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    Faded/shadow image of Chrome browser left on my screen, can I make it go away and why is it there (picture included)?

    There's like a "ghost" image of Chrome left on my screen and I'm unsure why and if I can do something to get rid of it? I mostly want to know why this happened tbh b/c it doesn't get in the way of anything. That shadow (pictured below) is ALWAYS there. I've restarted my computer/shut it down/updated/etc and it's still there (it's been like this for a while now). It doesn't show up in print screen or anything like that btw. It's just on the screen? I thought it was dust at first but nope.

    Software3 months ago
  • Logitech Z313 speakers suddenly not working, why?

    A few days ago my computer broke (it wouldn't turn on, turned out to be the power button broke, so the people at the shop put it into a new case). I picked up my computer this morning and set everything back up and now my speakers won't work. I had been using my laptop while my computer was in the shop with the speakers and it worked fine this morning, just before this. 

    I've already tried everything else suggested by the internet and friends (turning it on and off, checking the volume, chords, power, updating/reinstalling drivers, checking sound settings/making sure the correct device is being used, etc).

    My computer (and laptop) both play sound through other devices (like my headset and for the laptop, the built in speakers) normally. Both are registering the speakers as existing/using them when plugged in, despite no sound coming out. If I plug my headset into the little control part of the speakers (where the volume and power button is) I can get sound through my headset. If I unplug the two small speakers (the only part that can separate from the sub) from the sub (the big black box) and into different audio jacks I get no sound. So I figure there must be something wrong with them but I'm unsure as to why they'd suddenly stop working when they've been working perfectly up until swapping to this new case?

    3 AnswersOther - Hardware3 months ago
  • My mouse is malfunctioning/acting funny whenever I have an Adobe program running. Even when I'm not in the application. Why?

    My mouse will preform as it should normally. But whenever I have an Adobe program open (even just in the background) it starts to act funny. It's mostly just registering one click as two or a double click and occasionally not registering a click at all. It was doing this for a while some time ago and I thought my mouse was broken. But then it went back to working normally. And a few days ago I started working on another Adobe-based project and it almost immediately went back to acting weird--which is when I connected the dots. I don't think the Adobe program matter b/c I've had a variety open (not all at once). But photoshop, light room, premiere and illustrator are the only I use. I've always had one of these running whenever I noticed my mouse acting funny.

    Other - Hardware6 months ago
  • How you add DNG presets to Lightroom Classic (for desktop)?

    I've tried googling how but all the articles talk about installing them to the mobile app and I'm trying to use them on desktop. Is it at all possible? I've followed the guides I found for other file types (the "import presets" option in app and placing them into the different preset folders in the Lightroom application folder). Nothing is working though. When I try to import directly through the app I get a "there are no items to be imported in the zip file" pop up. My program is up to date.

    Are dng files only for the mobile app or is there a way to make them work on a PC?

    Software1 year ago
  • Can I bring Hot Cheetos on a plane to Australia?

    A friend of mine in Australia really loves hot cheetos but it s hard to find where they live. Can I bring some on a plane in either my checked bag or carry on? And if so, how big of a bag is allowed?

    7 AnswersPacking & Preparation1 year ago
  • I have my ETA for Australia. Now what? Is there something I m suppose to print out?

    I m having trouble finding what I m suppose to do next? I ve been approved for the ETA/visa but I don t know whether I m suppose to print something or not (and don t see what if I am). Basically how do I prove I have a visa/what am I suppose to carry with me when entering the country?

    2 AnswersImmigration2 years ago
  • I'm flying internationally for the first time and am in need of travel tips/advice!?

    I'm mostly looking for advice or tips or any knowledge on the airports/flight part of things. I've never been on a plane before.

    How does checked baggage works, just like the system/routine of it? I've heard there's a apart of the airport you can't go to without a ticket, is the baggage claim before or after that (someone's picking me up from the airport when I land, so do I need to get my bag first or can I find them first).

    How does security work? Is there anything I should know about that that'd be helpful or make it go quickly?

    I've never been inside of an airport ;^^ So I have no idea what to expect or what to look for/how to navigate it.

