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  • Have you heard of "Ghost Kitchens"?

    It's a business, not paranormal. It is basically a time share of a kitchen rental space and people order by phone or online, and then they carry out or deliver said food. Do you think it will be profitable even after 2020?

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  • Why are teachers allowed to take inheritences from their students?

    I mean most have 2 to 4 degrees, have 2 to 5 homes, have 4 to 6 cars, and if they don't like someone why is it okay for them to lie and in court and perjury someone and steal their inheritence and lie to judges in cases or blame them without evidence.

    8 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education1 month ago
  • Warning dreams?

    Here are 2 "Biblical Warning" dreams I have had recently. :

    1. I am at a party, everyone is a huge red room but me, I am crying in a long, white, narrow hallway waiting for someone. The party goes on for about 1 hour, then a man in a long white robe shows up, The Lord, The Messiah, The Son of Man. He greets people, I try to go in, but I can't. I end up crying at the end of the party, so we leave. But then everyone else leaves, and only 1 person is at the party. Not how you think, they just disappear and don't come back for a whole week. Then all the foods and farms go bad and the U.S. flag disappears from the party tables. 2. This was last night and is much more urgent, but the two are connected. : I am working as a baker again, I am wearing a white long sleeve shirt, jeans, an apron, hair net, etc. making and baking bread and doing deliveries for people. Then I go to church and repent for my sins, this is business as usual. If I don't the shirt turns black. I do this 3 or 4 more times, then I get busy because of the pandemic and I can't make it to church to repent and confess my sins. I am not a catholic, but I think the symbolism of the confessional was there for this reason. Then at the end of the dream I try to help my boss make the last delivery, but I can't. The Son of Man, ties my body up, and drives off the car without me, as a war and a battle begin outside and people run to go hideout. Then I woke up.

    I think these dreams could be Biblical Prophecies?

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  • Why are people held back in art?

    II found out I was cheated out of an arts education as a child for basically, illegal reasons, and racketeering of scores my 8 to 9 identical twin sisters did that live out in farmville land basically. I refuse to do the deals, all retroactively, including ownership of all companies and art my sisters committed fraud to do with my family, etc. I just think we are asking for cults, occultism, communist to totalitarian philosphy, and false doctrines of what faiths ring true, as well as simply bad economics, socio-geographical problems, and political and segration and discrimination all over greed. Thanks Jay-Z and Destiny's Child and Beyonce'. Your frauds and bribers and liars. I was never racist, but your wrecking society.

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