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  • How to figure out dates of residence for previous addresses for background check?

    I'm 22 and undergoing a background check for a company and then beginning the process of acquiring a government clearance, so I need address information for the past 7-10 years.. Being that I was like 12-17 and we moved around a few times, how can I access that information? I obviously never paid rent or anything like that. My mom might be able to help but she had a stroke a while back and now really cannot assist with that kind of thing. What should I do?

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  • it safe to remove rubber covering from earbuds?

    I have really old earbuds, and the rubber covering is coming off a bit. Underneath is disgusting tbh and I think it is making the volume super low. Is it safe to remove the rubber and have the steel mini speaker surface in your ears? Or is that dangerous?

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  • How long do driving violations affect background checks and eligibility for driving employment?

    I'm 22. I have done some stupid **** as a driver. Nothing like drunk driving, but more like forgetting administrative tasks. I once got caught for incomplete insurance, and then I had a suspension placed on getting a license in the state I moved to (I didn't know this) So I ended up getting busted on driving on a suspended license. I had to go to court, etc. I needed SR22 insurance for a year. Beyond that, the last thing was driving on expired tags a year ago (I was driving my moms car and didn't realize they weren't updated). So yeah, dumb ADHD stuff. Anyways, now I cannot get ANY driving job! I love driving so much, and I would love to do pizza delivery or make some extra cash doing Doordash or Uber Eats or something. But every time I apply, my background check comes back negative. I am wondering if this will always be the case or if I just need to have no further incident for a couple years or what. 

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  • Is it condescending to adapt your speech when talking to foreigners?

    One of my all-time best friends is from Algeria. He was my college roommate for a year during a study abroad program, and he is back in Algeria now. He obviously speaks predominantly Arabic, and also knows French, and English is his third language. He improved immensely during his year here. Anyways, I love talking to him and we message each other all the time and we have the same sense of humor and are always making fun of each other and teasing each other. Great friendship. But I notice that when I talk to him, especially when texting, I will mirror his way of talking. Especially sentence structure. He has a charming way of talking, and he is very intelligent, but obviously he has a distinctly foreign way of talking and I mirror this when talking to him. I will also refrain from using a lot of words that I naturally use, not because he couldn't understand them or whatever, but just because he obviously doesn't have a great an English vocabulary. I am just wondering if this is normal between people with different cultural backgrounds, and whether it is polite or rude. Obviously he probably doesn't really perceive it and wouldn't give a s*** anyways, but it strikes me as interesting as it is partly unconcious. 

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  • (Serious) Is there any point in voting 3rd Party?

    I don't give a flying hell about "wASteD VOteS". I am asking if there is a legitimate purpose for voting 3rd party in 2020. I am 22, so this is my second election. In 2016 I voted for Johnson, Libertarian. Part of it is on principle. I consider myself a constitutionalist, but I also see the 2 party monopoly as purely detrimental, corrupt and outdated, so any independent or 3rd party figuratively gets my vote (the ONLY reason I like trump is that he represents the first true political independent in a long time IMO). I had also been told that, should the Libertarian party get 15% of the vote, they would recieve equal national coverage in subsequent elections which is vastly appealing to me (Again, down with the media monopoly!). I am wondering how factual this is. Aside from principle, and strongly disliking Trump and Biden, is anything being accomplished by voting 3rd party in terms of future elections?? PLEASE only respond with thoughtful, at least semi-intelligent answers. Thank you!

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  • Are we growing genetically "larger" as a species?

    It is true that we as a species have grown quite a bit, especially in the past couple hundred years (and even decades). People 100 years ago would be considered generally very small people now, and even people back in the 1940s and 50s were, on average slimmer and a few inches shorter than today. But is this simply because of our environment? We have a lot more food available and people are less impoverished and have better nutrition, which I know accounts for some of that growth, but is there a genetic difference? Are we slowly evolving to be larger and to take on more food and clean water and nutrients given our modern lifestyles? I'm ~6ft, 22 male. Would I have been that tall if I were born in another time? Or am I that tall as a result of growing up middle class in a modern country?

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  • Is there any risk to using laptop as monitor for Xbox One gaming?

    I have a laptop with an HDMI connection and I have an Xbox One with HDMI cable. So looks like I could use the laptop as a monitor in place of a tv? I have an HP ENVY x360 with RYZEN 5 processor and Radeon graphics. I am just wondering if there is any risk to my new laptop if I try to play xbox games on it. Could it overload or damage it or whatever? New to computers so I have no idea. Thanks!

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  • How selective is Army "Street to seat" program for helos, and what can you do to be a better candidate?

    I'm 22, looking at Air Force for an aircrew or intelligence position , but recently heard that Army has a "street to seat" aviation program for pilots. I have also heard that Army is really hurting for pilots. I am wondering how true this is. I wouldn't consider myself a "competitive" candidate, and am particularly worried about getting worthwhile letters of recommendation. I have a 91 ASVAB, so that's good, but that is about all I have going for me. I have about 2 years of college in Psychology, but dropped out with a low GPA. And As far as letters of recommendation go, I have a neighbor who was Army and Air Force, and my Ex's dad was an Air Force Officer back in the 70's and 80's. Those are about the only applicable people I could think of tbh. Is it even worth looking into? Or should I enlist and go back to school and reconsider at a later time? Thanks for any intel!!

