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I have knowledge about many different subjects because I love to read. Some of my favorite subjects are; psychology, health (alt. med.) and relationships. Born in the U.S.A., I love traveling to other places and learning about the culture, people and commonalities. I am a Christian and try to live by Biblical principals...but I am human and sometimes I fail.

  • Obama's speech to schools?

    What's your take on all the controversy about the presidents speech?

    Other presidents have spoken to schools, yet no president has gotten as much flack as this president. Why do you think that is?

    Personally, as someone in education, I see nothing wrong with it. If he encourages students to apply themselves, that's a great message children need to hear. I doubt it will be anything related in any way to some subversive "Socialist" ideal, as a small group would lead us to believe.

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  • Did you hear about the CAT FOOD RECALL?

    Nutro Natrual Choice CAT FOOD has been recalled. See their website or call the company direct (see back, bottom of bag).

    They list symptoms, so if your cat has any of those, take to the vet and stop feeding the food. Get a refund where you bought the food.

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  • Did you hear about the CAT FOOD RECALL?

    Have you heard that Nutro, Natural Choice cat food has been recalled?

    If you feed your cat this food, go to the website or call them (see back, bottom of package for number).

    Symptoms: no appetite, weight loss, loose stools. It could be serious, so don't hesitate to take your cat to the Vets and get a refund for the food.

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  • Are you a junior college student?

    If you are in Work Experience, I found a good website for you to help out:

    Gives good information regarding job search, etc.

  • Do you have ANXIETY? Have you tried this?

    I wondered if you've heard about the "tap" type of therapy Dr. Mark Steinburg ( advocates?

    Even though I still believe in behavior modification and rational thought processing, his therapy sounds interesting and some swear by it.

    Has anybody tried this? Your results?

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  • Are you depressed right now?

    I keep seeing many questions about depression and my fingers are getting tired from answering all of them!

    So, here is a list to help those of you who are feeling depressed.

    I hope this helps! : )

    1) There are different types of depressions. Teens who are depressed usually are because their hormones are unbalanced and that causes emotional and physical changes in the body. When these level out, so do the mood changes.

    2) There are different types of depression. One of the most common is situational--such as a death, divorce, major move, job loss, etc. Situational-type depression usually fades when the situation improves.

    Clinical depression is more serious and requires regular therapy and usually medication if there are mental health issues that involve suicide for example.

    And then there are depressions caused by food, allergies, weather and a host of other things. Eating junk foods, drinking sodas, alcohol and taking street drugs will send some people into a depression very easily. Weather in certain regions can affect you too--SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is caused by lack of sunlight.

    3) An easy way to help yourself is to get sun either by going outside for 10 minutes or more, or by getting a special light box. Taking vitamin D helps a great deal too, for all depressions, since most people are lacking it in their diets. Taking a vitamin D pill with at least 1000 IU's helps many people regain a better mood. Get exercise everyday--it helps to boost endorphins in your brain--the "feel good" chemical. Eating healthy makes a difference, what you put into your body can have affects besides weight gain, it can change your moods. Sugar is one of the worst offenders, so is caffeine and junk foods.

    4) Supplements that can help are the old standby St. John's Wart, but an even newer one is Phenocane, once used for painful joints. They found it lifted peoples moods!

    5) Seeking out a counselor for talk therapy does wonders. Studies have proven that "unloading" with a counselor can help get it out of your mind and out in the open. Working on traumas; abuse, abandonment, etc., is essential to move on in life. Learning coping skills is essential, not everyone is taught how to deal with life's problems. You can find counselors who work on a sliding scale, making it affordable and some churches and health clinics have free or very low cost counselors too. No need to go to a high priced psychiatrist unless you need meds.

    6) Get a physical to make sure you don't have a physical problem that is causing your depression. Things like diabetes, thyroid imbalances, anemia, all can cause depression symptoms.

    If you are depressed, I hope you have found an answer here that will begin to make you feel much better.

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  • Are you aware of this if you are a teenage girl?

    I saw a program today that was very upsetting. It documented the fact that there are teen aged girls being "trafficked" in the U. S. as I write this.

    How it is done is so sinister, it makes me sick; one girl had a guy in h.s. rape her, took pictures of that, used that to blackmail her and then pressured and manipulated her into having sex with his friends and others that paid him.

    My question is; have you heard of this? Have you or someone you know experienced this? What have you done to protect yourself from being a victim?

    Only serious responses please.

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  • Why don't American's understand how bad it is?

    I went to a job fair recently and was shocked at how many people just haven't wrapped their brains around what is going on not only in this country, but now the world.

    My question to you is; are you in denial about what's going on, or are you one that just doesn't care until you are pushing a shopping cart around the neighborhood with all your basic belongings?

    My second question is; what are you currently doing in your life to brace for the rough economic times that will linger for years ahead?

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  • What are you doing this Christmas?

    To help others this Christmas?

    This is a pretty tough year for many, but helping others when you hurt does make you feel better.

    What are you doing, or planning to do, to help others this Christmas?

    Are you; volunteering, collecting money, donating, what?

    Please be specific.

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  • This Thanksgiving, what are you MOST thankful for?

    Give me a list of the top 10 things you are most thankful for this Thanksgiving Eve.

    Leave out iPods, computers, and things like that, focus on important things.

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  • Who do you plan to vote for in the presidential election?

    Please be as specific as possible as to WHY you really want this person as president. Your answer must be from fact, not hearsay or propaganda.

    Example; interviews with the candidates and what they have said about policy, beliefs, etc.

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  • Why do American's do this?

    I was born and raised here and cannot understand why American's take the time for things like mindless T.V., blogging on the internet about garbage or doing other unhelpful things for themselves and others.

    When it comes to important things, like voting, getting involved in their local and national politics (bills, etc.), their personal finances, helping others in their community (not just writing a check) and being aware--they seem oblivious to what is going on or unwilling to act.

    Why is that? What is your opinion on what you see?

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  • Do you know this about perverts?

    I heard Oprah did a program about perverts selling and trading sick pictures and videos of sex acts with kids on the internet.

    She asked people to write to senators asking to vote yes on a Senate Bill coming up this week (1738).

    What do you know about the bill, and have you written your Senator?

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  • If you could be an Olympian, what sport would you want to be in?

    Be specific and tell me why you chose that sport.

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  • Girls Gone Wild?

    Why are these young women so dense to do the things they do on tape?

    Don't they realize what they are doing? Are they brain dead? They have no self-respect or self-love.

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  • Why are people reading "A New Earth" by Tolle?

    Why are people reading this book?

    When they can read the Bible and pray to God to find out what their purpose is in life, why read Tolle's book?

    NOTE: If you don't believe in God, this question is NOT directed at you. Thanks.

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  • What do you think Heaven will be like when you get there?

    This question is for those who believe in Heaven.

    What do you think it will look like? Do you think we will have literal mansions? Do you think we will worship God all day praising and praying?

    Tell me what you think it will be like there in some detail.

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  • What will you do to celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

    I want creativity here people!

    Don't just give me wearing green and drinking green beer!

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  • Did you vote, if not why?

    Just a quick poll, did you vote? If not why?


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  • How do you want people to remember you?

    We all have to go sometime, so how would you like people to remember you?

    Be specific.

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