    I'd love any advice when it comes to getting a phone plan (mostly just need the internet) internationally. I'm staying for a little over 3 weeks. What's the cheapest option?

    Is there any paperwork/IDs I may need? I know a passport and visa is needed. Is there anything else? I'm traveling from the US to Australia.

    And basically anything else you think would be helpful or good to know would be greatly appreciated!

    7 AnswersAir Travel2 years ago
  • Is a checked bag included with my flight?

    I booked an international flight from the US to Australia via Qantas. When I go to baggage it says included baggage: 0kg x2 then when you view more details it says (Up to 23kg/50lb each and 270cm/106in in total) so I'm not exactly sure what that means?


    Next to it, it says carry on allowance: cabin bag combination +1 personal item. What's a cabin bag combination? I assume it's just a small carry-on sized bag that's included?

    Sorry! This is my first time flying and besides the paperwork stuff, I'm not exactly sure how any of this work (specifically around baggage/airports).

    4 AnswersPacking & Preparation2 years ago
  • Can one sell photos of cosplayers without permission if taken at a convention?

    I know location is important, so I'm looking for laws in the US/specifically California. I know there's something about photos taken in public are "free game" or something? But is a paid-to-enter convention open to the public the same thing as someone on the street or at a public park? I'm curious because my friend just saw a photographer selling prints of her cosplay and he never asked her (which she wouldn't have minded if he had asked, she just wish he did). Keep in mind this wasn't a quick hall shot. They did a small shoot together at a convention (like it wasn't pre-booked or anything, though).

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics4 years ago
  • Camera reads memory card but computer wont.?

    I have a memory card and my camera reads, records, etc on it just fine. But when I put it in my computer to try to download the videos/photos from it, the folder for it has an x (like, using Windows 10, under Network locations, it lists the memory card and the photo has an x next to it). When I try to open it I get his message: "An error occurred while reconnecting Z: to (memory card). Microsoft Windows Network: The network path was not found. This connection has not been restored)." I double check to make sure it wasn t locked (and it isnt) and I ll re-put it in. After a couple tries (every once in a while) the auto-download photo prompt will pop up and read the files. I select the photos/videos I want to download like normal and hit download, and then I ll get an error message telling me to connect a device and try again. It just suddenly stops reading it. I really need the photos/videos off this card.

    1 AnswerSoftware4 years ago
  • My computer makes the usb disconnecting sound whenever I use my sewing machine (that is in no way hooked up to my computer)?

    It's not a huge problem, I'm just super curious as to why it happens. Ever single time I press on the foot pedal to my sewing machine (only while it's on, obviously) my computer will make the noise like I unplugged something from the usb. It never makes this noise any other time (besides when actually unplugging something from it xD) but it will do this every single time--ever little 5 second pause, as soon as I step on the foot again it'll make the noise. My sewing machine is just a cheap starter machine and is in no way connected to my computer, nor has any ability to.

    2 AnswersSoftware4 years ago
  • I can't remember the name of an old cartoon movie that involved a family moving to an island in the Mediterranean sea, maybe Sicily?

    I remember I think it was the daughter, who found a door mouse in the new home they were moving into and kept it as a pet--although it wasn't a main point I don't believe (like the mouse didn't talk or anything and the movie wasn't about the mouse). I also remember a scene when they were moving to their new home where there was a long drive/strip of road with really pretty scenery, i think there was ocean and green hills. The name of the island was also referenced which is why I remember it was in the Mediterranean I believe near italy. I believe it aired on tv but I'm not sure if it was disney or not. I also believe the home they moved into was either run down/in need of repairs or had some sort of construction left to do. I cannot remember the plot of the movie or anything about the characters though. Also, everything I mentioned I believe was in the beginning of the very beginning of the movie.

    2 AnswersMovies5 years ago
  • Professional Photographer?

    How does one go about becoming a professional photographer. Do you have to go to school and get some kind of degree in it? Or can I just build up a portfolio and advertise on my own. (P.S. I know that taking classes -if not required- would be a good idea anyways, I'm just wondering if I'd have to get some kind of degree or can I just get started right away).