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  • Do prior-service (reserves) still get GI Bill if they go Active Duty?

    I am currently thinking about joining a reserve component of the US military (Probably Air National Guard). Through that, I would use the scholarship opportunities of my state to get my bachelors degree. If I do that, I think I would like to try to go to Active Duty Army or Air Force afterwards (I want to go active, but want to make sure I have a degree first). I am curious how G.I. Bill would work. Since reservists and guardsmen already get a partial GI Bill, and Guard also gets state scholarship, would that affect my ability to get full GI Bill from active duty enlistment to try to go back to school for a second degree or maybe a masters in the future? (Also, I guess Officers are different, so Im not asking about that. Just if I join the reserves/guard and then join Active down the road)

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  • Is it "dangerous" to the psyche to try to dig into one's own past?

    I am 22, so still relatively young. I'm a student of psychology and as I get older am seeing more and more the practicality in classical psychology. I'm realizing how powerful a force the human subconscious is and the roles it plays in evolution and defense of the mind. I'm also realizing how much childhood and early life experiences ripple through our lives and affect or even grip our "adult" selves. I am wanting to engage more in the study of my own neglected past memories and see what I find. Is there a danger in this? Can this lead ego to distort the past in a way that can't be fixed? Can if fracture ones sense of the future or cause a breakdown of some kind? Or is it healthy to probe as deep as you can on your own? Thanks!

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  • Leaving older brother off of "household" on Medicaid application? Please help?

    I am 22. My mom had a stroke last year and is on Medicare, so I have been removed from her insurance. I am now applying for my state's Medicaid. I make $11/hr. working security, and need health insurance for some knee issues. I am having to list members of the home/household, and I called and they said that is not dependents, but whoever lives in the house. I listed my younger sister who is in high school and my younger brother who is home from college. Neither of them, or my mom, currently has an income. My older brother is currently living at home and is an EMT. He makes more than I do by probably 30%. My aunt, who helps with this stuff, told me that she wouldn't list him as he isn't a significant contributor to household income, and since he makes more than I do, he will lower what is given to me by the state. What do I do here? Why do I need to add him if his income has VERY little to do with my ability to obtain health insurance??

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  • Using standard antifreeze with "DexCool"?

    I am driving an 02 Saturn and the coolant light has been on for a while. I purchased 50/50 antifreeze. Looking at the engine, the coolant that is already in there is red, and the cap says DexCool. Can I use what I bought? Or do I need to go find Dexcool? Thanks

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  • Why is Hitler seen as the worst person throughout history?

    I don't know an excessive amount about bad people through history, but why is it that Hitler takes the cake as worst man ever? If we look at it in terms of social rights or mass murders or wrenches in the system of world peace, there are others out there who have outdone hitler. Stalin was pretty bad. Ghengis Khan was pretty bad. Etc. If we look at it from the point if view of pure "evil personality" and from a behavioral standpoint, there are certainly many who are much worse. There were those in Hitlers own ranks who were more deplorable examples of human subspecies than Hitler. But namely I think of some of the famous serial killers, rapists, murderers, etc. And while, in scope, not as heavy as Hitler, look at people like Al Assad who are pulling **** like that TODAY IN OUR MODERN WORLD. The Nazis blew. And hitler blew. And hitler led the nazis. But honestly isn't he just a crazy guy who did some crazy bad historical stuff and led mass genocide? I am curious why there is a fixation on hitler as an antichrist figure or the pinnacle of all evil in the story of humanity. Where does this come from?

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  • Need some help figuring out health insurance - 22 years old?

    I turned 22 this month, and apparently I no longer have health insurance. Admittedly I don't really know how it works, but I was on my mom's plan before. She was a teacher and had a stroke about a year ago, and now she is on Medicaid. Apparently I am no longer on her plan because I make too much money? I am currently not in school, and work Security about 36 hours a week. I asked around and my company has **** insurance. I am trying to enlist in the national guard and go back to school, but before I can do that, I need to have my knees checked out and maybe some PT (I dislocated patella a year ago and that held up the process). So what should I do?? I need insurance for maybe 3 months to make sure I'm good to go, and then I can get military insurance when I join. Also how do "enrollment" dates work??? Can I even get a plan right now??? Thanks for any information!!

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  • Is library public or private property?

    I work security for a city library system. I was always under the impression that libraries were "public" spaces and therefore public property. But I have been told that library facilities are private property. How does this work? As security (a contractor) we obviously enforce rules and policies (people cannot obviously sleep in the library, do drugs, fight, etc etc). But we were given very little information on the actual laws and regulations of who owns the library and what the rights of patrons are. Where can I look this information up?

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  • Can someone with 91 ASVAB *usually* pass the DLAB or is there little correlation? How can I study?

    Joining army guard and there is a 35p slot open. I went to meps before and got a 91 asvab (Trust me, a lot of that score is owed to language and reading, as I am bad at math). However, I have always struggled with trying to learn a new language (I have tried French at both the high school and college level). Granted, I haven't always been a diligent student....I am curious if with regards to DLAB, is this something that high asvab scorers can be confident about? Or is it a whole different beast? How can I prepare for it??

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