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Ring of Uranus

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I'm the 3rd largest and 7th planet from the Sun and I take 84 years to orbit around it. I was the first new planet to be found in recorded history and since then you have spotted that I have 27 moons. William Herschel, who found me, wanted to name me the "Georgian Planet" in honour of King George III, but eventually I was named Uranus after the Greek god of the heavens, and father of Saturn. I have a uniquely tilted spin axis, with one pole directed towards the Sun, that leads to unusual seasonal changes. During the northern summer one pole is lit for 42 years and then plunged into darkness for the next 42 years. My atmosphere consists mainly of hydrogen and helium with traces of methane giving me a distinctive blue/green colour. I also have a tenuous ring circling my equator, but it's very hard to detect because it's made from extremely dark rock. If you feel like a visit, pack lots of snacks for the trip. I'm at least 8.5 years away :o)