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i never look at myself as a "know it all",i like to help others by explaining answers in "easy to understand" terms and methods with the help of you guys asking me questions,i am able to help you as well as increasing my own knowledge of p.c,s and hardware i have the upmost repect for all the yahoo answers community and i am here to help you guys anytime if you find time while doing answers take a look at my website "VIDEO CARD TSAR" at ive been working hard on this website and feel free to sign up... theres a forum,game of the month and offers from micro-direct ... check it out also if you have any problems with your pc or laptop let me know and i will do my best to either find a solution or find somewhere else you can find the answer peace ! enjoy yahoo answers

  • mac mini g4 osx query?

    hi guys

    I have acquired a mac mini (g4 cpu,1gb ram and 40gb HDD ) .. currently running tiger 10.4.11 however whats the max osx it will support ... this link ( ) states 10.5.8 which is snow leopard however it also states you need a intel based mac mini

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  • Acer monitor problem?

    Hi guys

    I have a acer monitor that's gone dark at the top but ok at the bottom .. ive heard it needs a inverter ..

    however what do you guys think and if its not a problem with the inverter then what do you guys think ?


    Monitors6 years ago
  • hoover microwave query?

    Hi guys

    ive just purchased a hoover microwave ( ) ... which works great .. however when I use the microwave only and ive microwaved a ready meal as soon as the program has ended theres still a noise ( although the turntable has stopped and its reported on the led that the program has "ended" )

    what is the noise that continues after the program has ended ? .. it sounds like a fan or something,however until I know what it is I will keep on turning off the microwave and resetting the time

    any help will be much appreciated

    cheers guys

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  • Is Garrys Mod any good?

    hi guys

    ive noticed that "garrys mod" is on sale (steam) ... however what does garrys mod actually do .... ?

    ive had the orange box for many years and have come across garrys mod on many occasions .. but what does it do .... ive heard its a sandbox for creating scenes ..however what does it do ......

    many thanks guys and happy new year

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  • gui for external hard drive ?

    Hi guys

    Is there any way you can create a gui(graphic user interface ) for a external hard drive,so for example when I plug the drive into my tv there will be a interface were I can choose between video,s,images or music ...

    ive looked online for a program or interface that can do this but to no avail,however I may be looking or describing it wrong

    there are Linux based media centers (eg xmbc ) however these are live cd,s and require a pc or laptop to boot from .. however I want to be able to use it with my 42" tv ....

    I imagine it would have to be some kind of "autorun" file ... but remember it needs to work on my tv

    any help will be very much appreciated

    cheers guys !

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  • nvidia drivers 320.18 ..anyone having problems?

    hi guys

    I recently updated the NVidia drivers to the latest 320.18 release,and strangely ive been having loads of problems such as freezing mouse,and games not running

    ive reverted back to the previous release ( 314.xx ) which is running great ... one change on the 320.18 release is the inclusion of the "GeForce experience " .. which isn't that good anyway ... it simply optimizes games and updates drivers ... however I get updates as a prompt in the taskbar which gives you to option to update or leave

    so has anyone had any problems with the latest drivers ... ive already seem many other guys who have experienced problems ( one the same as mine ) ...

    any feedback is much appreciated guys


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  • hotpoint first edition (wma20) filter location?

    Hi guys

    does anyone know were the filter is located on the hotpoint first edition (WMA20) washing machine ?

    basically its been flooding our kitchen floor during the spinning cycle and im guessing its something to do with the filter ( note : the water comes out of the detergent draw )

    that said we have had this for a good 9 years now and in all that time ive never cleaned the filter ( since i dont know were it is hence this question )

    ive looked online for any guidance but to no avail .... so any advice will be much appreciated

    cheers guys

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  • can anyone understand a wireless repeater set up ?

