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  • I am tired of him, I think he's psycho and no I can't move out?

    •please no rude comments because i am not in the mood• and btw did I do the right thing by defending myself and my friend? And what's your opinion? Do you think he needs psychological help?

    My friend and I are adults (20-21years old), I came back home from watching kick *** 2. And apparently my step dad had a problem with it because he think its inappropriate even though I'm an adult and he doesn't like the movie. He's one of those people who thinks he knows about everybody and everything when he doesn't know anything. I had enough and I defended myself. I'm like "We are adults now, we can watch whatever we want. We paid for the tickets from our own money, just because you didn't like it, it doesn't mean that you can stop people from watching it. And it's wrong for you to do that. You don't know what my friend likes (movie wise) because you are not him! He likes kick *** movies and so do I, there's nothing you can do about it.

    And my dad think its funny by trying to tickle while I'm pissed off and I was like "do you want me to go "hit girl" on you?"

    And he just stopped. I think he's jealous because I got better social life and more friends than he does. He literally doesn't have any friends. And I mean it literally.. He's a control freak and no I can't move out because I don't have a job till after I'm done college so I'm stuck

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  • Just out of curiosity? Which one feels worse?

    Just out of curiosity, which one feels worse?

    Caffeine withdrawals (from lack of coffee) or hangovers?

    I had plenty of caffeine withdrawals and never got any hangovers (I don't drink that much).

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  • Quick question? Just to double check?


    Im about to finish my final essay (APA format), it has to be about 750-1000 words. I only have 13 more words to go but I ran out of ideas in my conclusion. I still have to type my reference and list them, does that count as 750 words or more? Or is it separate?

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  • It gets annoying? Why?

    It really gets annoying how every time my mom watches a show that she knows she'll get mad at, she still watches it and then yells at the tv about how it isn't right and how it makes her mad. I know I can't tell her what to do but it gets annoying. I mean, why watch something if you know you'll be upset about it? Why not watch something that'll make you laugh and smile? (No rude or smartass answers please)

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  • Is it just me? Your opinion?

    Hi *and please no rude comments*

    I know a lot of people posts questions every day and people answers them. But doesn't it annoy the heck out of you when someone post the exact same questions every 2-3 minutes? Not to be mean (Im a nice person), but doesn't it show that the person who posts repetitive questions are seeking for attention? Why can't they wait till someone answers their question?

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  • I heard it on tv all the time but idk what it is?

    I always heard it on the news about Canadian authorities raiding places in the country and a lot of people gets arrested.. And it's called "project traveller".. What's "project traveller?"

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  • To me it's unfair. What do you think?

    A friend of mine is battling depression and she got suspended because she's depressed. (And final exams are coming soon) I find it very unfair because she did nothing wrong, she isn't causing bodily harm to the student body or the faculty, she isn't vandalizing anything. What do you think? I think she should report it to the school board and ministry of education.

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  • I don't know what to do anymore (friendship stuff)?

    I have a friend who has boyfriend who gave her so much injuries. None of my friends likes him. I think he's abusive to be honest. It's been going on for three years now. My friend kept coming to me crying about him being mean to her, and then not too long after that it's been on and off for 3 years. It gets to the point that it's getting on my nerves and it gets annoying like she likes "being a victim", and she told me that she loves hunting.. I am against hunting 100% and it really aggravates me too, I asked her nicely to stop talking about hunting and about her boyfriend and she wouldn't listen. (Sorry that it's long) but I'm wondering whether or not I should still be her friends. It's like she doesn't care what I think or say, she only say things I wanna hear so that I'll stop and she repeats the same mistakes again. (No rude comments please)

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  • Do you think she's going to get bullied and get her heart broken again?

    I have a friend who ended her relationship with a guy that I don't like (he got lots of mental disabilities), not too long ago, he cheated with her and then when they broke up, he hooked up with another girl. His new girlfriend and a bunch of his friends were harassing my friend (calling her every rude and hurtful names imaginable) and now... she told me that she got back together with him! If he hurts her again... So anyways.... Do you think he's going to hurt her and bully her again? Because personally, I think he is the one who lets his friends bully her... She doesn't need anymore drama in her life! Im concerned for her... Its like she never learns her lesson.

    And please, no rude comments.. Thank you! :)

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  • Wow..... Seriously??

    I just started to date my best friend (He's technically my boyfriend now), we had our first date, few days later, my other guy friend (Julian) told me that he got mad at me because we never hanged out yet (because I was busy looking for a job *which is true*) and he also saw me and Branden, and then I somehow "bragged" to him (Julian) about the date. Okay first of all, sorry that I was busy and second, I thought friends are supposed to be understanding and supportive when their friend are dating with her/ his bf/gf. and third, how the heck was I supposed to know that Julian got mad? (I didn't know till he told me). Plus, I find Julian a bit annoying (different story), should I hang out with Julian? And I think I should tell Branden about this too. *no negative comments pls* and no Julian is not jealous because he only likes me as a friend.

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  • Is it supposed to be like this?

    My mom was drinking Grace's island soda ginger ale. Is it supposed to have a burning feeling after you swallow it? I got the soda from Metro Grocery Store. And I tried different kind of ginger ale (such as Canada dry) but this one just tasted awful. Not only it has a spicy taste but it also has a burning feeling from your throat to your stomach.

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  • What should I do? Friend trouble..?

    *If you're going to answer, pls don't leave any immature, rude answers or answers that has nothing to do with my questions* Here's what happened.

    I have been friends with (well let's name her Ivy) since grade 4 (I'm almost 20). She has a boyfriend (lets name him Doug) for about 3 years now. Ivy has a learn disability and Doug probably has a learning disability too and he has a psychological disability. Lately, Ivy has been distant from me, she always makes an excuse for everything, and I have a hard time believing her whenever she tells me the "truth". She tells me that her friend died and the funeral is gonna take place 5 days after his death. That is suspicious to me because it usually takes place 2 days after someone died. I asked her if she wants to hang out with me and she makes a billion bs excuse, I moved on and hanged out with someone else, she then emailed me if she wants to hang out with me (not too long after she made a bs excuse). So here's my question, should I continue to be friends with her?

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  • Why is my dad behaving this way?

    Every time I ask my dad if I can use the computer for homework, he always gives me permission and by the time I start my homework, he constantly kept on asking me if I was doing homework and kept on telling to not use facebook while I'm doing homework and don't fool around. I have no time checking my facebook and he knows that. And then he asked me "why are you always using microsoft word for homework"? He's driving me crazy!! I know that he cares about me but sometimes it's overwhelming. Why is he behaving this way and how can I tell him to stop?

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  • What should I do? I'm confused?

    My best friend invited me to her 20th birthday get together. Normally, she tells me when she's going to pick me up. This year, she only tells me that I'm invited and she doesn't tell me when she's going to pick me up. I called her house, her mom told me that she's not home and she's going to call back, she never did. I called her back again and this time.. NOBODY answered the phone. I got ready for her "birthday get together" and got her gift. It looks like I got ready for nothing. If they don't have enough money to pay for my dinner, I understand and I will gladly pay for my own but now, I'm not really sure if I'm invited or not. It's like they left me in the dark and expects me to guess...

    What should I do?

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  • Is it a bipolar disorder? ?

    Just out of curiosity, if someone was being nice one day and then the next thing you know, he or she can be a jerk. Is it possible that he or she has a bipolar disorder?

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