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  • Wharfedale 550S TV Picture too big!

    Hi, My M.I.L has a Wharfedale 550S TV with 2 settings (4:3, and 16:9). The 16:9 leaves huge black gaps at top and bottom but the 4:3 cuts off the top and bottom of the picture, so things like words, and channel names etc are cut off. I have played around with remote and cannot see how to adjust this. Cannot find manual online. Anyone got any ideas?!?! Thanks - Rob

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  • Windows Meida player - music jumps towards end of every song?

    As it says above really. Whenever I play tracks on windows media player the track jumps in the last 20 seconds or towards the end of each track. this last for about 5 secs then is fine again. Really annoying!! Help!

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  • PSU unit for Dell??

    Have seen several PSU units on Ebay for about £20 inc p&p. They are 650w but not a big name. Does anyone have any experience with them and would they be suitable for a ati radeon x1950 grapfix card goiing in to my Dell E521 ?? Here are links to 2 PSUs i am looking at.....


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  • Prevent vista "email" option from opening outlook/windows mail?

    I run vista and use Incredimail as opposed to outlook. When browsing pictures or photos you have the option to email by clicking a button that appears on the top of the screen ( along with print / share / burn etc ) When I click it Outlook or Windows mail opens with the file attached. I cannot fathom out where to change this. Incredimail is set as my default email program and outlook is "not" set as my default. I have gone into default programs and associations etc but that appears correct too. HELP! I know I can open up incrdimail and then attach but sometimes that just is not want i want to do!! Any help gratefully received!

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  • Need name for incentive scheme featuring red,amber and green.?

    I am setting up an incetive scheme for work featuring traffic light colours - red, amber and green.

    Red = Needs improvement 85% payout of commision earnt

    Amber= OK. 100% payout of commision earnt

    Green=Over performing! 115% payout of commision earnt

    Apart from Traffic Lights, which sounds naff I cannot get my head around a good name! Anyone with any creative minds out there with a suggestion? The scheme is target based and tracks sales agents sales of add-ons to our main product.


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  • Which graphics card is best?

    Getting new system from Dell ( Dimension E521 ) and only prob is restricted graphics card choice . Either 256mb ATI Radeon x1300 pro or 256mb Nvidia Geforce 7300? I do quite a lot of gaming and am looking for best performace as well as future proofing of the card? Thanks

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  • Tube Crisis Help !?

    I have discovered the game "Tube Crisis" through this weeks "Office Attachments" but am struggling at the point wheere I have the large gentleman attempting to grope me and the guy with the cold. There appears to be NOTHING to click on. I cannot get the hand symbol to appear anywhere. The obvious thing I am thinking is the box in the large guys pocket is tissues for the other guy but cannto get this to work. I have tried playing the game through several websites and always with the same result. Any ideas????

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  • Missed ep.6 of Strictly Confidential. Anywhere I can get copy on web?

    Only torrent found is dead (Ws.pdtv.Xvid-RIVER - 356.71mb )? Have looked at bit torrent and a few other torrent sites. Really annoying caus watched other episodes :( ! Thanks is advance

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