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  • What should i do with my life.. please help...?

    My life..Ever since i could remember my parents fought every night for years and then parents seperated when i was 11 then when my father met someone not long after and then she and I fought everyday for the following 6 years,then my eldest brother said that I can work with him and i agreed because we didn't have money for uni then i worked there for 18months. Treated me like ****,couldn't get another job cause it's hard to get a job in SA and he went through a tough time with money and i borrowed him the money and basically he said "**** you you're not getting your money back" then i moved back to my father and got a job at a furnitute shop then the place closed down.. moved to my mother then i got a job at a pharmacy and they didn't have something as minimum wage so we barely got paid, then my other brother that lives in Scotland was opening a gym(his life dream) and he said he needed my help i accepted it, i thought this could actually be good for me.. I've been here a year now. he barely talks to me cause he's always on his phone and whenever someone else is with him he's never on the phone so **** me right. The gym isn't making enough money so we don't get salary. I want to get a job and actually live my life and go to college to actually achieve something in life and not feel like a piece of ****. How do i tell him? And i actually met a girl she is amazing but i suck with females so I don't know wtf is going on. I'm just so sad, angry, anxious. all the time please help

    Psychology1 year ago