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  • Stuck in bootup loop after installing Windows 10 using Hirens Boot CD PE? I was trying to bypass BIOS supervisor password.?

    I bought a fairly new laptop at a yard sale. However the owner did not recall the supervisor password on the unit. The model is an HP Probook 455 G4. I have tried numerous things to remove the password.

    I have tore down the laptop to the motherboard, and reset the CMOS/Real-Time-Clock battery, and then I rebuilt it. I have tried numerous BIOS/CMOS cracking tools and blaster utilities on both Hirens Boot CD & Ultimate Boot CD. Nothing has worked so far and the supervisor password is still on the machine. 

    I proceed to boot from the Hirens Boot CD Pre-installed Environment. Before making the USB drive bootable, I added a new directory containing the Windows 10 Pro disk image from Microsoft. With the live environment booted up, I formatted the hard disk using Disk Part. I mounted the disk image, and from there ran Windows 10 setup. The setup completed with no errors, and then the system rebooted. After installing the new operating system. The UEFI boot menu, sees the Windows Boot Manager on the hard disk. I attempt to boot into it, and it continues to reboot in an endless loop back to the splash screen. Could this be a result of the supervisor password still being present on the machine? If anybody has any knowledge of how to assist in fixing this issue, thanks in advance. I would greatly appreciate the help.

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