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I'm called 1962, was born in the year Trevor and have a talent for up things mixing and inspired spilling mysteaks. Some of my interests are ever so slightly unusual, whereas others are far more obscure than that. I've got a particular passion about Mesozoic mammals and their nearest relatives, and actually read papers written in the language of Anatomese for fun. I became infected by reading about an Upper Jurassic docodont mammal from Portugal, and haven't relapsed since. The consequences of the illness are openly accessible. Mesozoic eucynodonts, an internet directory Loads of stuff you never knew you would ever want to know about, including what the hell a eucynodont is. For example, you are.

  • Does anybody happen to know what to call 'ein Faltbuch (Leporello)' in English?

    I happen to be an English bookdealer based in Germany, but I find I don't know an English term (either a book trade term or something that people would understand).

    I've got here a thing called ein Faltbuch or Leporello in German. It's a chain of 20 old postcards showing the delights of Karlsbad (now in the Czech Republic), and they're bound up as a linen hardcover. It's the sort of thing that, a hundred years ago, visitors to Karlsbad -a health spa- may well have bought as a souvenir. Someone must've bought this one in 1893.

    Souvenir books like this were fairly common in some European countries, and there ought to be a word for them in English. Does anybody happen to know one?

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