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  • My friend's parents want a restraining order against me when I did nothing wrong?

    It's a long story but basically my best friend was being abused by her boyfriend who her mom set her up with and forced her to be with. My friend told me horrible things about her boyfriend and so I freaked out and told my mom who then said we needed to call CPS since my friend is 13 and her boyfriend is 18 and he was basically abusing her. So we called CPS and reported the family since the mom was forcing my friend into this abusive relationship. When the mom found out my family had called CPS she flipped on us and said she was going to get a restraining order put on me when I didn't even do anything wrong. I was trying to protect her daughter from sexual abuse and she didn't even care. I'm so scared I don't know what's going to happen. I'm 18 and I've never had any sort of problem like this before. I didn't even do anything wrong. Please give me some help. 

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  • Spray painting made my finger numb?

    I spent a whole day spray painting a month ago and the tip of my finger went completely numb afterward. I read online that I should just let it rest and the numbness should go away after a few days and it will heal to be normal. Well, it has been an entire month and the feeling in my finger has not returned. I am worried that I will never be able to feel out of my finger again. Is there any cure for this? What should I do?

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  • Why did my Alaskan malamute stop shedding?

    I have a 10 year old Alaskan malamute who used to blow his coat seasonally like normal. And I’m the past year or so he hasn’t shed nearly at all. His hair just won’t come out and he looks really obese and way too fluffy. He weighs the same amount as before and we cut back on his food, he isn’t overweight. But he looks ridiculous since his coat won’t shed! We took him to the groomers and he still has way too much hair. Way more than he’s ever had and he is always panting now because if it. He’s way too hot now and it’s making him miserable. Does anyone know why his fur stopped shedding like normal?

    7 AnswersDogs3 months ago
  • Why do my teeth feel weird when I blush?

    Every time I blush or get embarrassed, my teeth feel really weird like they go numb. It only happens when I think about my crush or when my crush talks to me or compliments me. It's this really weird thing and I want to know why it happens. It's a similar feeling to love but it's like more blushing and embarrassment. Please help me

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    tik tok won't put my videos on the for you page ?

    I had a tik tok account and it got banned for no reason, with no warning. One day I was editing my bio and when I exited out of editing it, I got a message (attached image) saying my account has been permanently banned due to multiple violations of the community guidelines. Which made me think something in my bio was bad, but my bio legit said this, “ 18... be yourself, it’s worth it” that’s it. I have no idea why I would be banned for that. Also I had never violated any community guidelines before this so idk why they would say “multiple” violations, I had never been notified of any violations before. 

    So naturally a week or so later I made a new account and I made the mistake of following my friends and telling them what happened to my old account through DM. And I think TikTok picked up on the fact that I’m the same person because now NONE of my videos have gotten onto the for you page. Like literally the only views I get are from the (8) people that follow me, which are all my irl friends. So none of my videos are going on the fyp and idk how to fix that! I have also followed about 100 people on my new account and no one is following me back, which is weird. So please tell me how I can fix this. Am I shadowbanned? What is happening??

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  • I like to head bang to songs that I like but it's been causing major headaches. Should I stop?

    I've always used listening to music and banging my head back and forth really sharply to the beat as a way to relieve anger and tension. I've been doing it since I was 10 and I'm 17 now. For the past few months, every time I go to lash out and head bang to fall out boy, My head aches for probably 15 minutes afterwards and I never used to have a problem. I can't head bang anymore because it hurts too badly. It feels like my brain is rolling around in my head. Will I ever be able to head bang to songs again or will I have to resort to dancing or something? Nothing really relieves the rage like head banging does. I need my head to heal but I don't know how.

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  • My cat is a year and a half old and she is very skinny but she seems healthy otherwise I don't know what the problem is?

    She is ALWAYS hungry and she has a ton of energy but she is really skinny and I don't know why. I need help

    7 AnswersCats1 year ago
  • I bought a Yamaha YPT-400 keyboard from my friend and I want to use the midi capability but I need help?

    So it's kinda a long story but basically I bought this keyboard from my friend and she told me it's super old and she could never get the MIDI to work. But I thought I am good at figuring this sort of thing out so I figured I could do it. I got the MIDI to USB cable and connected it to my MacBook Air expecting to be able to use it with GarageBand. That didn't work so I did some research and found that maybe this keyboard wasn't compatible with Mac OS. So I ran bootcamp on my Mac to be able to run Windows 10. I got that working and tried to connect my keyboard with the USB cable. I got it connected and I have had better success with it, but I have no software to use for MIDI on Windows and I don't know what will work with this old keyboard. I want to get software like GarageBand for Windows but that's not really possible. I need help finding software I can use that works with this keyboard and Windows 10. Please help me!

