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  • How can I get an a job without an valid ID?

    my Id expired in February of 2020 and since have been laid off from my job due to COVID-19. I was laid off in May and have ran out of funds. I did not qualify for unemployment because of my salary. You have to make an appointment for the DMV and the next one isn't till October at the earliest. I'm facing evviction as my apartment has put multiple notics on my door stating that I need to pay or get out which I font have any more funds for. All my money went to rent and now have ran dry. My cell phone has already been turned off by T-Mobile so getting a job just went from possible to impossible. I need some advice on what I can do before I end up on the streets. I'm going to have to give my dog and cat up for adoption. I already feed them before i feed myself?

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