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  • Are there any novels about women in Nazi Germany?

    Most novels I've come across with WW2 as a theme/setting are usually about Jews or the Japanese. However, a woman in Germany who fit the description of the Aryan race was subject to rape so the sick Nazi's could have more Nazi babies. Are there any novels with such a woman as an MC/narrator or a plot revolving around an occurrence like that? I can't imagine how badly something like that could affect a woman, especially if she was already married. Book suggestions?

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  • Writers: What is your ethnicity and how has it influenced your story?

    What is your ethnicity and how has it influenced your story, if at all? Also, what is your MC's ethnicity? The majority of your characters?

    Any other thoughts you have on ethnicity in literature?

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  • Should I post my novel on Wattpad?

    I've already completed the first draft of my fantasy novel and in the process of editing it. The thing is, I'm in desperate need of beta readers, feedback, reviews, constructive criticism, etc. Should I post it on Wattpad for others to view? What are the risks? I know more and more authors are getting published after posting stories online, but I really just want to know others reactions and thoughts. I do plan on querying agents one day when I feel my novel is cleaned up and edited enough. Thanks.

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  • Character Survey: When your MC was 5 years old...?

    Hello B&A! Here's a random character survey I got an idea for while I was imagining my MC as a kid. Answer as your MC or any character you choose when they were 5 years old. :D Have fun!

    1) Hi there! What's your name?

    2) Who do you live with? If you don't live with your parents, where are they? Do you know?

    3) How do you feel about your parents/guardian(s)?

    4) Do you have any siblings? How do they treat you/how do you treat them?

    5) What's your favorite color?

    6) Where do you live? Do you like it?

    7) Do you ever play games? What's your favorite toy?

    8) Finish this sentence: "Once upon a time there was a princess..."

    9) Do you want a cookie?

    10) What do you want to be when you grow up?

    11) How do you feel about school? Have you started yet? If not, are you excited?

    12) Don't you know not to talk to strangers?

    BQ: If you could say one thing to your adult self, what would it be?

    BQ2: (As your character's current age) If you could say one thing to your 5 year old self, what would it be?

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  • How "The Hunger Games" is unrealistic, agree or disagree?

    I was watching the movie again earlier and started remembering all the things that I found unrealistic everytime I read the book. The first thing, and it's pretty obvious to any female readers, has to do with menstruation. The book was written by a woman, the book is narrated by a 16-year-old girl. How, how, HOW is there no mention of a period?? Girls, we know that the stress of going into a fight to the death would definitely cause our periods to start, and can you imagine how bad the cramps would be during the game? I know Katniss was dull sometimes, but I was under the impression she was still a fully functioning female, biologically speaking. With all the Capitol's advanced technology, no doubt they have something to stop the female tributes' periods, but there was no mention of it. Why not mention it? The only conclusion I can come to is that it might make the male readers a little uncomfortable, but that's ridiculous. Why? Because there are children being murdered by other children. That's not more disturbing than a period? Which is more natural, killing or menstruating?

    I have the same point for the other unrealistic aspect of the book. Tributes can range from age 12 to 18, meaning you just threw in a bunch of horny teenagers and added imminent death to the equation. Those kids are going to have sex before they die, and I think most people would do the same. Why not? You're most likely about to die, might as well enjoy yourself, am I wrong? Rape is also very possible in a situation like that, but still, no mention of anything like that is in the book. I can understand that it wouldn't be appropriate for younger readers, BUT THE WHOLE STORY IS ABOUT CHILDREN BEING MURDERED BY OTHER CHILDREN. I'm sorry, it is just too bizarre to believe that you can detail brutal killing and let kids read it (my whole high school was required to read it last year) but you can't write about sex and even rape, which kids in our world are experiencing every day. I'd rather my future kids have sex than go on a killing spree, and who wouldn't agree with me?

    So, again, "The Hunger Games" is full of child murder committed by other children, but menstruation and sex (two of the most naturally human things in the world) are taboo. How unrealistic does this make the book/movie to you? Do you agree that it's unfair, why or why not? What other things did you find unrealistically disturbing about the book(s) and/or the movie?

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  • How do you feel about love triangles? ♥♥♥?

    Love them, hate them, indifferent? Personally, I have no problem with them. At times it's kinda fun to root for one character or the other, however, the stupid idiot never chooses the guy (in rare cases, girl) I was rooting for. -_- Jacob, Gale (who was a byotch at the end so I was okay with Peeta)... And for those of you who know Eon and Eona, Ido. How cool would it have been to end up with the villain for once??

    Anyway, do you outright love/hate them, or does it have to be written a certain way? For example, love triangle introduced early into the story as opposed to something that happens gradually, especially over several books?

    Oh, and how often does the character you were rooting for get the girl/guy? Or do you never pick sides?

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  • Writers, do you want your future spouse to be a writer, too?

    Or if you're already married, is your spouse a writer? Do they read your work? Are they a bookworm like you?

    How important is writing in your relationship? Is it just your thing, or is it something you want to share?

    As for me, I would prefer my future husband to be a writer, so that I have someone to share ideas, constructive criticism, and advice with on a daily basis. We would actually understand one another on that level, whereas other folks think of us writers as crazy schizophrenics. But with a writer husband, we would understand one another's active imagination. And I don't think anyone here on B&A would complain about going on a date to the bookstore/library. XD

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  • Can you tell me what "queens" is in Korean?

    In the actual Korean writing? I want to draw an epic picture of 2NE1 being represented as the queens in playing cards. Thanks.

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  • If I want to submit to a literary magazine and use a pen name?

    Should I just submit the work with my pen name or real name and leave a message saying what to be published under? I don't know help please lol.

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  • What did he mean by this?

    I've been talking to this guy for a day online and I told him that I'd like to be friends. Then he said,"But always message me first, and we have a deal :) "

    What does he mean by always message him first? Like what is the meaning under that?

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  • How do you feel about long dialogues in a book?

    The other day I was reading a book review and the guy who was reviewing the book made a comment about how he hated all the dialogue. I found the dialogue quite interesting and it really told me who eac character was and their personality just shined through each sentence.

    The problem is that, while I may like my stories one way, others think very differently. In my own book I have a lot of dialogue between characters, and I really hate long monologues and rants the narrators go on. My story is mostly told through action and speaking.

    How do you prefer your books? Lots of dialogue or not?

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  • Do Asians care if their eyes are described as "slanted"?

    Or "almond shaped"? I was reading an article that said to never describe Asian eyes as slanted, which isn't good for me, since that's how I describe the Asian-like people in my novel. I can't use the word Asian because the setting is a fantasy world. Race does play a part to the society and a lot of the main character's internal conflict, so leaving out the subtle description is taking a part of the world away. I'm white and unfortunately don't have any Asian friends, so I can't ask anyone I know. I love Asians, I think they are absolutely gorgeous and their eyes are my favorite, so the last thing I want to do is offend someone because of my lack of knowledge on the subject. Yes, I know that all Asians are different, but the people the main character has encountered (so far) are closer to Japanese/Korean/Chinese. So if you're Asian, I'd greatly appreciate your opinion, and if you're not Asian, give me a solid reason for your opinion. Thanks!

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  • Why is Allah thought of as male?

    Why is Allah thought of as male if "he" is the creator of all things? Doesn't that sound more like a feminine quality? So is Allah actually male, female, or does he have no gender?

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