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  • HELP! with factoring. please?

    Im trying to figure out how to factor. i have alot of problems and if i see like how maybe two are done im sure i can pick up the rest. Please help. Problem is 9 v^6 w^3 +33 v^4 w^5 and it says to factor it. im just not sure exactly what to do! another example is 25a^5b^2+51a^4. i kinda think i just kinda figured something out, but now i just wanna make sure im doing it right!!

    2 AnswersHomework Help10 years ago
  • Looking for nice banquets in chicago..?

    I have to throw a holiday party and im not exactly sure what a good place to have it is. Last year our holiday party was at Maggiano's and everyone realllly loved it. We need a banquet room for about 100 people, where there is a cash bar, a dance floor and where a dj is welcome. We dont want to spend over $50 a person. Im looking for something, not very very expensive, but a decent restaurant maybe similar in style to maggianos. Please let me know if you have ANY ideas of places in chicago, and the suburbs of chicago. Thank you!

    1 AnswerChicago1 decade ago
  • strep throat.. or std?

    I made out with a boy on sunday.. and the next day i was kinda sore.. but i figured it had been from drinking.. the day after that i felt kinda weak.. and then the next day i had a sore throat and my tonsils are swollen.. i have alot of mucus and like sinus pressure in my head. I also had a fever of 102 and chills. A few of my sisters had strep throat.. but for some reason im real real nervous i caught something from this guy. What are the chances it could be oral herpes.. or just strep throat? I went to the dr today and they did a rapid test for strep which came back neg but she said since ive only been sick a day, the culture may not be grown enough.. so she did another test and said shed call me tomorrow. But im freaking out today.. Please help me! give me some ideas on what this could be. Thanks..

    5 AnswersSTDs1 decade ago
  • best way to get from cincinnati to dayton oh?

    So i live in chicago. My brother and i are looking to go to dayton oh for a show, and the bus we are gonna take will take us to cincinnati. Ive never been to ohio.. is there city transportation? Please give me some suggestions!

    4 AnswersCincinnati1 decade ago
  • What could be the ingredient?

    So i go to these chinese restaurants by my house for smoothies. They are so super good and make them right infront of you. All they add is fresh fruit, ice, then this white liquid stuff. So if its a banana smoothie they add bananas, ice and the white stuff. If its avacado, they add avacado, ice and the white stuff. What could this white stuff be?? They are so super good and i wish i could know so i could just make them from home. thanks. Sarah

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  • bad manicure, what should i do?

    Well, i go to this place to get my eye brows waxed about every 9 days. Maybe once a month i get a manicure. Ive been there many many times and never had a problem with anyone. This last time i went, the lady cut my fingers in two spots where it was bleeding at the place. I kinda ignored it since she apologized. when i got home and a few hours later i noticed my fingers sore in s few spots around the nail. so a total of 4 scabs by the nails and it red and painful. One of the scabs is not just a cut but a small chunk of skin missing, like a gash. Do i go back and complain and get money back or a free manicure? Do i just not go back? Or do i ignore it since she apologized? Oh let me add in i paid before she did the nails so there was no time to complain after. Plus the eye brow wax was the most painful one ive ever gotten, she was like pinching my skin with the tweezers alot. I felt like crying. Please give me advice on what to do!!

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  • number of blocks in 2d pyramids?

    Ok if told there is a pyramid with 100 blocks on the bottom..and one all the way on the top.. i know how to find the answer by doing umm (100+1)/2 times 100. which is like the formula for finding the umm area of a trapezoid since the top wouldnt be pointed when using blocks. Ok well. the answer would be 5050. Is there anyway to do this in reverse? Like say.. If given 100 blocks.. what size pyramid can you build? like how many on top and how many on bottom? Is this possible? OR does anyone else know a way to count how many blocks would be in a pyramid with 100 blocks on the bottom and just one on top? like different then what i did? thank you.

