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  • If you take up donations for someone, do you control how they spend the money?

    There is this website called; so someone decides to set up an account for people to go donate to help out a mom that is battling Cancer, who also lost her young daughter, with two young children. Well after the daughter is buried, which was paid for by her life insurance policy from her job; the mom is still in the hospital dealing with her cancer. So the people who set up the donation funds decided that the mom will not get all of the money to help with her medical expenses and all the other financial hardships that she has occured while being sick; instead, she will have to purchase what she needs and then give these people a receipt, and they will reimburse her for her purchase. I am furious, because I am one who donated, and I don't care how she spends the money, The money was raised to help her, these people are trying to control this money that others have donated, thinking that this lady is getting the money. my question is should you control what the person spends the money on? And do you really think a dying mom that spends most of her time in the hospital is really going to go to the casino and spend the money? This is just so wrong! What do you think?

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  • Is $700.00 too much to pay for a crown?

    I have dental insurance. The 700 is my portion. What is the average cost?

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  • Going to St.Thomas, Virgin Islands usa?

    If you have ever been, Would you please share a little of your experience with me?

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  • which program do you think is the best to join?

    Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers, I know how the weight watcher's plan work, and it's good as long as you stick with it, But I would like to know if anyone knows about Jenny Craig and which would be the best to do?

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  • Would you say she does not like women of color?

    I work with this lady that is Caucasian, she has a black boyfriend, and claims that one of her best friends is Black, which I have a hard time believing because she is always saying negative things about black women, And if her best friend was black, then she would understand black women a little more. She feels like black women ( she never says men) always use race as an excuse to get away with things at work. lol. I have not heard her say anything positive about black women. My other question is, should I say something to her about my observation as a black women myself or should I just ignore it as ignorance?

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  • would someone please tell me what the points ?

    are for, and how many levels does this have, and what is the point of the levels?Just curious.

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  • peanut butter and Jelly or......?

    bologna and cheese sandwich?

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  • What to do about a friend who insist on obsessing over her ex?

    I have a very good friend who's man (Not married) left her about 9 months ago, he told her to move on with her life, he has been with several different women since he left, and it is really tearing her apart, she does nothing but obsess over the reasons why she thinks he left.

    Now she is trying to figure out how deep his relationship is with his latest women. She is getting therapy, but not sure that's working. I listen to her talk about him all the time. And I am at the end of my rope with this, because no matter what you say, The outcome always has something to do with him. We can not have a decent women to women conversation without her bringing him up, something he did or said, or just a memory. In her mind they were married, but not legally.

    I know she Loves him, that's why I have been sympathetic to her need to discuss him, but enough is enough. It's not like she didn't already know that he was a cheater and a drug user. He is also much younger than her, and just not ready for a big family, he is still sowing his oats..Any way...Just wanted some feed back.

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  • I was just wondering what people thought about Blacks and Mexicans dating?

    I have a friend that is dating a Mexican Guy, and she says that she gets a lot of stares when they are out together. What are your thoughts on this?

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  • can someone tell me about train ride experiences?

    I am going on a train trip this summer and I just want to know what to expect, please share some of your experiences. Thank You It looks like it is going to be a two day ride.

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  • know it all co worker?

    How do you deal with a know it all coworker, whom even when she is wrong, will not admit it, and will try to make it like what she said use to be the right answer. She makes work for herself, which is not even part of her job, and she is in everybodies business, she was demoted once upon a time, and then moved to another area. Her other coworkers are so glad that she is gone to another area, But now she is driving us crazy. She also corrects you when you are speaking, if you don't say or write things the way she thinks they should be. If she reads this she will probably go in and make sure I wrote it correctly. She has been with the company over 30 years. Don't get me wrong, She can be very sweet. When you don't have to work that close to her. We all want to know how to deal with this know it all attitude? Help please!

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  • My niece is pregnant by a married man, I know the wife, Do I keep this Quiet?

    My 18 year old niece is pregnant by this older married man at her church, she thinks know one knows that it is him, But I know. Because I seen them together, I told her she needs to stop this, his wife just had a baby. I use to attend this church, but for fear of me busting him out to everyone I stay away, and now attend a different church, I really don't want to hurt the wife or the others that may be involved with this information. It could really cause damage. What do I do? continue to be still and just be supportive of my niece and here baby, or have a talk with the Pastor, whom has non legally adopted my niece?

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