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  • Background gone black and blue after windows 8.1 set up?

    I need help. I recently brought a laptop which had windows 8 and I've only just got use to it and then I installed windows 8.1 of the store thinking it would hardly change anything and now much laptop has got a black background and pretty much messed up I've read to press f8 and that doesn't work and I can't make sense of any other website so can someone please break down what I have to do for it to go back to normal? But in simple terms cus I'm so confused thanks

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  • Attachment image

    How can I get off this page and back to the store main setting?

    The back arrow doesn't work and I've tried clicking of and on it and I've only got it today, what does this mean? Help

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design7 years ago
  • Can I use a £15 iTunes gift card on apps.?

    I want to get my dad an iTunes gift card for his games he plays for Christmas but I'm confused if you can even use it for apps? And if so how? Do I just go to Apple and buy a gift card and then how would he use it ?

    1 AnswerOther - Electronics7 years ago
  • What qualifications do I need to become a forensic scientist?

    I'm currently doing Health and social at college which is equivalent to 3 A levels, however they have offered me to do a human biology A level on the side, would this be able to get me into university to do forenic science? And what qualifications do I need to become a forenic scientist if I do go on to university? I also can do work experience during my health and social course however I am only 16, I'm in southampton,thanks.

  • Birthday present ideas?

    My boyfriends birthday on the 28th so I need to start thinking and planning what to get him, he's turning 17, likes football, computer games etc , but I want to get him something he'll know I put effort into, for his last birthday I got him a box with loads of gifts in, and some of his favourite perfume, but he's so fussy I can't get him clothes or anything his family would get him, for example computer games cause he'd buy those, he doesn't like jewellery, any ideas? Anything at all

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  • Is my belly button piercing infected?

    My belly button piercing has whitish/yellow puss that comes out of it daily, but only from the bottom hole not the top, when I lift up my belly piercing underneath, like in my belly button it's not red but there's like a tiny bit of inner skin I can see if that makes sense, its not big its just on the hole i've have the Piercing for at least 4 months :/ I only clean it with the recommended salt and water solution, is there anything else I should clean it with to help? That is reliable?

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  • Any advice ASAP!!!!!?

    Okay this needs to explained in detail so you can understand the situation before judging me. I went out with my boyfriend for 2 years, then he ended it with me, despite all the heart break ect a month later we got back together, however, he slept with someone else, now this girl had a boyfriend also, but at that time she was on a break, but now her boyfriend and her are back together the only thing is he doesn't know she slept with my boyfriend, and now I feel like I'm hiding my boyfriend and her secret so her boyfriend doesn't find out, but my boyfriend is scared of her boyfriend, now if all that makes sense, it's been driving me crazy I want to tell her boyfriend the truth, I shouldn't let her get away with it!specially as I've seen them walk past me and I'm supposed to just keep calm?'

    ! All I want advice for is advice to help me deal with everything and is my boyfriend even worth all this?! Any advice would help me thankyou!

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