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I'm passionate only about animals and their right to live happy, healthy, abuse free lives.

  • do you have personalized license plates ?

    I've had MOUS POO since 1998 or so. it stands for the names of my cats: Mouse (still alive but getting to be an old man) and Pooh Pooh Head (RIP since 2006).

    wanna share yours ??

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  • is this a craigslist / paypal scam?

    my husband is selling a '57 Chevy BelAir on craigslist (I know, I know ... ~eye roll~ ...I'm a craigslist hater!). someone out of state contacted him via text saying they want to buy the car even though they've seen no photos or seen the car in person. they want to pay immediately using paypal and come pick the car up later ... guess this guy is just sooooo busy he can't get away at this time. sounds fishy to me. anyone else have thoughts about it ?? thank you for your time and help!

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  • how much do you pay for cigarettes?

    and what state do you live in?

    (I'm paying about $6.00/pack and live in California)

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  • who's been to Wyoming ?

    what town did you live in or visit ?? and what were your thoughts in general about Wyoming ? I grew up and graduated HS in Rawlins ..... but moved away when I was 23.

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  • do you have personalized plates?

    and if so, what do they stand for ?? I've had "MOUS POO" for 12+ years ..... I got it in honor of the 2 cats I had at the time, MOUSE and POOH POOH HEAD. (Mouse is still with me, Pooh Pooh Head is in kitty heaven)

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  • for CorelDRAW users ....?

    I've used CorelDRAW 7 since 1997 and still love it. Unfortunately I just got a new computer and Windows 7 won't recognize CorelDRAW (or whatever. I can't install it)

    And the so-called graphics programs which came with Windows 7 suuuuuuuck. Purchasing the latest edition of Corel is not an option (too expensive) and so I'm looking for a new program to buy. Geek Squad suggested Adobe Photoshop ...... but then he thought Windows Paint was decent. (eye roll) I used CorelPAINT all the time to erase bits and pieces and manipulate photos. Also loved all the Corel clipart which could be ungrouped and messed with.

    Any thoughts? I'm willing to spend $100.00 - give or take $20.00. Thanks for your input!

    ~Love Animals, Don't Eat Them~

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  • Name your favorite Christmas gift ?

    In the past couple years, what gift did you receive for Christmas that still makes you smile ???

    Mine was Christmas 2007 when my husband gave me a Dyson vacuum cleaner!

    And I'm hoping this year I'll get a Bose Acoustic Wave Sound System II because my stereo quit working!

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  • Anyone else born on Friday the 13th ?

    Not just in November but any Friday the 13th.

    I was born on Friday, 13 August 1965

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  • Do You Eat Veal? Wear Fur?

    So, does anyone still eat veal or wear fur??

    Yes, I'm one of those animal rights freaks .... but I ask only out of curiousity, not to pass judgement!

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  • Power of Attorney in Nebraska?

    My grandma lives in Fremont, Nebraska and wants to change her Power of Attorney (over her finances). My sister is the current POA and my mom will be the new POA. Is my grandma required to inform my sister of this change before it happens??? Thanks for your time and help!

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • Childless and Menapause?

    I've read that women who have never given birth can start menopause as early as their late 30s. I'm 43 and childless by choice. For the past 5 years my periods have come every 3 weeks and have been extremely painful with heavy bleeding and many, many clots. I wake with wet hair and the front of my t-shirt drenched almost every night. Are these symptoms of menapause? I'd love to hear from other childless women who have started menapause or already gone through it. Thanks!

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  • Best temperature for guinea pig?

    I recently rescued a guinea pig. At night I keep the house temperature around 58 - 60 degrees. Is this too cold for my guinea pig? What temperatures are too cold / too hot for a guinea pig to be comfortable? Thanks bunches for your help!

    5 AnswersRodents1 decade ago
  • Anyone Childless-by-Choice besides me?

    If so, any particular reason for choosing not to breed? Wanna give your age?

    I'm 43 and have known since I was 17 I wouldn't have kids. I'm just not the motherly type and I'm cool with that. No regrets. Plus my heart has always belonged to the animals so my children have fur!

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  • California apartment codes (fire)?

    Here's the deal: 2 story apartment -- downstairs has living room and kitchen, upstairs has 2 bedrooms and a bath. The second floor has no fire escape available which leaves a two story drop onto pavement as the only escape option.

    I'm wondering if these apartments are legal in California?

    Thanks bunches for all help provided!

    1 AnswerRenting & Real Estate1 decade ago
  • Tipping Carpet Installers Revisited?

    I've read the previous thread about tipping carpet installers but what if we've already moved the furniture and tore out the old carpet? Don't know if it makes a difference or not, but my guy said the job should take about an hour and he is contracted out by Lowes. I'll definately offer drinks and snacks. Any thoughts?

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