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  • Blackpink american raido?

    Does blackpink play on american raido if they do what station i live in texas 

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  • Does the midea influince sexual attraction?

    2011 a scientific study was done on wemon and hight prefrence recherchers wanted to know if most wemon pefered guys taller than them tall guys short guys guys the same size or if most wemon did not have a hight prefrence the findings show most wemon are attracted to tall guys expecley if there short the scientific explanation is wemon have a evolutionary instinct to want to be with men taller than them i exept this but i think the main reason why most wemon expecley short wemon are attracted to tall men is the midea influinces sexual attraction i think this beacuse theres videos on you tube were girls are asked if the prefer tall guys or short guys most say tall and i think the reasons they give back up my theory the media influinces sexual attraction some of the reasons they give are i need to be with a man taller than me to protect me action movies the guy is usley taller than the woman or i want to look up in to my mans eyes beacuse thats romantic romantic dramas comedys the woman is usley 53 54 53 and the guy is usley 58 59 60 what do you think does the midea influince sexual attraction

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  • Should the DNC be rebooted to work for and represent the american people or should it stay the way it is ?

    I realized my previous question was asked wrong what i should of said is should the DNC be rebooted not abolish 

    7 AnswersPolitics6 months ago
  • Should the DNC be abolished ?

    Should the DNC be abolished and recreated to represent and work for the american people 

    Should it be abolished and let the people deside who should be president or should we keep things the way the are

    13 AnswersPolitics6 months ago
  • Instagram pic problem ?

    I joined instagram i up loaded 9 pics 

     all 9 appeared on my instagram page but now when i up load a pic it will show it up loaded but it will not show up on my instagram wall it will show no more pics and it says i still have 9 post

    1 AnswerOther - Internet7 months ago