    4 AnswersMathematics1 decade ago
  • oral herpes.. or irritation??

    I use chapstick very very often.. a few times a day... i usually use the same kind every time.. like the same three.. and ive had NO Problem. never ever had a cold sore.. i do get pimples sometimes but i also work with food and grease.. and touch my face alot.. Never had a cold sore... not in my mouth or out of my mouth.. So i bought a new chapstick the other day... the same day.. a girl at work asked if she could use it.. she said she forgot hers. I wiped the top after.. it was one where like you squeeze it and the chapstick comes out rather than the waxy kind. So i wiped it after and used it ONE more time.. the following day.. my lips were soooo dry. it almost feels like theres tape on them. I notice TINY pink bumps a littttle. no one else can see them.. just me. And its been feeling dry for three days now. like crazy dry. Could this be mouth herpes from the girl.. OR like a break out from the new chapstick. Im like freaking out... Please Please help.

    3 AnswersSkin Conditions1 decade ago
  • WHere can i find a silver.. engravable lunch box?

    It doesnt have to be full size.. it would only be a keep sake. Please let me know if any one ever ever has seen any. My sister and her bf are getting married on their lunch break tomorrow and i thought it would be soo cute to get them a little lunch box engraved with their names and date on it. Please please help

    2 AnswersWeddings1 decade ago
  • Meeting new people..?

    Hi.. Im a 22 year old girl.. from chicago which is of course not a small town or anything. I just am beginning to realize im not happy with the friends i have as i never really fit in with them. Where am i supposed to meet new people? Im a little shy but i try. I just realize im not as happy as i should be.. or as id like to be. I never feel like my friends think of my friendship as important as i think of theirs is to me. its jus really hard and maybe i just need new friends all together. i jus dont know how to get them.... im a nice girl i swear.. :)

    1 AnswerOther - Family & Relationships1 decade ago
  • Hinting to someone your interested...?

    Ok im 22. I know this is so so lame.. but im very very shy. very shy. There is a guy at work i talk to.. we are on good terms and always laugh and have fun talking when we get to. Its actually odd i thought cause im real quiet normally.. but then i told a few people i work with that he was real nice and they were like wow hes so quiet how do you know hes nice?? and i kinda jus siad idk as if i didnt know.. but i do know he is cause we talk alot alot. i guess we are both quiet and kinda jus talk to eachother. So im a little interested.. but id like to hint.. it in. like small.. real small. Subtly. I mean if he isnt interested back.. liek if he doesnt pick up on it.. id be fine with that. but yeah id rather him just at least know how i felt about it.. lol Ok.. so i guess what im asking is for some ideas to like subtly slip it in.. thank you thank you. please dont think im lame!! :)

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • My ipod is acting strange.....?

    i have three ipods and never ever had a problem with any one of them. Last night i went to listen to my newest ipod. the 8gb nano.. and certain songs just do not want to play. Can someone give me an idea of why this might be. Like it looks like its about to play it.. goes to the page with the cd cover on it.. but then jus goes right back to the menu page. Please help me as it is like.. my most favorite songs that do not want to play. help help. thanks. :)

    2 AnswersMusic & Music Players1 decade ago
  • Any accountants?

    I have a question.. obviously since i am on yahoo answers.. but anyways. Is there anyone out there who is an accountant and would be willing to answer some questions for me? I have to interview an accountant for an assignment and I really was unsure on how to do that. It doesnt have to be in person the teacher said so this seemed like a good idea to me. Please message me.. or email me if it would be ok. It would only be a few questions. Let me know- thanks in advance- Sarah..

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  • Always scared... can something help?

