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  • Just graduated - Get a full time job or 2 part time jobs?! (Already in one PT job) Desperate for advice (more info)?

    Graduated -currently in a weekend job (£400p/m so live-able while I at my parent’s) - want a job in a creative career (degree in Film/TV Production)

    Constantly advised (online/by ‘high up’ creative people at work experience places) that the most important thing to getting into this area is experience. Experience seems better than a degree.

    I don’t want to apply to a random office 9-5 job because:

    1) Want a job that interests me/creative.

    2) Everyone I spend time with (boyfriend, best friends) work weekends too, hate the idea of working all week then have no one weekends. (Evenings I would see BF like 4hrs before bed, 2x a fortnight) Want to make the most of sharing free time before we settle down in jobs (still young! Don’t want to rush into this asap)

    3) Need weekdays free for work experience to make cv better for jobs later down the line in a 'creative industry' (recently had experience; TV/design places and been told previous work experience convinced them to let me in)


    Struggling financially (no overtime, owe parents rent after putting it off/they struggle financially, want to interrail 3 wks in summer before a FT job)

    Considered part time reception jobs (admin experience to contribute to future creative jobs in office role?) as well as keeping weekend job- some reception jobs are half days but is this pointless? 5 day week reception job (8am-1pm) is it pointless? What if I got work experience? Experience isn’t as common as I like + need money now– help?!

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  • Is it safe for my boyfriend to use Simple moisturiser down there ?

    Recently he has had dry and irritating skin on his scrotum so I suggested buying Simple moisturiser (I use for my face but I presumed it doesn t contain harmful ingredients so he could use it) but I have read online that moisturiser on that area isn t advised due to chemicals getting into the bloodstream- is Simple moisturiser safe? Or should he use Vaseline

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  • How do I back off my boyfriend without him getting used to it? (More info)?

    I m 22, seeing a guy for 2 years and at first he would do quite sweet stuff, we d text everyday nonstop then about a year later he got more comfortable (less soppy actions which I understand as you get more comfortable) but we now text only a bit every other day - always me starting the conversation.

    Ive known from the start he s not a naturally soppy guy, which is fine, but I feel recently he doesn t do anything id like to as much (ie going for a cheap meal or even just coming to my house, it s almost always his) I have told him my honest feelings how I d feel sad if he doesn t ever consider what I want to do and in turn Ive become clingy, texting him pointless stuff just to make a conversation. He and his mates joke to me about being the clingy one (tell me its a joke at first but not now) but I want to back off completely for a few days to see if giving him space will make him fall for me again.

    My worry is what if he gets used to this space and likes us not talking for numerous days all the time? I constantly want to talk to him but would try to leave it a while if it helps, but what if it backfires and he gets used to the non contact for almost a week so I can never hear from him as much as I d like?

    Side note- I also feel we hardly get time alone and when I tell him this he says we do, then we never do as much alone time- when we are alone he turns slightly sweeter/makes me want to have more alone time with him so I can see how he does actually still like me)

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  • Tingling in my right palm when I'm very upset/emotional? Is it association pain?

    When i was younger and I watched films with certain scenes in that I found very romantic/sweet, i felt so emotional that I got a slight tingling in my right palm - as if it was painful butterflies but inside my hand.

    At first I thought I'd end up associating this with the emotion of when i watch/experience moments of cute romance stuff etc. But it never happens during that and only happens when I'm very hurt emotionally/upset?

    It doesn't happen everytime i'm upset normaly but if something really hurts me emotionally then i feel my heart hurt slightly (from being upset) and then suddenly my right palm (always only the right one) tingles really hand as if its butterflies.

    Have i somehow managed to get this whenever im very emotionally upset because of associating it with when im upset? It hasn't worried me enough to see a doctor, as i assume its adrenaline related, but why would i get this?

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  • Is it bad that i never argue with my boyfriend?

    I've never had an argument with anyone not even my parents (I'm 19) I've fallen out with my parents at times/a couple of friends in my early teens but never properly argued (would usually just not talk for a while)

    It's never really bothered me before especially not with my boyfriend. We've been going out 6 months and my boyfriend has, a few times recently, joked about how i'll never argue with him. For example if we would skype and he jokes about putting the video down because of me insultingly teasing him, I would be laughing but say sorry (still both in a jokey way) just because I know he is the sort of person who can turn it off and not reply for a while until I do first.

    There;s nothing wrong at all in the relationship i was just wondering if it's unhealthy that i won't argue with him. Dont get me wrong there have been times he has made me slightly upset about certain decisions/actions but I tell him i don't like it and after he'd tease me about it at first he does say sorry/stop it.

    I just remember he's said a couple of times a while ago, jokingly, 'come on let's have an argument' since i never argue.

    I never argue with people because i take them too personally - i feel i'd lose them forever/never be as close to them as i was.

    Is it okay for me to be like this? I just wanted to check as its never bothered me and even when me and my boyfriend don't see eye to eye we do have a conversation where it can be clear we're both annoyed - but not in a shouty arguing way

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  • Which dress to wear to a wedding? (urgent)?