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  • I don't know what to do with my life I don't want to grow up?

    Okay so like I'm 16 but I am really stressing about growing up and graduating and doing stuff with my life. I really like where I'm at right now and I don't want anything to change I want to live like this for the rest of my life but I can't because I'm going to have to get a job and like do something with my life.

    Right now I'm a competitive dancer and I have been since I was 5 years old. I recently started going to a performing arts center and I LOVE it! I don't want to have to graduate and stop dancing and taking classes here I want to continue to go here it's basically my home and I am so happy for once in my life.

    I was thinking I'd just do an online job but I don't know what to do! I am REALLY good at computer stuff and I would be great at like an online tech support job but I don't know how to start and like I've been training my whole life for dance so what's going to come of my dance career? I am also a digital artist and I've done commissions but that isn't a substantial job.

    I'm stressing and I need help. If you know of a job that would be good for me please let me know because I need to do something. I am homeschooled so I have all morning which is different from most kids my age. I really want like a graphic design job or something because I'm also a semi-professional digital artist and I have experience with that kind of stuff. I just don't want to have to leave my house. Please help!!

    8 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment2 years ago
  • Why does some pain feel like a release and it feels so good?

    I bite my lip really hard to the point where it bleeds and it's swollen. It hurts really bad but it also feels really good. Once it's open and throbbing I like to put my finger on it so it tingles and burns from the salt on my skin. I can't explain what it is but it's almost like a release. I remember I started doing it in 1st grade when I was really stressed (first grade was horrible for me because family reasons) and I was suicidal and stuff. I remember biting my lip for the first time and crying because it hurt but the pain felt so amazing. It was like taking a hot shower after you've been really cold. It was so relieving. Ever since then I've been doing it and it lasts for about 3 days and it only happens every 4 months or so. Another thing I started doing in first grade is stabbing mechanical pencils between my nail and finger and it would stab and hurt really bad but it also felt amazing. I haven't done that in years because I got pencil lead stuck under my skin once and that wasn't good. But I always have little things like that where they just make me feel so relieved and satisfied. I don't know why though. I generally don't like pain. Like I've never cut because I don't like that and I hate blood but these small things feel so good and I don't know why. I was wondering if other people have this or if anyone knows what is happening in my brain that causes it to react this way.

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    My two dogs can't stand to be apart from each other. How do I make them not have separation anxiety?

    So I have 2 alaskan malamute brothers who have been together their entire life. They were rescued together and they have grown up together and moved together. For as long as I have had them (their whole life) they cannot bare to be apart from each other. I can't take one to the vet without the other absolutely losing his mind and whining and howling and it's really sad. They hate being away from each other and eventually one is going to die and I'm sure that the other will probably die within hours of the other just because of sadness. It's really embarrassing when I have people over and one of the dogs is gone to the vet for the day the other one is acting untrained and skittish and just sad. How can I train them to be apart from each other? I've tried taking them on separate walks like I'll have my sister take one dog one direction and I'll take one dog the other direction and because they are such big dogs they are so strong we can't pull them apart. They will drag us down to get to their brother. I feel really bad for them because it's such a burden on them to not be able to function without the other dog. And they don't really bond with me because they have each other. They don't act that way towards anyone besides the other dog. I don't know what I'm gonna do when one dies. They are 10 now. I need help.

    5 AnswersDogs2 years ago
  • How do I make someone not fake who they are and get them to be themselves?

    I have this friend (more of an acquaintance now) who, when I first met him over the summer, he was so funny and fun to be around. I honestly thought we would be great friends. Then when people came back from summer vacation I got to meet his friends. They are mean and horrible and nasty people. But they are popular. This guy is gay and very insecure. He will do anything to be accepted and he wants nothing more than to be friends with these people. They love him too because he s a really great guy. But they are such horrible influences on him and when he s around them he becomes mean and nasty just like them. It makes me so sad because when those mean people weren t around he was so fun and nice. And when he is around these people he is mean and horrible. I can tell he thinks he s happy like this but I know better. I know what it s like to have fake friends and I want to help him understand that he can have better friends. I want to be his friend because I m nice and I appreciate him for who he really is and not make him be fake and all that crap. The problem is that he thinks he s happy with these bad friends.