    I live my life in fear mostly. I live in a great neighborhood and nothing bad has ever happened to me. I used to have bad dreams all the time in which i died, and i think im just paranoid that the things that happened in the dream.. can happen in real life. Ive had two panic attacks thinking something could happen to me.. and yeah i considered seeing a dr about it, havnt yet because im jus not sure, if they could help. This new thing im starting to question is like, if something can be done to change the way i feel. Soem days i will go to let my dog out, and my dog is little so i carry him out, and some days, as soon as i let him down.. i start listening, and hear things in the wind.. and like freak out. Sometimes not even givign him a chance to pee. I jus pick him up and run back inside. I am a 22 year old girl.. i live in chicago, so its not like theres no one around. I jus get scared. But can seeing a dr even help this? I mean, its thoughts in MY head.. how can anything change that?

    9 AnswersMental Health1 decade ago
  • dogs temperature is too low..?

    My dogs temperature is too low and we went to the vet today.. he told us we have to keep him very warm and bring him back tomorrow so he can check his temp again and make sure it goes back to normal. i think his temp was 98.9 Are there any good ways to raise his temperature a few degrees..Also if it helps he is an 9 yr old tea cup chihuahua.. Please let me know if theres another way to raise his temp other than heaters and blankets.

    3 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • How do i know if its the right time to get my dog put to sleep...?

    My dog was perfectly fine as of last week. about friday, his back legs seemed to buckle up. this is a tea cup chihuahua.. about 9 yrs old. I figured his legs did that cause it was -5 degrees out. So the next day his legs were fine, we still took him to the dr though. the dr said he was running a high fever adn gave us medicine.. about two days later he got really sick and wouldnt get out of bed. today is about 4 days after we took him to the dr.. He doesnt seem to be eating or drinking, he still walks around very very lil. when i let him outside he pees, but thats it. In my opinion, if he was SOOO sick he wouldnt even be getting out of bed at all.. but how exactly do i make the decision as to when it is the right time. Im so scared to see him die at home.. i dotn know what to do. please help!

    15 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • Unfair layoff??

    Ok, the company which i worked for decided as of jan 1 2008, they were laying off the last 15 people they hired. And just so you know, this IS a larger, nation wide company. Well, of the 15 they hired.. i had the 2nd earliest start date. One started 3 days before me and the rest all started at least 3 weeks after me. When i was told of the lay off, the manager clearly said, they call people back in order of their original start date. I asked 4 other managers. All said the same thing. They call back in order of hire date. Today i went shopping there... and i saw there were two people called back. One who started three days before me and one who started three weeks after me. I had no write ups, and never had any problems. Now maybe the job desciption will help, It was pushing carts. Pushing carts for the whole day of work. I did it for 4 months before i was laid off and i was one of two girls out of the 15. I pushed myself and worked soo hard for that company.

    2 AnswersCorporations1 decade ago
  • Activating iphone?

    Well... i have an iphone and i havnt activated it yet and when i went to do that today, i saw that on the screen there is a lock on the top in the middle, and theres is a picture of a usb cord, and a cd with a music note on it. at the bottom there is a slide switch that says slide for emergencies. What should i do about this??? Please help me!!

    3 AnswersCell Phones & Plans1 decade ago
  • Medication for illnesses...?

    Ok. im doing a paper.. its supposed to be a fictional autobiographical paper written by a 45 yr old woman with schizophrenia.. For a small detail in the paper i wanted to write about different um medicines that were prescribed to me. so can someone please tell me what the main medcine prescribed to people with like a disassociative disorder.. Like a common one prescribed for that. Also a common one for panic attacks and also just a common one for paranoid schizophenic. I mean i know there can be different meds for different people.. but jus a common or well known one for each would be great. Thank you thank you thank you.

    2 AnswersMental Health1 decade ago
  • Nice contact... ?

    Ok.. I have a contact on yahoo answers that i think is really nice.. well or he seems through the way he answers my questions.. and asks his own... I think it would be nice to be able to email him or something.. like not through yahoo answers. whats a good way without making myself sound like a total dweeb? Im jus a nice girl and sometimes it helps to talk to other nice people.. No neg answers please... lol. i jus dont wanna seem stupid......... ;) ;)

    2 AnswersFriends1 decade ago