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  • Dem's do you like being lied to ?

    Dem's do you like being lied to ? Played the Fool?  get riled up over lies, because they know you will fall for it ?

    On Nov 13, 2020 Jody Hice wrote Jill Murphy a letter saying The DNC lied and there is no President Elect ! So all the Biden won, President Elect, Trump is wrong for not giving Biden Security intel .....

    Trump was actually the one telling you the Truth !...

    Yet the Medai and DEM's have you up in arms over their Propaganda that you Bought!

    Doesn't that make you wonder why the have to lie to you so much, and to what lengths will these Decitful Criminals go to get what they want ?....

    To dirve this point home go search all the Main Stream outlets about this letter !

    Pretty scary!

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