    6 AnswersPhotography6 years ago
  • Did Facebook change the way creating an ad works?

    There used to be a $1 or $2 a day option and I'd use that whenever I had a few extra bucks. But now I only see $5+ options and I'd rather not spend that much for a one day ad. I haven't used their ad services in like a month now so did something change? Or is there a different way I can set it to $1 a day again.

    3 AnswersFacebook6 years ago
  • There's no feed on my Facebook Fanpage, why?

    When I logged onto Facebook today I always just go to my fanpage (because I NEVER use my actual Facebook). So I've liked/followed a lot of other fanpages (mostly other cosplayer). But when I went to my feed/home page there's just two of my most recent posts showing up and then it says "no posts to show" and has a button "find friends". But if they're fanpages and I'm liking them from a fanpage -I only see an option to like?? I haven't changed my settings either. Is it a bug or has Facebook changed the way things work? How do I get all the pages I've liked to show up in that feed b/c I'd rather not have to go and like them all on my actual Facebook and have them get lost in all these other posts from friends and such.

    2 AnswersFacebook6 years ago
  • Photoshop Elements 8 won't open photos or allow any editing, why?

    It was working fine, like normal, and I had afk-ed (left) my computer for an hour or so to go do something. When I came back I noticed it being weird when I made a text box. I was able to type but if I moved it around it would just skip back to where it was originally. So I decided to relaunch it maybe thinking leaving it open for too long did something. After I re-started it, it wouldn't let me open any photos, nothing happens when I try to. I searched around and found to ctrl+alt+shift click the editor option and delete setting saved files, and that worked to open the first photo. But after that no other photos would open and I also wasn't able to edit the photo I did open. Anything I tried to do wouldn't happen, such as when I clicked to rotate the photo. I was able to lay down a text box but had the same thing happen where I couldn't move it around and all other tools did nothing.

    I'm running it on Windows 8 by the way.

    3 AnswersSoftware6 years ago
  • Skype makes everything else run slow or crash?

    A friend of mine, whenever she has skype installed it makes everything run slow and crash. Any games gain outrageous ping, like 1000+ when it usually should have/has like 60 or less. And programs will just keep crashing or running slow. She uninstalled it and everything ran perfectly again. Then when she re installed skype everything went back to crashing and lagging. Does anyone know what's going on. We're like 99.9% sure it has something to do with skype. How can we fix it?

    1 AnswerSoftware7 years ago
  • Help me set up a minecraft server?

    No matter what I do the ports won't open. I've followed the instructions on their wiki. Opened the ports according to portforward. I had to set a static ip address so I went and did that as well following instruction I found. But still when I go to test if the port is opened, it's still not. On I usually get something like "connection refused" or "connection timed out." I've tried it with my firewall turned off. I also went in and allowed the port to go through the fire wall. I have a linksy E3200 router and my ip address is one of the ones that start with 192.168 . I also get told that the ports closed for both my external ip address and the ipV4. I'm able to get onto my server through the direct connect option on minecraft but no one else can find me. and when I go to add a server and try both of those ip addresses neither are found. I've been told to change the ip address on the port forwarding option the modem page the( web page) to the external ip address only you can't change the beginning section and the external ip address is completely different from that. I'm not sure what else to do. Other have said that the 192.168 are too secure/private to be able to host a minecraft server. Is that true? Can I not host a server what so ever? I know there's hamachi or something like that for hosting but I heard it's very limited, to like 5 people and I have at least 10 people I need to be able to join my server. I won't need anymore slots than 20. but I know I'll need at least that much. What else can i do or what am I possibly doing wrong?

    1 AnswerComputer Networking8 years ago
  • How to go about making a manga?

    I'd really love to make a manga. I can draw and all the basics and such. But it'd be nice to get some tips on like making the layouts of the pages and how to go about the small details and backgrounds because that's where I struggle. Any tips? How would you go about getting it published? Or at least trying to. How long does it take to make a full manga even? Is there any programs or supplies I should look into purchasing at some point?

    5 AnswersComics & Animation8 years ago