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  • How can anyone be athiest?

    I know this is a touchy subject and I'm not trying to insult anyone for their own personal beliefs. I'm just wondering, how can you believe that there is nothing greater than us in this universe? How can you believe that we are all here by ourselves and do not have anyone to watch over us? How can you look at a beautiful sunset or a beautiufl landscape and NOT thank God above for giving that to us? How can you look at your children and not realize how you were able to re-create? I don't understand with all the beauty on this Earth and the way nature works, how can you not believe in a higher being?? I just don't get it....and how can you believe the Bible is not true?

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  • How many people have forgiven their partner/spouse for cheating or flirting with another person?

    This is such a long story, I'm going to shorten it up a bit. My husband and I had some friends over for 4th of July weekend. Our close friends that we knew are: Linda and Steven (the other couple that we hang out with alot). Linda's sister, Jenny, who we've met a few times but have never hung out together came also, and she brought some of her friends over, who my husband and I had never met. It was a couple other guys and this one chick named Melissa. Well my husband and some others got really drunk during the party and we were all having a good time. We started playing that game Jenga and my husband started making vulgar comments like, "Oh, he likes to poke it in the middle" whenever someone would poke the middle cube in the stack and saying things like that. This girl Melissa would laugh like it was the funniest thing in the world, you know, over doing it. Then he started talking spanish to this girl and she was talking spanish back to him. And then she was bending over MY dining room table, showing her cleavage, drawing attention to herself. I started feeling uncomfortable and I was giving my husband looks like I wanted him to shut up, but he kept going. I eventually walked away from the table and yelled at my husband for something else, and when I walked away everyone was looking and my husband told this girl Melissa, "You know she left because of you. My wife is just jealous." And then this girl walked away from the table, went outside and started crying. Then my husband tried to say it was my fault b/c I made her and everyone else at the table uncomfortable and I had no reason to be jealous. Ok. So I go outside to talk to this girl and ask what was wrong and she didn't want to say anything to me. Fine. The night ends, my husband and I talk about it a little but he was still drunk so we waited till the next evening to talk about it. I told him I was jealous b/c he was talking so vulgar in english I had no idea what he was saying to her in spanish and that I didn't like how he was acting. He said he didn't say anything rude or nasty in spanish and that I don't have anything to worry about and he's sorry he got so drunk and embarrassed me. Story over, right? wrong....

    The other day I went to see my friend Linda and I talked to her about that party. Apparently, there was a whole other story going on behind my back that I didnt' even know about. Linda's fiance, Steven said (who was sitting at the table with us) that this girl was flirting with him in spanish and that my husband was talking dirty to this girl in spanish. His exact words were, "I don't know spanish, but I work with a lot of wet backs and I know the word "PUSSY" in spanish and he was talking dirty to her" and that just hurt me so much. My husband also made a comment to everyone there while I was outside trying to talk to this girl, "What can I say? I love women, but I'm a married man."

    Well, I went home and talked to my husband about this and told him "I know this is just heresy, but this is really bothering me...." He admited to saying the comment about "I love women but I'm married" but he claims he doesn't remember what he said to her in spanish. He's really sorry and he says he didn't tell me before b/c he didn't want to start an argument. I don't think my husband would cheat but this really dissapoints me knowing this about him. And he lied to me about it! Everyone else knew what was going on, but me. I was made into a fool. I've talked to him about this but I still feel so hurt. We've been together for almost 7 years and have 3 children together. We are a very strong couple and he says that I'm making something out of nothing and that instead of concentrating on the 10 things he does right I focus on the 1 thing he does wrong. I'm not going to leave him or anything, but how do I get over this? Am I wrong to feel so betrayed? How do I feel better? How do I trust him again? I feel so embarrassed that all these people that don't even know me, know that my husband was attracted to this girl. I was made into a fool, and I hate that. I feel crushed.

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  • What does it mean to "seek Amy??"?

    I heard it in that new brittney spears song but idk what it means....anyone know? My name is Amy so I am hoping it's a good thing to seek amy

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  • I have a question on a baby Oak Tree that my dad gave me?

    My dad broke off a stem from his oak tree in his backyard and gave it to me. I have it in a pot right now because it's less than a foot tall and I think it's too soon to plant in my backyard. It has grown about 2 inches in the last few months and I just want to make sure I take good care of it. Is there any fertilizer I should put on it and when should I plant it? How tall does it need to be for me to plant in the ground?

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  • Aren't you getting kind of tired of all these "Am I pregnant" questions?

    I mean, I know this is the place to ask questions but I mean, why are there sooo many questions asking the same thing? Why don't these girls just look at similar questions and look at those answers? Makes me want to avoid going in the "pregnancy" section all together. I mean, are these girls really that naive?

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  • My 8 year old son has problems with bed wetting?!?

