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  • Self Conscious about Facial Scars.?

    Sense leaving the Army one year... and 13 days ago. I have become very self Conscious about facial scars I received.

    Now to make this clear I don't mean s scar on my chin or anything.

    The scaring covers the entire right side of my face from the cheek up into the hair line.

    This is a shrapnel / burn scar. And this is after a pair of reconstructive surgery's.

    I also have to wear a Eye parth on a regular basis because of nerve damage in the right eye making it useless. (Big White Spot all the time) And Light sensitive.

    No one has really said anything to me, But I can see people looking.

    Any one know some kind of support group for this kind of thing?

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  • How do you answer the "million dollar question?"?

    When people ask the million dollar question? how do you answer them?

    If you don't know the Million dollar question is. "Did you ever kill some one?"

    The reason i ask is this. When you come back from Were ever you have been in combat. You get asked this by... pretty much every one. I have been asked at least 100 times, most likely many many more times then that.

    How do you answer a question like that?

    And why do people want to know?

    And when people ask, it always seams like the conversation has entered a area that no one wants to be like. I had a friend tell me once it was kind of like asking a rape victim. "So what was it like being sexually assaulted?"

    Any input would be appreciated. Because I have simply gotten tired of trying to side step the question once it has been asked.

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