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  • Honestly, what do guys look for in a girl?

    Honestly, like the little things. And no feel-good "Inner-beauty" like the physical attributes a guy looks for in a girl. For example: is a tan important? Stuff like that.... Thanks (:

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating8 years ago
  • What kind of dog should I get?

    I want a small dog that is awesome and hypoalergenic (after i was given the wrong injecton as a 5year old i have been alergic). I want it just as an inside dog with not that much exercise and low grooming.

    6 AnswersDogs8 years ago
  • What do you think is the perfect weight for a 14 year old girl who is 5'5"?

    Now ranges or links to bmi websites, what do you think would be the best weight and/or waist measurement?? :)

    7 AnswersDiet & Fitness8 years ago
  • Should I add my ex-bestfriend on facebook?

    So ever since i was 4 up until i was 13 i had the one best friend. She kinda started rebelling and getting into serious trouble and stuff and then we got into major fights more and more often then we stopped talking after my 13th birthday party. So i only got facebook a few months ago and she was the first person i tried to find and now, 5 months later, iv found her. But i am not sure weather i should add her because we have no mutual friends (which would make it really obvious that i was trying to find her) and im not sure what we would say to eachother. It's not that we lost eachother's numbers or adresses or anything i have it all memorized but we just stopped talking. Any answers would be much appreciated thanks guys!!! :-)

    1 AnswerFriends8 years ago
  • why is the world flat?

    Someone told me it was but all the pictures from space show a circle but they say it's a ball but some say that it you sail to the end you will fall off and not im really confused!!!

    Please answer!!

    13 AnswersSingles & Dating9 years ago