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  • Employer from Craigslist job refusing to pay?

    My buddy and I found a Craigslist moving job that paid cash. Job was a 2-3 week trip to drive across country and move a few houses. 

    When we got home the employer has been refusing to pay because one of the customers weren't happy (not at our own fault, she was ripping them off and they could tell and didn't want to pay extra). Now she's blocked our numbers and has new adds on Craigslist. 

    What should we do? 

    We plan on calling the labor board and filing with them, as well as the BBB and IRS to report all the shady things she does / has done. But will the California labor board make her pay us, even if we never signed any paperwork? Or do we have to go to small claims court because it sounds like a personal matter? 

    And is getting paid cash considered tax evasion even if you plan on filing it 1099?

    Thanks for any info you have, this is in ventura County, California. 

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  • Attachment image

    Are these fossils?

    I found these in the new mexico desert in a wash / dry river. The two bigger ones definitely look like clam shells and the smaller two look like snail shells. The snail shells don't seem as old but the clam ones definitely do. 

    Location was in newkirk, New Mexico. Just off of route 66 and I-40.

    1 AnswerZoology2 weeks ago
  • Ring doorbell ?

    My ring doorbell will only record the audio for the first like 2-5 seconds and will be cut out for the rest of the recording. Ive turned on the speaker and have done it on 2 phones. Any interaction has just a split second of audio but then stops.

    It didn't used to be like this, worked fine and recorded audio for the duration of the recording. 

    Any idea why? Or how to troubleshoot? Thanks!

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  • Song lyrics?

    I heard this song on the radio and can't find it for the life of me.

    Male singer with female backup i believe, sounded like an late 80s slow love song. Almost had a techno type slow beat. 

    Lyrics repeated something like 

    "Baby, I dont want you to walk away, (or don't walk away?)

    --- ---- --- make you stay, (things to make you stay?)

    --- ---- ---- another day." (Come back another day?)

    Whole song literally repeated that the whole time. 

    I've tried those lyrics websites, nothing has really come close. 

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    Drywall repair?

    More asking for personal opinion, so please don't give a toxic response. 

    I had a roomate that mounted her TV on the wall. I saw her trying to mount it by herself and she couldn't find any studs so I went in, drilled the right holes, and mounted it for her. She had put like 8 holes trying to find a beam and i put my additional 4 to properly mount it. 

    Now she's moved out, and there's about 15 small holes in a pretty tight location. 

    I had a handyman come out, and he quoted 400 and I got him down to 300, though this still seems steep. Though he has to match the paint and everything so maybe not.

    The roomate only had a $500 deposit. My question is, should I take the full 300 out for the repair, even though I technically helped make the damage? That would be on top of a $75 cleaning fee as well. I would just feel bad only returning $125 of a 500 deposit for what doesn't necessarily seem like a big fix. 

    As we were mounting it I did mention that its okay to mount but there would be a repair fee, but didn't think it would be so much.

    Let me know your thoughts please! Im a person with too much compassion to feel like im ripping someone off. What would you do? 

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  • California Unemployment ?

    As I'm sure everyone is aware, covid 19 has put a lot of us out of work. And unemployment has been slammed and next to impossible to get ahold of. Quick background to the question:

    My significant other applied for unemployment when we were let go (we work at the same place). I applied, ez pz everything worked as it should have. She applied, and entered our works tax ID to claim unemployment for that company. BUT, she also gets like $100 a month from a second "job" caring for her special needs brother. Even though she put the tax ID of the job we both worked at, the unemployment portal filed it as if she put the caretaker job and not her full time job. (No, we didn't accidentally put the wrong one. The current employer came up and we filed under the right one) She's been receiving unemployment benefits from the wrong company, (she still works for the caretaker and gets paid). Which is only 80 per week vs the 300-450 she should be getting. We've called (houuurrssss), canceled, reapplied, emailed, been put on wait lists just to never be called back and nothing.So to sum it up, she's receiving unemployment from a place she's still employed and not receiving unemployment from where she's unemployed, even though we filed properly. Will she be charged overpayment for everything she's been paid considering its been from the wrong company? Will they update to the proper job and proper benefit amount and reimburse her the difference?

    I appreciate all the helpful answers.

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  • PPP and unemployment in California Covid-19?

    So I was a full time employee with my company but when covid hit we all got put out of work. 

    So in turn i filed for unemployment 

    Time goes by and boss applied to be an essential business then applies for PPP. But half our warehouse is still at home because they simply are not needed. Only main people are still working. 

    Because of PPP ill be getting paid my full 40 hour week checks, but can't collect on unemployment. But right now being on unemployment pays more because of the cares act.

    Is there a way I can refuse or say I don't want to be put on the PPP payments?

    Id much rather receive unemployment vs PPP as anyone with up to date knowledge on it knows its paying more. But I don't want both and to have back pay.

    No rude responses please, just trying to figure out how to ride this mess out as best as possible. 

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  • Motorcycle accident and insurance.?

    Little backstory to the question.

    I bought a motorcycle from a motorcycle dealership, at the time having no insurance and no M1 (only a safety class and an appointment to get the license that upcoming Friday). 

    The sales man told me I could ride it home without either for 1 because I would be covered through the dealership for 45 days and to just not ride it any further until I get my license. 

    I got my license a few days after, and on day 32 of owning it a car turned out in front of me and the bike was totalled & I got thrown with a few broken bones. Other driver was found at fault, but now my attorney is saying because I didn't have insurance that I could only collect x amount. But the dealership lied just to make a sale and said that I would have insurance through them. I had quotes but never bought insurance because I was waiting until it was closer to the 45 day mark to get the most bang for my buck.

