethan Charles

    Nolan James

    Harrison Jeol


    Mackenzye Grace

    Courtney Jamie

    Lyndzie Anne

    Marissa Kathleen

    Alyssa Elizabeth

    Vivian Marie

    26 AnswersBaby Names9 years ago
  • I Need Some Cupcake Names NOT Cupcake Bussiness Names?






    And Other Flavors

    5 AnswersBaby Names9 years ago
  • Is This Normal??? Woman & Girls Only(:?

    My 10 year old daughter has been having white,creamy stuff in her underwear for about 9 months and hasent had her period yet??

    Also My vigina has been hurting lately??

    2 AnswersFamily9 years ago
  • Do You Think Sing Good?

    Youtube thumbnail


    & And &

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    3 AnswersSinging9 years ago
  • What Would You Have?? Cant Decide!!?

    My Choices For Lunch Are:

    -Grilled Peanut Butter w/ Chips And Dip

    -Spagettois w/ Pretzels

    -Waffle w/ Eggs And Banana Bread

    2 AnswersBaby Names9 years ago
  • Do You Like These Names?


    Klaye Grace (pron. Kluh-A)

    Makezie Renee

    7 AnswersBaby Names9 years ago
  • This Or That Names Baby Girl Names?

    Mackenzye OR Mallory

    Caitlin OR Kaylin

    22 AnswersBaby Names9 years ago
  • Whats Ur Favortie Name(:?

    Pick Your Favortie One Out Of Each Row(:

    Kendra Jane

    Kailyn Jane

    Kylie Jane

    Kayla Jane

    Kyle Lee

    Harrison Lee

    Kamden Lee

    Hogan Lee

    Alexandria Mika (Muh-Ki-uh)

    Aliyson Mika

    Alexis Mika

    Abbgail Mika

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  • This Or That Baby Girl Names?


    Adele Or Ava

    Brooklynn Or Bailey

    Chirstine Or Cara

    Donna Or Dannelle

    Elizabeth Or Ella

    Faith Or Farrah

    Grace Or Gaberella

    Hannah Or Haley

    Izabella Or Isabell

    Johannah Or Jessa

    Kelci Or Kenna

    Lyndsie Or Lauren

    Mallarie Or Massie

    Natalie Or Neaveh

    Olivia Or Olive

    Paige Or Payten

    Quatina Or Quisa

    Regan Or Rnea (Ruh-Nay)

    Selena Or Sara

    Taylor Or Tina


    Vanessa Or Vivian

    Wavierly Or Wana




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  • Create Some Sibsets With These Please?

    Thanks So Much(:

    Kayla Jane

    Erin Faith

    Chirstine Hope

    Janelle Meagan

    Tiffany Grace

    Maddie Elizabeth

    Brooklyn Marie

    Nolan James

    Bentely Dj

    Micheal Xzavier

    Jordan Lee

    Shane Quaye (Qw-A)

    Ethan Charles

    Chirstphor Jeol

    8 AnswersBaby Names9 years ago
  • This Or That Baby Girl & Baby Boy Names?

    Adele Or Ava Or Alexis

    Braclyn Or Brooklynn

    Casandra Or Carly Or Courtney

    Daislina Or Dolores (Daze-Uh-lon Uh)

    Elizabeth Or Elliot

    Farrah Or Felictaie (Full-Is-Uh-Tea)

    Grace Or Gabrelia

    Hallie Or Haliey

    Isabella Or Izabell

    Johannah Or Jesslyn

    Kayla Or Kasey

    Lizzie Or Lexi

    Mallarie Or Maria (Mar-Uh)

    Nessa Or Nikkie

    Olivia Or Oceanna

    Patritica Or Payten

    Quina Or Quinn

    Riley Or Renea (Ruh-Nay)

    Sara Or Stephine

    Tia Or Tamera

    Ualani Or Uamoi (Nuh-Eye-O-Me)

    Vivian Or Vanessa

    Waverily Or Wanne (Wuh-knee)

    Xaviera (Ex-av-ruh) Or Xavia (Ex-av-uh)

    Yesennia Or Yealy (Yeah-Luh)

    Zonna Or Zaeiah (Zay-Uh)


    Austin Or Andrew Or Alex

    Bentely Or Ben

    Casey Or Caden

    Dylan Or Danneil

    Eli Or Ethan

    Fanton Or Frenondo

    Gavin Or Garret

    Harrison Or Henery

    Ian Or Ikien (eye-Ken)

    Jacob Or John

    Kaden Or Karson

    Levi Or Levie

    Micheal Or Mickey

    Nolan Or Noah

    Owen Or Olwen

    Payton Or Partyen

    Quinn Or Quin

    Riley Or Rackett

    Shane Or Sean

    Taylor Or T.j

    Zach Or Zane


    11 AnswersBaby Names9 years ago
  • Any One Want To Play Baby Name Game?

    Twin-#1- Whats Your Favortie Ice Cream Flavor?

    Chocolate Chip: Jollison

    Vinnila: Mallarie

    Chocolate: Caylee

    Mint: Kylie

    Middle Name- Whats Your Favortie Sport?

    Cheerleader: Lynn

    Dance: Ashlyn

    Softball: Marie

    Football: Grace

    Twin #2: Whats Your Favortie Color?

    Blue: Bentely

    Green: Jordan

    Red: Harrison

    Pink: Kyle

    Purple: Nolan

    Whats Your Favortie Season??

    Spring: Cody

    Summer: Lee

    Fall: Jason

    Winter: Jeol

    Girl- Whats Your Favortie Subject In School??

    Math: Mckenzie

    E.L.A: Jesslynn

    Reading: Courtney

    Science: Sydeny

    What Is Your Favortie Vowel?

    A: Faith

    E: Elizabeth

    I: Lexi

    O: Leah

    U: Amy

    Girl: Whats Your Favortie Number?

    1: Tiffany

    2: Chirstine

    3: Alexis

    4: Alena

    5: Neaveh

    Middle Name- Whats Your Favortie Cookie:

    Chocolate Chip: Jane

    Oatmeal Crisp: Ava

    Chocolate Chunk M&M: Taylor

    White Chocolate: Kayla

    58 AnswersBaby Names9 years ago
  • After The Dentist Help?

    Hey-Im On My Aunt's Account!! I Just A Filling Done And Im Numb): What Can I Eat?? Besides Soup & Popsicle's??

    1 AnswerDental9 years ago
  • Need Help With Names??(Twins)?

    Hi(: Im Allie Me And My Husband Recently Got Married And Just Found Out Were Pregnant With Twins. 1 Girl 1 Boy Soo Yea! We Have A Few But Not Many(: I Need So Help With Names. My Husbands Name Is Jordan Lee Verburg And My Is Allison Grace Verburg(: So Thanks So Much With Your Help(: ~Expecting

    Rowyn Grace & Dylan James

    Meryn Kate & Ethan Charles

    Nikkie Marie & Patrick Shane

    9 AnswersBaby Names9 years ago