    How can I steal him away from these monsters and make him see that he can have real friends?

    1 AnswerFriends2 years ago
  • How do I know when to charge more for a digital art commission?

    So I do digital art commissions and I charge $1.00 per drawing which is really cheap considering what I do for people. This one guy asked for a commission and I finished it and he decided he didn't like it and wants to start over. So I said that's fine I'll just take the money from the last commission and use it for the new one with no extra charge since you weren't satisfied with your commission. So then he asks for 3 more drawings and he still thinks I'm going to do all of those for just $1.00 I want to charge more because it's really unfair to me to go to all this trouble for pretty much nothing. What should I do? Should I charge more or should I just be a slave?

    4 AnswersDrawing & Illustration2 years ago
  • Why am I obsessed with people's parents?

    I know it's weird but like I have a weird obsession with the parents of my friends. It doesn't matter if they are my best friend or just an acquaintance for some reason I always feel like I love the parents. Not necessarily are than the kids but I enjoy the company of the parents as much as the kids. I've had this problem my whole life and I'm 15, almost 16 now.

    I feel like part if it is the fact that I was raised without a dad and both my mom raised both my sister and I (from different dads) by herself with the help of my grandparents (my mom's parents) Neither my sister and I know our dads, they both left us, and maybe this is why I like seeing normal families so much. Even if the family isn't functional I still like talking with the parents and considering them my "friends" it's weird and I don't know how to stop it.

    4 AnswersFamily3 years ago
  • Can you use any clay to make butter slime?

    I don't have any model magic or daiso can I just use regular oven bake clay?

    Sculpture3 years ago
  • Stabbing pain in my left big toe?

    I have this really bad habit of cutting my toe nails too short and now I have this horrible pain in the corner of my toe where the nail meets the skin on my big toe. I do ballet and I can't put on my shoes because it squeezes my feet and it hurts my toe so badly. It feels like there is a knife

    in my toe and when anything touches it

    starts stabbing. could my short toe nails have caused this or something else and how can I fix it?

    6 AnswersPain & Pain Management3 years ago
  • My cat is majorly stressed and I don't know what to do?

    Yesterday we had to evacuate our house because the city is on fire and it was a mandatory evacuation. We had to put our cats in carriers and we drove an hour away to my aunt's house. The cats we let out of their carriers and into a room so they could move around after a long day in their carriers. One of the cats was fine and made himself at home right away. The other one was let out and went immediately to the corner and hasn't moved. He won't pee, eat, drink nothing! He started shaking this morning and I'm really worried. How do I get him to be comfortable?

    5 AnswersCats3 years ago
  • I'm addicted to the feel of my thick, wiry hairs but I don't think it's trichotillomania?

    I have long, wavy, poofy, thick hair. I LOVE the feel of my hairs that are super kinky and wiry. I love to grab a few strands of hair and go through each hair until I find the super wiry ones. I don't think it's trichotillomania because I don't like to pull out the hairs. I just like to run my finger down them and feel all those bumps. It feels so cool and I can't stop. I'm starting to get a bald spot though because the hairs are sometimes come out. I don't purposely pull but sometimes they are loose and I do it so often they come out a lot. I really want to know what this is and why I do it. I have OCD, ADHD, and anxiety and maybe those play a part in it I don't know but I really need to find an alternative.

    1 AnswerMental Health3 years ago
  • Do rats have mental illnesses?

    I promise this is not spam/trolling this is an honest question.

    I have a rat who is about a year and a half old we have had her since she was a few months old. For a while I thought she was just timid because she wasn t comfortable with me holding her and she was still new to my family so it made sense. We have had her for so long now and she still acts like she doesn t know who I am/trust me. Her sister we have had for the same amount of time we got them from the same person and she is completely normal. I ve had rats before and I ve never had a rat completely forget who I am as soon as I turn my back to the cage. She sometimes won t even take treats from my hand because she forgets who I am. Is it possible that she is retarded? If so it would make so much sense but if not is there anything I can do to make her normal? I haven t neglected either of them they are in perfect care I have no idea why she is like this when her sister is totally fine.

    1 AnswerRodents3 years ago
  • Chicken's comb was pulled off by other chickens?

    In May we got 4 chickens. 2 wyandottes and 2 buff Orpingtons. One of the wyandottes has never grown her tail feathers in because the other chickens peck them off. Last night the other chickens pulled off her comb and ate it. Is that normal? Should we remove this chicken from the coop?

    2 AnswersBirds3 years ago