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  • What's the longest you've known a bride keep her groom waiting at the alter?

    I heard of a bride who's husband-to-be was always keeping her waiting for things, and he would never arrive at the time he told her. So to get her own back she kept him waiting at the alter about an hour before she finally appeared!

    How long have you known grooms have to wait nervously before their bride eventually turned up? And why was she late - was it deliberate!?

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  • After all the (stressful) wedding planning how did you feel on your big day?

    Wedding planning can get a bit stressful at times.. (some might think that sounds like an understatement!) ... but however you found the planning process, it is a busy time and I think it's easy to get burried under all the things that need sorting til you can seem to lose a bit of perspective! While I'm a bit more chilled with everything I'm just wondering how I'll actually feel on the day itself. I'm guessing after all these hours of planning, the day will just fly by! (How is that fair!?)

    How was your wedding day?

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  • Would you prefer not to receive gift list info with your invitation?

    I'm wondering if it's best to send out invites only, and leave it to the guests to enquire about gift lists if they want to. I don't want people to feel obliged to give, but as everyone else seems to be sending out gift list info with their invites, I don't want people to feel awkward and confused if they don't receive any info wondering what is expected of them.

    I'm also planning to have 2 gift lists - because I'm the kind of person who would rather shop around to get value for money, than just have one gift list. I don't want people to pay silly prices, and so have selected 2 stores that each have some items that we need. One is quite upmarket, and the other is rather everyday!

    Advice and opinions please..


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  • When the bride signs register at wedding, does she use her new surname or not!?

    When you sign the register do you sign as your new married name, or as your maiden name?!


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  • How hard is it to 'barn dance' in a wedding dress!?

    My dress does have a train, but it buttons up for dancing. (So the back is then the same length as the front - an even hem all round). However I've never seen anyone doing a barn dance in a wedding dress and don't know how easy it is! Am I going for the near impossible? I will be having flat shoes or with just a small heel as I'm not the sort who can balance in stilettos!

    I'd rather know now!

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  • Reception - how to change room from sit down dinner with tables etc, to barn dance space!?

    Ideally I'd love to have a barn dance at our reception, as it's something I've always enjoyed but more than that - known as a way people relax and have fun together. This sounds great as our wider families haven't met much, and dancing could be an easy way for them to interact.

    However I'm wondering how best to transform the room we are using for our reception, from sit down meal, to clearing away the tables to give space to dance. I thought maybe the best option is to do it when cutting the cake - and call everyone away to one side of the room.

    What would you think!?

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  • How to plan the day with the things we want? How does it sound?

    We would like to get married fairly early, not waiting around half of the day first, but also need time to get ready. We are thinking of maybe 11am. We are having a church service which I guess will be around an hour long. Then we want to have photos (which could be interesting if it decides to rain - March in the UK...!) before going to the reception (maybe 5mins in car). Ideally having speeches before food (nerves!), and then cutting of the cake. We would also like to have a barn dance - but am not sure if this would mean we would need a second meal before people go home?

    We are also concerned about people being hungry - if the meal is going to be quite late after the ceremony speeches. Wondered about having little nibbles / starters on the tables whilst speeches take place, especially thinking about the children who may be there.

    I am very (very!) keen on ice cream - so am playing with the idea of having an ice cream machine / similar at the reception - and thinking that if we have a barn dance, people will be warm enough to enjoy it despite it being March!? It would be something very me that I would love to include! I'm also thinking of having sweets/chocolate that people (kids and "big kids"!) can have with the ice cream. What do you think?

    What do you think we could do about timings? Ideally we would just have one meal at the reception.

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  • how to re-varnish an old violin for wall hanging?

    I have an old violin that was probably only an inexpensive "nothing special" violin to start with, and has seen many owners. It's no longer playable as needs some work, but isn't worth having it done.

    It's a little battered and tattered so I'm considering re-varnishing it to put on the wall as a decoration, because I really don't want to just throw it away! But I don't know how possible this is? I've no idea how to re-varnish a violin, and where to get the varnish from. Anyone help?!

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  • Corroded Brake Disks?

    I took my car for a full service today at a garage I haven't used before (I've only recently moved to the area, so don't know any service garages or mechanics locally) ... i have only driven the car 2 miles home so I can't really say much about the difference to the car other than the clutch feels softer and the handbrake cable has been tightened.

    However, they told me that the brake pipes have corroded and will need replacing before its next MOT. My concern is does this mean my car is unsafe? Shouldn't this work really be carried out straight away?! My brakes have been squealing and thinking that my brakes are shall we say fairly important ... i mentioned it to the mechanic for him to check out. But all he said after servicing the car was: "they'll need replacing before its next MOT - whenever that is".


