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  • My stepmom's name is Jennnnnifer and i don't like her.?

    She is so rude and doesn't ever think about how i feel. All she cares about is her facebook page. She also neglects my half brother. She stanky and fish and fishy and stanky. Comment "Bring down the Jennifer" if you agree with me.

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  • Avoiding an Annoying friend?

    I have this friend who always causes drama and is really annoying but sometimes can be fun and we are still friends with her. My friend group and I want to go trick or treating without her cause we know she would make it less fun but she keeps asking what were gonna do for Halloween. we don't wanna be mean and drop her we just wanna not trick or treat with her. I know this sounds so mean but What do we say?

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  • Attachment image

    i can't find this shirt!?

    I've been looking for it for weeks but i don't where to get or what its called. if you cant see the image its a black shirt with Patrick squidward and spongebob in the middle but they are are all red. it has a 99 in the top corner and the word "spongebob" on the sleeve. IF ANYBODY KNOWS THAT WOULD BE COOL THANKS

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  • Rascist Friend?

    Ok so my friend is really nice but also really oblivious to what she says. She makes jokes about people and cultures that are more offensive than funny. She also is very sensitive to jokes too. How do I tell her to stop or how do I make her more aware of her impact on people??

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  • I love a girl and she loves a girl which loves me? what do I do???

    I have this huge crush on this girl at my school, but she loves another girl. however, that girl she loves is my best friend and she doesn t want to date her, but she confessed she loves me. I don t know what to do. help

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating2 years ago