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  • i have a suspicion with an insurance claim made against me?

    my car was involved in a minor incident in a car park, my fience who is a named driver on my insurance was parking my car when a man came over and said that when my car was reversing it grazed the side of his door. the driver of my car did not notice this when she was parking but insurance details were exchanged and that was that.

    when she arived home i checked my car and i can see no evidence od damage apart from a small scratch on my bumper which could have been there for months as far as i know as there are quite a few to choose from. a month later i recived a bill for £535 from the mans insurance company along with photos of the damage (i told my insurance company that i would settle the bill myself so that i wouldnt loose my no claims discount). i then rang his insurers to say that the photos they sent me of the damage were unviewable as they had been photocoppied, they said that the photos were not of the damage but of the finished job and number plate and that they have no picture evidence of the damage aparently caused by the incident. it appears that the mans insurance company authorised repairs of the front weel arch and the passanger door but took no photos of the damage.

    what am i to do? my fience is not sure if she did hit the mans car and my car is undamaged, i spoke to his insurers and they said that it is comom practice not to recored the damage before work is undertaken and only to take photos of the finished job. this strikes me as odd.

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  • defaulting on a car loan?

    I have a car loan that i am struggling to pay and am considering Cancelling the Direct debit. i have checked all other options and this seems to be the only way to free up some spare cash. the loan is over three years and i have two left however the car has halved in value since i brought it so if it is repossessed i will have a large outstanding balance, is there any way that i can give the car back to them and end the agreement?? or any other suggestions??

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  • do i have to pay this debt its 6 years old?

    i have just recived a letter asking me for almost £3000 which i owed from around 6 years ago, also the debt is in my middle name (oli) and not the name which is on passport etc (simon) does the name matter?

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  • should i take this company to court??

    i recently ordered a piece of furniture from a weel known furniture store, i put down a £192 deposit and agreed to pay the rest on hp once it had been delivered. as the furniture was bieng made to my order requirements i asked for it to be no more than 65cm tall so that it would fit through a small arch in my living room. when it arived it was 67cm tall and didnt fit. i was asked to go to the store and pick another piece of furniture from them which would fit, but i didnt like any other items. they wernt prepared to rebuild my original order and are refusing to give my deposit back despite me sending two letters asking for it and threatening them with court and that i would be adding interest to the ammount owed. can you help??

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  • The song from 28 days later? where can i get it?

    its the song where they are escaping the house i think, and it was used in the uk for a prison break advert too. its not god speed! or grandaddy's am180

    i think its listed on amaxon as being called

    in the house- in a heartbeat,

    i really need to know the name and who performed it so i can download it

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