    Q1. Is there anywhere I can take my car to have it checked over, just to make sure it has been properly serviced.

    Q2. Do the brake pipes need replacing NOW?


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  • How does Amazon Jersey work?

    On Amazon UK there is an option to purchase an item from Amazon Jersey at a lower price. Has anyone done this? How did it actually work? I.e. what other costs did you pay in addition to the item listing cost. Any info regarding this would be appreciated!

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  • How can I get my PC to play a DVD+R?

    My DVD drive will play normal (i.e. professionally recorded DVDs), however a friend has just sent me a DVD+R of her wedding which I wasn't able to attend, and I can't get the computer to recognise that there is a disc in the DVD drive. At best I get a message saying "disc in drive with unsupported format". Is there anything I can do, or any software I need that would enable me to play DVD+R discs??

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  • Can anyone recommend a good (inexpensive) place to buy DVDs??

    I'm just looking for some suggestions of good stores/websites where I can purchase DVD's fairly cheap! I have looked on Ebay but the used DVDs there are just as expensive as new ones from a shop. I don't want to pay £15-£20 for a DVD as there are several I could do with getting my hands on ... so I'm looking to get hold of them cheap - used - but don't want any copied discs! Any ideas folks?!

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  • films ... jane eyre and pride & prejudice?

    Has anyone seen a dvd of either Jane Eyre or Pride & Prejudice?? I am looking to get dvds of both but there seems to be several different dvds from different times by different producers and with different actors; and as I haven't seen these films I don't know which year dvd I'm best to go for! Also does anyone know if the 2005 P&P was filmed at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire?

    If this isn't clear just tell me what and I'll add additional details ... thanks

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  • Regarding the new regulations for child booster seats ...?

    I am aware that from the 18th (i.e. Monday) in the UK the new regulations will come into force. My question is: if the seat belt is a lap belt not a three point seat belt; are you required to use a booster seat? The child concerned only has to use a basic booster seat NOT one of the high back variety - but some of the basic ones do say that they are only for use with three point belts. I am struggling to find this information and wondering if any parents on this site have managed to find out! I have asked in halfords but their staff didn't know...

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  • What makes each human voice unique?

    What is it that makes every persons voice sound different .. even if similar there is usually something that doesn't sound quite the same. You can often recognise a persons voice even if you have only spoken to them a couple of times on the phone before. Also what is it that changes about the voice in time .. as you can usually guess a persons age from hearing their voice .. but sometimes peoples voices sound fairly young (20's-30ish) but they are actually more like 40's-50. Still other people are middle aged but when they answer the phone they sound like little kids and people ask to speak to their parents!

    In short; - what causes the different sound of voices

    - how/why does your voice change with age

    Thanks to all who answer.

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  • What happens if you are caught by a speed camera?

    A relative has just received a letter from the police saying that he was doing 47mph in a 40mph limit - what penalty will he receive? When he got home he immediately opened the letter and is absolutely gutted and so I don't like to ask what points and/or fine he gets.

    He doesn't remember what speed he was doing so can't really dispute the speeding charge. Also, I think it must have been a temporary camera as I've never seen a fixed camera on that stretch of road but the mobile speed camera vans are regular visiters (although usually well hidden).

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  • What do you think to Royal Mail new postage costs? (UK)?

    I've just had the information through in the post - they are going to charge based on size and depth and weight. Why are they doing this? It is going to be a mega nuisance especially for businesses.

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  • do you think something is up when someone has best answer chosen by 1 vote?

    I've noticed a user who has roughly a third of their answers chosen as best, looking a little closer it seemed that quite a few (certainly of the recent ones) where chosen as best answer by voters - where their answer was the only one that got a vote. Would you think there is something going on there? I thought people couldn't vote on their own answers but that looked dodge.

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  • Why is my car making a ticking noise..?

    My car has recently started making a ticking noise which sounds like a fast clock - and it seems that the ticking speeds up and slows down in time with the speed of my car. My passenger and I also noticed today that it stops when I turn my wheels to corner and then starts again as soon as the wheels are fully straightened. Do you know what this could be and how much it will probably be to have repaired? Also would this have been showing in April as I've only had the car since then and I want to know if the dealer would have been able to tell that the part was worn. I am planning to get this checked out at a garage, but would just appreciate some idea of whats going on and how urgent this is. Thanks.

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