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  • How to play Filipino songs on TJ Media Karaoke machine TKR-355HK?

    I bought TKR-355HK Karaoke Machine on eBay. There are Filipino songs in karaoke book. But can't play with this machine. Is there any way I can play Filipino songs? Or any app that downloads Filipino songs and playable with this machine?

  • Can I claim job loss and disability protection for my loan while I am employed?

    I bought insurance with bank when I consolidate my debt. I have been paying $525 a month ($25 is insurance. )Insurance is for the job loss and disability protection plan something like the one you buy optionally when you get a credit card. I have been paying this personal loan for a year and now it s getting difficult for the payment because of the economic recession. My salary is half compared to what I used make. The thing is I am still employed. Can I claim insurance and stop monthly payment for a while?

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  • Will Alberta oil and gas industry be back on business? I am thinking changing my current job. Any advice?

    I am working for metal company and our customers are mostly oil related machine company. Recently our company laid off many workers as the business slow down.

    I work as a saw operator cutting metals. We had 20 operators last year (2014) but now We only have 3 operators left including me. I get paid $20/h and 40h a week. As it's slow, no overtime working allowed. compared to last year my monthly salary is almost half. (Because I was getting overtime rate last year) I am thinking changing the job to a non oil related job. I know it's not easy to find a job pays well especially for immigrants like me. And I am one of the three chosen to stay with the company out of 20 operators. I am really confused.

    Should I wait until We get busy and get overtime?

    I have three small children and I am the only one working. (financially challenging )

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  • How can I get approved for debt consolidation loan in Canada.?

    Hi, I recently declined for debt consolidation loan at CIBC. My debt with credit card is about $23,000 altogether. Bank staff asked me what I have for security and what job I do with paystubs for a month.

    I have $3000 used car and $3400 salary a month after the deduction. (Tax, CPP, etc.) I have 2kids and renting 2bedroom apartment which I pay $1300 a month.

    I keep paying $600-700 a month for credit card payment but I feel like it's never going to be paid off. (They charge me $400 a month with high interest rate...which means even I pay $600 I only return $200) I wonder how long it takes to pay it off...

    Debt consolidation loan is also high interest rate with 14.5% a year. Monthly payment to bank is going to be $450/month and 5years to pay off. Actually this is a better plan for me comparing to what I am currently paying to just reduce the credit balance.

    Anyway I wasn't approved for a debt consolidation loan, I showed my property such jewelry, watches, furniture etc. with pictures but bank staff said I can only use house and car for security... Is that true?? Only car and house?? I have a lot of staff to sell and I could buy another car to put it on security... What is the best way to get the loan approved for me? (Other than finding a cosigner.)

    Please give me advice. Thank you.

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  • 2000 Dodge Caravan 3.0L, How do you replace power steering pulley?

    I found a crack on the power steering pulley on 2000 Dodge Caravan 3.0L, seems like that causing the belt getting out of alignment. I researched that I need a pulley puller to remove the power steering pulley so I ordered tools already on eBay but thing is there is not much room to fit these tools. Should I take off the whole power steering pump? If possible I want to remove only pulley as there is no problem on the pump for now.

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  • Alternator belt is worn out, engine fuse keeps blowing. What is the solution?

    Does anybody have experience that an engine fuse keeps blowing because of the alternator?

    I checked some web sites saying usually fuse problem is caused by wiring fault. The battery lamp had been on and engine didn't start without a booster so I know there is a problem on the alternator belt or alternator itself. I ordered alternator belt for the replacement but I am worried if this is not the ultimate solution. My car is 2000 dodge caravan.

    Thank you

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  • How much fund do you need for Temporary Resident Visa for Parent?

    I applied for temporary resident visa for my wife's mom lives in Philippines. I just got notice from Immigration Canada which says I (inviter) and my wife's mom don't have sufficient fund to travel.

    (I planed 6 months travel for her living my residence.)

    Application is refused and I have to reapply providing new information.

    How much fund should I show them?? I actually don't have savings and showed them family income from tax center. It's about CA$40,000 I know it's not big but my wife is taking care of our kids and I am the only one getting income. If my wife's mom arrives to Canada and takes care of our kids then my wife will be able to work that makes CA$80,000 family income. But at this point I can show them CA$40,000 family income only. What is the best way to bring parents to Canada? If I only have to show them savings from bank, I could borrow money from bank and I can show them I have enough fund.

    Any suggestions?

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