    hi guys

    just purchased a edimax ew-7228apn wireless repeater and ive been trying all day to set it up.... however to no avail

    basically i want to connect to a router 2 floors down ... however im not a expert on gateways,subnet masks and ipv4 addresses and its basically sent me crazy

    all im trying to do is connect to the wireless connection then use the ethernet ports on the back of the device

    ive run the set up wizard which seems ok until it asks you to enter the gateways,subnet masks and ipv4 addresses and this seems to be the problem.... as soon as i try to connect to the edimax ew-7228apn it changes to a unknown network

    has anyone used this range extender and if so how did you set it up... a step by step guide would be much appreciated

    note : im using a bt home hub but im connecting to my brothers o2 wireless router who lives in the bottom floor flat....

    any ideas

    cheers guys

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  • WPS set up with wireless repeater (edimax )?

    hi guys

    i have a edimax wireless repeater with wps support and a O2 wireless box also with wps support... now i want to set up the wireless repeater to get a better range in my attic... however can i use the wps button on both devices to set them up.. or do i need to run the set up disc and enter the ip address and mac address

    what im planning is to connect my pc in the attic to the repeater using a network/ethernet cable for better range

    so can i use wps .....?

    any help is much appreciated

    cheers guys

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  • hotpoint first edition washing machine query?

    hi guys

    heres the deal... i was using my washing machine today when soap started to come from the detergent draw..... to such a extent i needed to mop it up as the washing cycle finished

    what caused this and can it be fixed by myself...... my neighbour is convinced its the filter and from what i have discovered the filter is on the back on my model..

    the strange thing is i did 2 loads and it was fine.... any idea,s on what caused this ?

    as i mentioned the model is the hotpoint first edition WMA 20

    any help is much appreciated

    cheers guys !

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  • johnsons Cat Flea Pump Spray query?

    hi guys

    ive done some research into cat flea sprays and have opted for "johnsons Cat Flea Pump Spray"( )

    however how safe is this product.... it needs to be sprayed on to the cats fur.. however as cats tend to lick themselves will it be safe... i dont want my cat to get sick if she licks some of the spray from her fur

    any advice will be much appreciated


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  • wired access point query !?

    Hi guys

    can you get a "wired access point" ... basically i need a device that can pick up a wireless device and then connect it to multiple computers via a ethernet cable

    ive looked at wireless access points however they seem to connect to a router and then send out wireless connections to supported wireless enabled pc,s and laptops

    however would these work the other way around.... connect to the pc/laptop to the wireless access point and then wirelessly connect to the router ?

    any help will be much appreicated

    cheers guys

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  • wireless extender question?

    hi guys

    heres the deal... i want a device that can pick up a wireless connection and then forward it using a ethernet connection to a pc thats quite a distance from the main bt home hub ( around 65ft )

    i can get a wireless connection on the pc but as with many isp supplied routers its not briliant ( around 2 to 3 bars max )

    ive seen the "TP-Link TL-WA730RE 150Mbps Wireless Range Extender "( ) which looks like it may do the job... however i need a network expert just to confirm this....

    and if this is ok can i simply pick up my wireless connection using this extender and then plug in my ethernet cable to the single 10/100 port on the back

    also do you configure this extender using a web browser like other routers ( eg bt home hub )

    any help will be much appreciated

    cheers guys

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    Hi guys

    i recently purchased the above wireless all in one printer and allthough it works ok via usb im having a few problems connecting via wireless

    do you need to make adjustments to your router.. or can you simply install the supplied software to the laptop you want to use and then during installation choose wireless and then connect to the printer

    this is how i thought wireless printers worked... for example they send out a ssid ( eg HP3050a ) and then you select this and then when prompted insert the security key for the printer

    so why do i have to start messing around with my BT home hub (v2.0) .... and ive allready looked in the hub manager and theres nothing i can do..... ( however the latest v3.0 home hub has a wps button which will connect devices by a touch of a button ,however the v2.0 hub does not have this feature )

    there is a option on the printer itself called "pin" however when i select this it gives me a code/key and then tells me to configure my router and use that key... configure what ? ...... and as i have allready mentioned there are no options in the hub manager were i can configure a printer anyway ...or am i missing something ?

    has anyone had any experience setting up wireless with this particular wifi printer.. and if so any help will be much appreciated

    cheers guys !