    I'm 20 and going to my boyfriend's cousin's wedding (who i have never met but know other family members/been with my boyfriend 6 months) and can't decide which dress to wear


    (absolutely loved the look of this 2nd dress in the photos! but also like the style of the 1st)

    I have blonde hair and would be wearing flats with the dress (boyfriend is same height as me and id rather not be taller than him/dont want to walk around in heels that day/night)

    so which is nicer? (ignore price, thats what is making me slightly biased)

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  • Should I drop out of charity Kenya visit?

    Planned to go to Kenya with a charity and 3 friends next year to help with a small community and primary school (one of them has already done it before so felt safe to go with them) We planned events to raise money, however I have been having serious doubts that I feel comfortable enough to go - first hearing news about kidnaps/attacks going on at the minute in Kenya but now also about illnesses like Ebola.

    My friends tell me it's a year away so that's a long time still so things could change but also it is the chance of a lifetime - none of my family want me to go and apparently we would have to get a plane from quite a scary airport in Africa, I just cant decide whether to go or not!

    Been abroad/travelled for most of my summer and was happy to finally rest at home and used up all of my holiday time from work but doubt I have that opportunity next year and also cant help feeling unsure about going - is it just nerves i should ignore or should i drop out?

    I'd feel more comfortable to go another year but worried i will change my mind again next year and want to go but can't due to dropping out

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  • Which dress to wear to a wedding?

    I'm 20 and going to my boyfriend's cousin's wedding (who i have never met but know other family members/been with my boyfriend 6 months) and can't decide which dress to wear

    or (the next dress in Berry colour)

    (I'm quite slim, blonde and 5 foot 6, cant decide which would look nicer!)

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  • Which should I wear for birthday night?

    I'm going out for my birthday on Saturday and decided on a dress to wear for it a while ago (red skater dress) but I'm worried I will look too plain. I've just got into a relationship and was happy when my boyfriend said he loved the dress I'm planning on wearing but a few of my friends will be wearing clothes like leggings/bodycon skirts etc and I'm worried I will look plain/average.

    Although I am quite slim and the dress flatters my chest, I just didn't know if it'd look too 'plain jane' against all my friends when we go out! Usually it wouldn't bother me but since it's for my birthday i'd like to look as nice as i can - my other outfit choice is a bodycon skirt and cami top or disco leggings and a cami top (which flatters my bum, so between an outfit thats classier/flatters my chest or a more party-ish outfit that flatters my bum) :)

    (it is similar to this dress - )

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  • Facebook tagged in a Life Event not showing anymore on timeline?

    My boyfriend tagged me in a relationship/life event when we started going out and at first i had no idea why none of my friends knew about it on their facebooks but his did. It showed on my timeline but then when i put my life event up of our relationship (so that my friends could also see it/i figured it out) when i look on my timeline it shows my life event i have put up but not the one that was on his that i was tagged in?

    why is it not on my timeline anymore if im still tagged in his? how do i get it back on my timeline?

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  • Doctor prescribed 8 antibiotics a day for cough/cold, is this right?!?

    Had freshers flu/sore throat/cold/cough for about 2/3 weeks and the doctor today gave me 80 tablets for 10 days (2 tablets 4x a day, and cant eat for an hour after each one) is it just me or is this a little too much?!

    should I just take 2/3 a day?

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  • What is my dog saying?

    Whenever I play chase with my dog (where I stand on the other side of a table and he tries to run after me to catch me), he always lays on his front paws (with his bum in the air) and barks - it's not as deep as his bark when he thinks he can hear something, it sounds like the bark he had when he was younger (he is 8 months old) so just wondered what he is saying roughly? :)

    (he also whines slightly while running after me so i stop, because it worries me, but then when he reaches me he is very overexcited) what could this mean?

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  • Which leggings look better with this peplum top?(for a night out)?

    I've just bought this:

    But the leggings I bought didn't look right with it, I can't decide which look better (in black) with this top - wet look/disco leggings or leather look leggings? ---- for a night out ---- (out of the links I have)





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  • Which leggings look better with this peplum top?(for a night out)?

    I've just bought this:

    But the leggings I bought didn't look right with it, I can't decide which look better (in black) with this top - wet look/disco leggings or leather look leggings? ---- for a night out ---- (out of the links I have)





  • Can I wear feather earrings 2 months after my ears were pierced?

    Only for about 3/4 hours for a meal - will it damage my ear lobes?:S

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  • Which colour earrings to get?

    I cant decide which earrings would suit me (got them pierced 8 weeks ago and want some new ones for a friend's meal)

    I'll just be wearing jeans/top/heels so nothing too fancy and I have blonde long hair and normal/ovalish/slim face :)

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  • Will my puppy be okay? - landed on his back (more info)?

    My puppy was running around very hyper and when i opened the back door, we have 2 steps quite high, and i always lift him down but since he was hyper he attempted to jump off (really really high).....

    So i panicked, knowing he would hurt himself really badly, so i caught him but then accidently dropped him while he wriggled and he landed on his back and whimpered (a few feet off the ground, a lot lower than if he jumped off the steps)

    After he was okay and i kept stroking his back/spine to see if he whimpered/whined but he didn't and seemed fine and carried on playing with his toys - now he is asleep but I am still worried if he has hurt his back in anyway (bruised,etc)

    :S :S

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