    My son has been potty trained since he was 3, and he goes to the bathroom no problems during the day, but at night he's such a hard sleeper that he does not wake up to go to the bathroom and every morning there is a HUGE puddle of pee in his bed. We have tried everything! By that I mean not letting him drink 3 hours before bedtime and also make him go potty every 30 minutes from 6 pm till 9 pm when he goes to bed. We have tried waking him up during the night to go, we've tried putting him in the big boy pull ups (which my husband is dead set against) - it's getting to a point where it is affecting his self esteem because in the evening he gets thirsty and wants to drink water but I won't let him and then he gets frustrated and says things like, "I don't like myself b/c I keep peeing in the bed. I don't want to but I can't help it! I'm thirsty!" And I feel so bad for him and it bothers me that he says that he doesn't like himself because of it. I've explained to him that just b/c he has this problem doesn't make him a bad person at all it's just something we have to work on together. I've gone to his pediatrician and he gave me some pills to give him but they didn't help. They were supposed to contract his bladder so he feels like he needs to go before bedtime...but like I said, didn't work. Plus they gave him a headache. And also, whenever he does pee before going to bed only a little little bit comes out, but each night it's a huge puddle of wet in his bed. I don't understand, plus my 4 yr old son has no problems with bed wetting so that makes my 8 yr old feel even worse! I have to change/wash his sheets, pillow and comforter EVERY NIGHT because it's so bad, plus we have to buy him a new matress every 6 months or so b/c it ruins the matress, even when we leave the plastic on it! I have to constantly air out his room and spray air freshner in there. Does anyone know of anything at all that helps with this? Anyone else have the same problems with their son or daughter?

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  • How should I handle kids fighting at my son's bus stop?

    Ok, my son is 8 and in 2nd grade. I usually send him to the bus stop by himself and I usually pass by it when I leave for work. A couple of times a red flag went up - the first time, as I was passing the bus stop I saw a short little boy hit my son, full fisted! I pulled over and asked my son if that kid had just hit him, and he said, "No, we were just playing"

    Then another day I passed by while on my way to work and my son, Jayden, was standing on the opposite side of the street all by himself, like he was avoiding going over with the other boys. I asked again why he was standing there and he said he was waiting for his friend, Brian. Ok, but red flags did raise in my mind.

    This morning Jayden asked if I could drop him off at the bus stop on my way to work, and then asked if he could sit in the car with me till the bus came. So we did, and while we were watcching the other kids there 4 of the boys started fighting each other. I'm not talking play fighting, pushing or anything. I'm talking slapping and punching each other in the face. It was 2 sets of fights. My son didn't want me to get out of the car and stop it but I sure did! I stopped the fighting and gave them all a lecture on fighting. "I know boys play rough but this is not playing. Someone is going to get hurt and you guys can't fight out here...etc" Then another parent comes up and asked what happened and I explained to him. And he said the other day they were fighting too and his son got hit in the face. He also told the kids if he saw it again then he was going to call the police. When the bus came, both myself and the other dad got on the bus and pointed out the kids who fought, and told the bus driver about it.

    I am ready to stand out there with my son every day now to make sure this doesn't keep happening. Does anyone know any other techniques to get them to stop fighting or at least to get my son to tell me the truth about it?

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  • Ok all you A/C and heating experts...I need answers!!!?

    Ok, I'm purchasing my first home and it's only 3 years old. It seems like the former owners had the A/C unit outside in the backyard first, but moved it into the attic. Yes, the WHOLE A/C unit is in the attic. Why would they do that? What were the reasons? For the house being only 3 years old why would they need to get work done on it or move it? Sounds fishy to me, and I want to find out why this would be done. Got any answers for me?

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  • Trying to be a first time homeowner - any advice before I sign?

    I'm not there yet, but I plan to be ready in March of 08 to buy my first house. I've taken 15 hours of credit classes, I have $5k saved up, and I'm trying to get down payment assistance. Does anyone have any additional advice like unexpected costs (besides closing costs) and surprises that maybe happened to you when you bought your first house? I know to stay in my budget and not buy something I really can't afford. But for instance, do I find a lender first and then a house, or is it vice versa? And after I find a house and a lender, how long does it take to close? Is it stressful getting all your paperwork together?

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  • I'm due for a BIG promotion-any tips on impressing the big bosses?

    Besides just doing the best job I can. I work in the executive suite industry, I started as a receptionist, but was quickly promoted to Administrative Assistant. In January this year, I was transferred to another location to be in training for the Operations Manager position that's available at this center. My new boss, which is RM of the company, is training me. I will (hopefully by September 1, that's when my first annual review is) soon become the Ops Manager of this center, but what I want to know is: Is my boss expecting me to take innitiave on things that need to be done? Does she want me to go with the flow and talk to her about issues or does she want me to take the reigns, if you will, and take charge like I'm already running my center? I'm being watched very closely by her and the president, they are waiting for me to 'be ready' so my boss can move back to her old center. I want and need this raise, it's the highlight of my career! What do I do to get promoted fast?

