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  • Why have my instagram likes disappeared?

    I know there have been talks about instagram removing the number of likes appearing under a post, but that’s not what i mean. i went on the instagram app last night and on my most recent post, all my likes had completely gone. i had zero likes on a post that used to have over 300 likes. i told my friend and she said that when she went to my account to check it said zero likes too, so she went and liked it so now it has one like. has anybody experienced the same issue? or knows how to fix it? i often suffer with anxiety and uncertainty can really affect it so any answers would be great. thank you.

    Software2 months ago
  • will my hair go green?

    I am going on holiday in summer and i was planning on trying to lighten my hair by using lemon juice. I have heard stories from people i know about their hair going green in the swimming pool after it has been dyed. Does this happen if i have used lemon juice in my hair? Thanks.

    3 AnswersHair2 years ago