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  • Gay Prositution by Straight Male ?

    This is an unusual question. My boyfriend is unemployed and it doesn't look like he will find suitable employment soon. I suspect that he is bisexual for a number of reasons. 

    We live in Canada, where the sex trade is legal and regulated. I am thinking about asking him to consider selling his services to both men and women. 

    However, I know nothing about being an escort. Can a straight or bisexual male make a reasonable income selling his sexual services?

  • Should I seek Intimacy outside of my Relationship?

    I am a 40ish woman, good looking with a nice body. I am in a relationship with a guy, who is nice, employed and educated. He satisfies most of my needs, except for one. I need to be spanked occasionally. It's not really a sexual fetish, but rather a physiological need to be spanked in a punishment and discipline style. I was spanked growing up, semi-regularily, with a belt, up to age 16. Each spanking was with a belt, primarily by my Mom, but my stepfather and aunt both gave me the belt for actions on my part that were deserving of an *** beating. Especially as I got into middle and high school, the spankings became harder and left me crying like a baby and I hard difficulty sitting for a day or so. 

    I miss being punished and disciplined. I occasionally think that I need to be disciplined by my lover. However, my boyfriend is not interested in doing this,  and I am not happy about this. 

    Should I seek discipline outside of my relationship.  Or, should I end things with him and find a man who will be happy to administer the occasional and much needed spanking?

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  • I'm a mature woman who needs to be spanked ?

    I am a 40ish woman that has developed a fetish or psychological need to be on the recieving end of a discipline and punishment oriented spanking. This is not a sexual fetish, where a spanking leads to sex. Rather, I feel the need to be punished harshly with a belt, until I cannot sit and I have welts on my butt.

    This is a recent development in my life as it has been about 5 years since I recognized this need. I have experienced 2 spankings over the past couple of years. I deserved both.

    Why am I like this? Going forward in life, who should I ask to do this? If my family found out, I would be humiliated beyond belief 

  • Does man on man rape lead to homosexual or bisexual desires from male rape victims?

    Further to an earlier question. If a male was rapes multiple times in jail, will this make him homosexual or bisexual? He got raped 30 to 50 times in 21 days of incarceration.