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  • Is is bad to tell door knockers I am Jewish?

    Door-to-door religion salesman come to my house about every other week to try and recruit me. Saying 'no thank you' and 'I am not interested' has only prompted more questions or cajoling. So now I say that I am Jewish and I don't do the whole new testament thing. (This is really useful as door knockers are in the New Testament camp.) So what if I am a big fat liar, it's a great time saver right?

    24 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • Isn't this bad spin?.............?

    President Obama signed a new law Tuesday that closes a decades-old gap in federal sentencing that led to much stiffer penalties for crack cocaine cases than ones involving powder cocaine.

    It seems this is a double negative. Some argue that having a larger penalty for crack versus cocaine is penalizing the African-American community worse than the non-African-American community. But isn't this also negative because it is saying a larger percentage of crack users are African-American and indirectly confirming it? I think it is a lose-lose.

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  • Statute of limitations on laid off employee?

    Work laid me off and gave me my final check. 17 days later I get an email that says you owe us for back health insurance premiums. Aren't they supposed to have all that crap settled before they give you your final check? And if their statement is correct, do I have to pay them or is it their loss?

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  • Eminent domain for a memorial?

    I know this is not the correct section, but more traffic comes through here....

    The area in Pennsylvania where flight 93 crashed is being designated for a memorial. The 2,200 acres "needed" for the memorial will encroach on privately owned land. Should the government be allowed to use eminent domain (government can seize privately owned property to convert it to public use after paying the owner fair market value)?

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  • Should the government be allowed to use eminent domain for a memorial?

    The area in Pennsylvania where flight 93 crashed is being designated for a memorial. The 2,200 acres "needed" for the memorial will encroach on privately owned land. Should the government be allowed to use eminent domain (government can seize privately owned property to convert it to public use after paying the owner fair market value)?

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  • Nicknaming conventions?

    I am curious about how people assign nicknames. I understand that frequently nicknaming is shortening of a longer name. From Jonathon you get John, Nicholas becomes Nick, and Christoper becomes Chris. There are other groups who get names because of their profession (athletes, organized crime members, etc.).

    But, I was watching Fatherhood from Snoop Dogg last night and I am wondering why the African-American community selects nicknames that are completely unique (not a name shortening or an occupational relationship)? Often the children are called by the nickname more than their real name. His son is Corde but they call him Spank. Cordell is Rook and Cori is Choc. Additionally, this is not just a celebrity thing, I know African-Americans in everyday life that have this style of naming, and I was wondering how it came about and how the selection is done.

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  • World hunger and the cost of food......?

    This article on cnn talks of the costs of distributing food to combat world hunger. Why doesn't it suggest population control as a method of combating world hunger instead of changing eating habits?

    4 AnswersOther - Society & Culture1 decade ago
  • Changing rules in the middle of the game?

    Apparently there is a gift exchange game called Elephant. I was told the rules are

    1. you can take a gift that has already been opened or select a gift from the pile of gifts

    2. once the gift has changed hands twice it cannot be stolen again

    So I was at a party......the hostess stole an item that had been passed twice.

    No one said anything. I said wait a minute, I believe there were 2 swaps. The hostess said the person in the last position isn't bound by the rules and that is always the hostess. (This rule came out as the deed went down...but to me it is not "kosher.")

    Was I a bad guest for pointing out that a rule was being violated? (The gift wasn't stolen from me I was acting on what I was told the rules were.) If you know this game is it true that the hostess goes last traditionally and selects the "cream" (any gift) without being bound by the rules?

    3 AnswersEtiquette1 decade ago
  • Ulterior motive invites?

    I was invited to a “holiday potluck” that had two people pitching their wares (Mary Kay and Pampered Chef) and felt ambushed and misled.

    What is the proper way to verify the true intent of an invitation before accepting?

    If there is not a proper method and you have been duped is leaving acceptable and what polite comment should be made upon exit?

    Please address both questions if you have the knowledge.

    11 AnswersEtiquette1 decade ago
  • Should I have to police the fridge?

    Work had a meet & greet/going away party. There was leftover food(sandwiches, salads, cupcakes).

    When the quitting employee left, she took some sandwiches, some cupcakes and all 2 of the salads with her. These were purchased by the company.

    In every instance in the past the company has urged employees to take food home with them. So I didn't think anything of it.

    Turns out that because she took all the salad my company thinks I should have said something.

    If it matters, I am the accountant here and not a security guard.

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  • Who should pay for the wrongs of the past?

    Many ethnhicities have been mistreated in the past.

    Is there a statute of limitations on payback? If there is none, who is responsible for the debt?

    When I think of the Jews and the Holocaust, or the Native Americans/Slaves in colonial times, the Khmer Rouge, or The Great Famine of 1933 in the Ukraine, what will suffice?

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  • Can "we" get past the PAST?

    It seems like everyone always falls back on the same OLD arguments when discussing hot button issues.

    For example, people talk about immigration and say "Illegally entering the country is against the law" and others rebut by saying but the USA is a nation of immigrants.

    And if people talk about oppression they talk about slavery in the colonial times of the USA or land theft in regards to the Native Americans.

    So I ask, can we get past the past? I am not saying forget, but it seems like at some point we should look at the calendar and say we are at this point in time, let's fix what's wrong now.

    This question is merely that, a question. Please respond thoughtfully versus emotionally.

    2 AnswersOther - Society & Culture1 decade ago
  • Who came up with "Its not fair"?

    I hear this phrase all the time and I was wondering who went around advertising FAIRNESS in order to have this phrase exclaimed by many?

    Was it hinted at by a Justice system? I don't think so because justice is not often fair.

    What I want to know is...who or what is responsible? I'm looking to lay down some blame.

    13 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • Punctuation issues.........?

    So this female at my work sends emails and every single sentence ends in an exclamation point. Do I say something or just roll my eyes?

    9 AnswersEtiquette1 decade ago