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  • planners/organizers/journal?

    for those who enjoy using paper planners:

    what tools help you effectively plan your day in a planner, or what would you prefer to see in a planner.journal? (i.e. a space to journal thoughts/mood, motivational quotes, budget, habit tracker) 

    what are your biggest cons when it comes to planners?would you prefer to customize your planner vs having a standard template?Trying to get a general idea. Thanks so very much.

    1 AnswerWeddings6 months ago
  • copyright infringement?

    I'm interested in making stationery with the intent of selling using quotes from motivational speakers, leaders, etc.. will i run into copyright infringement issues? if so what to expect or could you point me in the right direction to gain more information? thanks 

    5 AnswersLaw & Ethics6 months ago
  • Dental work in Columbia?

    In need of braces after years of habitual thumb sucking & a terrible fall that broke a front tooth. I have a temp crown that's been on far longer than it should've been on (12 years to be exact) & it's worn down a lot & it's time for a permanent crown. W/ insurance, just for braces alone it'll cost me nearly 6G & I don't feel comfy spending that amount. To fix my smile (that I've been incredibly subconscious about since i broke my tooth as a teen) the steps are: remove my wisdom teeth(all 4) >get braces>permanent crown=nice smile. I've seen & know of quite a few people who go to Columbia to get med work done & have flawless results.

    • Flying to & from Columbia wouldnt be an issue as my parent works for an airline; I'm a college student with a budget

    •my smile isn't terribly crooked but in order to change my temp crown braces would be most beneficial

    My questions are:

    1) is this a rational thing to do? Is it safe medically? Should I go with friends/family or would i be safe enough to do this solo as a female?

    2) realistically does anyone have a general idea of cost of braces/orthodontic work in Columbia?

    3) What are recommend areas to go for such work? recommended orthodontist in columbia? Along with websites & reviews

    5) since I've never had braces before how often should I expect to be flying to & from? Or could i get an orthodontist here to handle tightening & removal?

    I'm just brainstorming, so if you have anything else insightful to add it would be appreciated.

    Dental1 year ago
  • Laser hair removal in the Fort Lauderdale area?

    Does anyone know of a great place to get laser hair removal done in in my nether regions around this area? I m a woc (black) and heard of a few horror stories of woc being burned by the laser. I was reading somewhere that Nd:YAG lasers and Diode lasers are the best types for us woc. If anyone has any additional information or stories along with any recommendations it would be greatly appreciated.

    1 AnswerOther - Skin & Body4 years ago
  • Anyone has tips on making a tiny home self sufficient?

    I hope to eventually build a tiny house after I'm done with college but I'd love some information on keeping it as self sufficient as possible. It would be hooked up to city pipes but Ideally it would have a cistern and it would be solar power and it would be around 800-1000 sq ft and 2 floors (hopefully). I also would like for it to be built in Florida preferably south if anyone has tips, links, ideas, or helpful info just leave it below. Thanks in advance .

    1 AnswerDecorating & Remodeling5 years ago