  • What's the cutest thing your child has ever said to you?

    My 6 year old told me after he'd watched a few music videos: "Mom, when is MY grill going to grow in???"


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  • to all mean moms...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!?

    I loved you enough to be silent and let you

    discover that your new best friend was a creep.

    I loved you enough to stand over you for two hours

    while you cleaned your room, a job that should have taken 15 minutes.

    I loved you enough to let you see anger,

    disappointment, and tears in my eyes. Children must

    learn that their parents aren't perfect.

    I loved you enough to let you assume the

    responsibility for your actions even when the

    penalties were so harsh they almost broke my heart.

    But most of all, I loved you enough .

    . . to say

    NO when I knew you would hate me for it.

    Those were the most difficult battles of all. I'm

    glad I won them, because in the end you won, too.

    And someday when your children are old enough to

    understand the logic that motivates parents, you will tell them, Was your Mom mean? I know mine was.

    Now that we have left home, we are all educated,

    honest adults. We are doing our best to be mean

    parents just like Mom was.

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  • What can I do to get my 6 yr old to stop talking in class???

    He's in Kindergarten and he has been moved to 3 different tables b/c he won't stop talking in class. Sometimes he doesnt even finish his assignments b/c he is too busy talking. He's always been a talker, even at home we have to tell him "it's quiet time, no talking for 15 minutes" to get him to be quiet. What are some tactics I get do to get him to understand that there are rules he HAS to follow in class?

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  • Does my daughter have ecxema?

    I haven't been able to take her to the doctor yet, waiting for insurance reasons. She is one year, and since she was a baby her creases in her elbows, wrists, knees and ankles get really dry, cracked and red. She wakes up at night itching it. I give her oatmeal baths twice weekly, I use Aveeno anti-itch cream, I use Jojoba oil, I use Eucerin never goes away, it keeps coming back! What is the deal? Any other thing I can put on her skin to not only help with itching, but to make it GO AWAY???

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  • Is it ok to let my gas tank get ALL the way down to almost nothing before I fill up again?

    My husband says that it can ruin my car. That I should never let it get past a quarter of a tank. Does it mess up my engine? Or is he just bull shyting me? And if it does, what exactly does it do to my engine?

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  • If I make money on the side, does my husband have the right to decide how to use it??

    My husband loves to control the money. Usually when I get paid, he transfers all my money into his account and pays bills,he leaves like $50 and expects me to 'make it last' till next payday. I finally stood my ground and am now keeping my money & helping him pay the bills. Now, I'm doing a little job on the side as a typist, and he's already trying to decide for me how to use the money. I told him it's mine and I will decide how to spend it, but he's just not getting it. I can already tell it might lead to an argument later - I have to, again, stand up to him and tell him its MY MONEY. It's not like I'm going shopping with it, I'm trying to make it last till my next payday, I even gave him some of it, but aparently it's not enough. Am I being selfish? Don't I have the right to hold onto AND decide how to spend MY money?

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  • Ladies: About Brazilian Waxing....?

    Who has done it? I want to try it but am fearful of the pain. Is it worth it? Did you like it? Would you do it again?

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  • My fiance and I both fight each other sometimes...Is this normal?

    I mean, we get along great, been together 4 years, have 3 kids. But every once in a while, we fight. And when we fight...WE FIGHT! Both of us have bruises and cuts. He punched me in the jaw and I kicked him in the face. I have a bruise on my arm, shoulder, jaw, and face (by my ear) and he has scratches all over his arms. Is it normal to fight like this? Does this make both of us ghetto? It didnt' happen in front of the kids, but I'm sure they sense the tension between he and I.

    The thing is, everyone looks at us as the 'perfect couple' and it's not an act...we are. We have everything going for us, but sometimes, when we argue, it turns physical. I used to just let him hit me and I would take it, now I'm starting to fight back. How crazy do I sound???

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  • I just got my first promotion on the job! Yea me!?

    And, I've only been here for less than 6 months! Hard work and determination DOES pay off! I know, I know, this isn't really a question, but, congradulate me! I'm so proud of myself! Woo HOO! I am going from Receptionist to Administrative Assistant, so it's a step up, and in a few years, I'll be able to be an Operations Manager! Wow, I'm so excited.

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  • Good morning! Who's working an 8-5 in an office like me?

    Just getting to work this morning, kinda sleepy, drinking my first cup of coffee. I had to drop off my oldest at school, (He's 5.5) rush to work, didn't have time to stop for breakfast. Got to answer a 65-line switchboard. So, who all works in an office? Do you like your job? How long have you been there? Do you like your boss? Just feeling nosy this morning!

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