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  • hp wireless printer and bt home hub 2.0?

    Hi guys

    i purchased a HP 5030A wireless printer and allthough i connected it via usb with no problems im having some problems connecting it wirelessly ...( im only trying to connect my wifes acer laptop since my pc is connected via usb )

    i have read the limited manual and all it says is to "use the onscreen display to configure wireless" and when i do this it gives me two options

    1)press button ... however this requires your router to support wps.. however the bt home hub 2.0 does not

    2)pin ... this gives me a key.. and tells me to use this key in my routers configuration menu..... urrrh what .....

    i also watched some tutorials for hp wireless printers on youtube and it showed a guy scrolling through ssid,s ( router names ) using the printers display.... when i tried this no ssid,s can be seen... all i get is the two options above

    another guy explained i had to connect my router to the hubs usb port... duh... this defeats the object of it being a wireless printer....

    personally i thought you just made your printer wireless enabled , then when using your laptop you simply look for the printer on "avalible wireless networks " and then connect your printer using the wireless printers security key ( which does appear on the printer screen ) ...that said "what do i know " (ha,ha )

    finally do i need to install the supplied software/drivers on all pc,s and laptops that will be connecting wirelessly and hardwired to the printer ?

    any help will be much appreciated

    cheers guys

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  • how to run pc games in hd?

    hi guys

    i have a sapphire HD5750 which is connected to my acer H223HQ 22" monitor by hdmi.... however how do i run my games in HD ?

    i currently have my resolution at 1920x1080.... however the problem is when i change to a HDTV resolution the visible screen reduces and the scaling options in catylyst control center cannot be used( greyed out ) .... however scaling works fine at 1920x1080 sd resolutions......

    as you can see my knowledge of HD and HDMI is pretty basic ... so any help with this question will be much appreciated

    1) how can i change to a HD resolution without borders on the picture....( scaling wont work when on HD )

    2) how do run game in HD ( if i can ever get the monitor to run in HD )

    many thanks

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  • best monitor configuration?

    hi guys

    i purchased a sapphire HD5750 the other day and on sunday morning the top of the screen began flickering.... however i changed the dvi connection to hdmi and after some head scratching ive managed to get it working ok

    the flickering has gone which is a relief.. however now i have my card connected by HDMI what kind of options do i have ... for example

    1) when watching movies

    2) when playing pc games

    to be honest i cant see much difference.... and that shows my lack of knowledge when it comes to hdmi....however i do notice there are hdtv options in the resolution options in the catylyst control center but everytime i try to set them the screen size reduces and i have a border around the edge

    i can only use up to 1000p resolution..and when i try to adjust the screen using gpu scaling the options are not avalible (greyed out ) .... however when i revert back to 1920x1080 in standard resolutions scaling is avalible and thats how i originally sorted my screen out

    i am right in thinking without using hd resolutions ( e.g 1000p ) i wont be able to watch HD movies or run games at hd ..

    any assitance will be much appreciated

    cheers guys

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  • what is cpu host/src/atic in the bios?

    hi guys

    i was given a acer t671 and when looking in the bios i came across a option marked "cpu host/src/atic" in frequency/voltage control , and when you press enter is shows default which speaks for itself... and then they go up in the following values





    i have a idea the cpu host is the cpu clock frequency... however those values also look like ram speeds...... however the second and third values stay the same all the way through

    any help will be much appreciated

    thanks guys

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  • anyone having problems with sky news?

    hi guys

    everytime i watch sky news it goes to a challenge advertisement after about 10 seconds ( like teletext ad ) .... then when i press 82 to try again it happens again....

    any idea,s


    1 AnswerOther - Television9 years ago