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  • HP A6330F - Need to reboot in order to boot up?

    I have Hewlett-Packard desktop PC about 3 years old, running Windows Vista Home Premium. I've had a situation for about six months now where I turn the PC on and get to my log-in screen fine. I enter the password, and in about 10 seconds, the screen goes completely black. It will just stay that way forever, it won't ever go beyond it, if I don't do anything.

    However, if I use alt-control-delete, the regular screen you'd expect comes up (giving me the option to "start task manager" etc.) If I then reboot, it says "shutting down" for about 10 minutes, then finally reboots. Then when I log back on, everything is fine and the PC runs normally after that.

    I've run virus scans and Norton etc. and there doesn't seem to be anything I can find that is causing this. Any ideas??

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