    Multiple things came up. Apparently the bike was never taken out of the old owners name when it was sold to me through the dealership so I couldn't get it out of the junkyard. And the place I bought the motorcycle from has been being super shady about giving information and deny ever saying I would be covered through them for 45 days.

    I did hire an attorney, but this seems like such a complicated he said she said situation. They say I can't collect for pain and suffering because of the "no pay no play" law here in California. But shouldn't the dealership be held accountable?

    10 AnswersInsurance & Registration1 year ago
  • Financing a Ninja 400 sportsbike?

    I have been curious as to if I would get approved if I tried financing one.

    My current score is only 612, I have gone in and asked and they said it typical takes 600+ to get approved. But I don t want to run my credit just to get denied and ding it anymore.

    The bike, if it be a 2018/19 is about $5100-$5400.

    This would be with no money down. And if I had to put some down, how much would that be?

    I know certain things come into consideration other than just the number, but all my accounts are in good standing.

    I fear because I already have two waverunners financed through Yamaha with a 9.5k/13.5k balance (never been late) that I won t get approved for any limit but IDK what it all boils down to. (Just got a 300$ capital one card a week ago that dinged it a bit).

    I used to have a 750, but went to jail and two credit cards I had went to collections pretty much but I paid them off as soon as I got out. Even though they are handled I feel like that would prevent me from getting approved as well.

    I m only 22 if that accounts for anything, but I work 50 hour weeks at 15$/hr so I could prove viable income if that even mattered.

    Thanks for any POSITIVE input or advice, take any negativity home with you (;

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  • Gaming laptop?

    I was wondering what laptop would be cheap yet efficient as far as gaming. I only really play RuneScape and would like something that wouldn t lag. Thank you.

    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks2 years ago
  • Smoking weed on felony probation in California.?

    I m on felony probation for trafficking marijuana (dropped to possession with intent). My probation is from Oklahoma but I m transferred to California because this is where I live.

    My term s say that I have to take random tests, and also says "the defendant shall not use or possess any narcotics, dangerous drugs, controlled substances, marijuana, or paraphernalia unless prescribed."

    The part where it says "unless prescribed", if I get a medical marijuana card, is that a prescription? And if so can I smoke weed and test dirty without getting violated?

    11 AnswersLaw & Ethics2 years ago
  • Cancelling a loan on two waverunners.?

    I found out recently that my family opened up a credit limit or financed two waverunners in my name when I checked my credit score online. I don't want that debt in my name if they decide to stop paying plus I didn't even know about it in the first place. I don't live in the same city as they do / where the waverunners are so I can't really take them back to the dealership or anything. What do I do to get them off my line of credit, I could care less if they get repoed or something I just don't want them in my name.

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  • Factory reset on my Pavilion dv7 laptop.?

    So my uncle got locked up and said that i could have his laptop. The issue is though that it has a finger print scanner and the user that he had is holding a bunch of stuff and most of memory on the laptop is full. Because i dont have his finger print i cant get on his user to delete stuff and im scared to do a factory reset because i do not know if i will need a windows disk or something to be able to use it again after i do it.

    The laptop is a Pavilion dv7-6c22nr Entertainment PC.

    Will i even be able to factory reset it without the finger print? and if i do, will i need a windows disk or something? And if not, will i just be able to factory reset then jump right back online like nothing happened?

    Thanks for the time!

    Btw, it always comes up saying "low disk space on [hp tools(e:)]" im not a techie so i dont really know what that means other than its full lol.

    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks6 years ago
  • banking / saving accounts?

    If you are under the age of 18, (17 1/2) is it mandatory to have a parent or guardian with you to be able to open up your own savings/ checking account? As family becomes less and less trustworthy I wouldn't want anyone's name or ability to access the account on it other than my own.

    Thanks for your time and answers!

    5 AnswersPersonal Finance6 years ago
  • Rental home's going into foreclosure.?

    In the past my family and I have unknowingly moved into rental homes that without warning go into foreclosure without any warning from our home owner.

    im curious if there are any websites out there that I could use to check maybe the current state that a home is in and how up to date the owner is on their payments.

    even if not, just any way that I could check out the information about a home other than just zillow. I would like to be proactive and actually put some research into a home without just taking the renters "good word" so I don't get put into the situation where I'm having to move homes yet again because I took the owners word. Better safe than sorry specially when it costs you money.

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  • how do you make a clan forum on runescape?

    my clans gotten pretty big and i cant figure out how to make a official clan forum, how's it done?

    1 AnswerYahoo Groups7 years ago
  • Growing marijuana in the winter?

    I live really close to the beach in California and i have a plant that has already sprouted but i planted it really late so now its about 6 inches tall and already budding and winter is already here. My question more or less is what will happen to it? will it continue its budding threw winter because i can take it inside with my at night so its not to cold or will it stop budding and just sit there?

    2 AnswersOther - Home & Garden8 years ago
  • Why do drugs make you trip?

    What does salvia do to you to make you see things? And what does shrooms do to you to make you see things? What are they doing to you body to make this Happen.

    2 AnswersOther - Society & Culture9 years ago
  • cat flease to your hair?

    my cat has flease and if she has them could i get them from her?

    1 AnswerCats1 decade ago
  • music from my phone to my xbox360?

    ii got the xbox 360 elite and my phone is an enve touch and i have like the cable that connects to my phone to the xbox i was wondering if it was possible to like get songs that i have bought on my phone and download/play them on my xbox?

    3 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago