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Passionate about people, a good listening ear and a smiles a lot (as you can see in my answers from time to time). Interested in social sciences (psychology in particular), human behaviour, dreams and relationships. Also on my fav. list are food & drinks, wordplay, poetry/literature, etiquette, global warming and chemistry. No question is a stupid question, but it's always nice to think before you ask. : )

  • Divinity of Life?

    The things that you can see

    But not touch

    Like sand

    Slipping through your clutch

    The music that you heard ringing in your ears

    Once before, never again

    Carried away by the wind

    Now down the drain

    The smell that lingered by your nose

    So heavenly

    Tingled your inner beings

    Swiftly dispersed into nothingness

    The taste of you at the tip of my tongue

    So alluring

    Arousing all my other senses

    Fading away by the day

    Nothing lasts forever

    Do not say "I'll love you till the end of time"

    Because I'll ask "What happens at the end?"

    Love is not evergreen

    Or as unchanging as the sea

    The devine trinity of Fate, Destiny and Chance

    Guides along our lives

    Alongside, never running ahead of us

    When things go down the darker side,

    You call it Fate

    When a special one enters your life,

    You call it Destiny

    When things appear less certain,

    You call it Chance

    So distinct the Three and yet so indistingushable

    When we're caught in the midst of it ourselves

    "Come what may"

    Time will take care of things, it always does

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  • Yahoo Messenger - Connection Preferences?

    I downloaded Y!M 8, tried to sign in but was stopped with a message that says "Yahoo! Messenger can't connect".

    I'm given a few options of network connections but none works. Suggestions? Please?! I use LAN and turned off my Firewall settings, tried, but still unable to sign in.

    Someone asked if Y!M conflicts with MSN...I have MSN, would that be a problem?

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  • Why does drinking black tea makes me feel even more thirsty?

    Occasionally I'd add a bit of milk and/or sugar, but I always feel even more thirsty after having tea. It doesn't happen if I have coffee.

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  • Linear Function?

    Assuming that the number N of concert tickets which can be sold at a price of P dollars per ticket is a linear function N (P) for 10 <_ P <_ 40. Determine N (P) if N (10) = 500 and N (40) = 0. What is the decrease delta N in the no. of tickets sold if the price is increased by delta P = $5?

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  • Introductory Probability?

    Suppose that two fair dice have been tossed and the total of their top faces is found to be divisible by 5 (in this case, it is either 5 or 10). What is the probability that both of them have landed 5?

    Is the answer (1/6) x (1/6) = (1/36)? If not, please tell me why.


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  • Intro to Probability?

    Suppose that 40% of the people in a community drink or serve white wine, 50% drink or serve red wine, and 70% drink or serve red or white wine. What percentage of the people in this community drink or serve both red and white wine?

    Please explain the rationale too in your ans. I'd like to understand, not just get an ans, thanks a lot!

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