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i have been round the world . escaped death twice lived in nyc professional life and been a victim of the corrupt medical profession which took away a incredible story of survival fromme and they did not look back. or think twice. neither did some of the corrupt lax and evil people who had a hand in what took my life to a living hell. i had worked to dedicate a film to the story of my life and the truth of medical shortsightedness lies contradictions and intents.

  • my mother and father induce munchausen by proxy on me at age 18 it made my life fall. my family got to thrive no tme. i want the will .?

    I was induce torture on me by a mentally ill father. he lied about putting  fake diagnosis on me which lead to all kind of abuse and failures to treat or remove me to keep me from suffer life long damage. i lost 11 years and had to take up the cross alone and fix it all. i lost my life from 18 to 29 and then walked ou tof a horror story and began to thrive. nothing i did i life over a sick family matter but teir woes and things were magnified as great feats. i suffered and pulled a few miracles to not become them or what they wanted from me to make me disabled. i did it with first class . it took 24 year. when i was getting there threats from winged monkeys and sister traying to get back in to take me down an shut me up. i made it 24 years with winged monkeys in abuse set on me to make me mentally ill failed. four years ago they did the big game and i walked around the tricks. but the trick force it way on to me an lead to tragic reversing of amiracles and happy ending. healthy life and to induce the same abuses trauma on me as  kid and reverse teh whole game and remove my means ways to thrive. all of this abuse came from this event. my mother is dying , and i want the will. i was the gifted one about to have it all late over them and iw as shot in head drag down beaten and silenced to die a sad death. i want a lawyer to give me the wil or judge. to tell them the story. my family all have money, i was going to have it. it it. and worked . so they sho tme in head. i needalawye

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  • ex bf punks and sister sociopath abuse should i contact FBI?

    I had to endure my family who think they are privelaged to abuse and murder for years. i escape them years ago and it took me 24 years to overcome the tortures and damage to me. i was one lucky person to get a new life second shot and wanted to keep that. idid for 24 years and knew as i was rising up to over them all and all my abusers and winged monkeys sent to abuse me sexual assault insult and other failed thinking they had it go on did not. i was risin gup and knew that a set up i saw would end my life and walked around it. tied to it was a few ex, who failed to break or jilt me, and a man they were going to use also to play that cheap game. i was to wise and walked around them all. i was unbroken free and healthy still despite i had to over come a life . when the person who was no invited into my space made up his own reality that i was there alone wanting him and he moved when he did it lead to a fatal set up reaction plotted and i was medicaly in a meditation to keep fixing what i had to keep fix. when he set my life out of balance into hell drag me in down insult me and then i was made a p uppet of torture and abuse while my sister who was put back in my life after 25 years sat like scar in lion king, i see on internet now as she played dumb that i would die and was left mute brain damage being murder in streets left helpless. to cater to a sick mother who abuse me and brag show off her insight into stroke of which she ignored me while i began to die. call FBI?

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  • Im being abuse in terrorist manner by ex, and his legion of him. im consider to contact FBI about it. but dont want them to incredulize me. ?

    i had  outstanding life of abuse. first felon on me by family who think they are immune to laws and abuse me if i try to open my mouth and sister who wants to copy y life have it and undermine me. i was the one to see through sociopaths. i suffered munchausen by proxy just coming out of first year honors no issues art school. i manage to come home better. my father did this as  sick form of protection. it lead to 11 years of abuse and terror, more when i ran nito nyc and drs who were told to diagnose me with the sickness my fatehr invented . i could have lost my life but endured an escape 11 years of it electrocution and more. then a target individual and escape. my recovery took 24 years but i was a artistic honor student and did it in a master work to not show my suffering. i knew murder was go happen after i cut off the family adn the sister is leader of dysfunction and i escape them back to my reallife and rising. she did not do much but abuse insult and humilate block me out control me for 15 years and ignore what wsa happen and then i escape and was rising up as a stronger person than her and smarter.  i was winged monkey , all way up in abusers an then four years ago after the violent one a punk pimp who also did not fool or rule me, had a plot and to find a way to crack me . i aslo knew my sister andsomeone hd to do with all of them and i was to smart for the game. i was death punched and then for four years reversed adn left brain damage and in abuse. silenced to die

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  • Should my sister be given legal or any respect, in regards to a intentional abuse to her, fatal effect on her brain and loss of thrive?

    I have had no contact with my sister for well , most of 24 year physically abut mentaller follow and track her. she had left the family behind years ago after losing 11 years of life to toture abuse and a situation my father induce of which left her a victim of some kind of abuse I have never cared to even invest a second to find out. but she manage to escape walk the charmed kid again into jobs with famous artist, and then leave us behind. out contact with her was well minimal and she said hostage and buried her alive and almost killed her. my mother never told truth to drs and father either. she was profile and escape used her own mind and regain her life and was , rising to top. past a list of abusers who funky up and failed to beat her down or make her mentally ill and  left her proving her mental health and self and rising talent four years ago however, one of list of persons she escape in test,  and other launched a insult to her which took her from a miracle and rising level of acheiment and about to have it all. to like brain dead damage and reversed her hard work and left her disabled, disarm blind and traumatically sexual insulted as part of a Carrie like plot she walked around. but was induce. they used a person who induce a instant eating disorder and mental break down because she resisted for years , and left her catatonic and fight for life. we failed to even ask in 4 years if she was safe and she is now dying in street from a miracle star. we don't feel remor  

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  •  expand more on intuits?

    i had a strong mind and even though i suffer abuses of all kind i was not mentally broken or mentally ill what wasdone to me four years ago was a little magical trick to remove parts of my mental defense and identiy in one assult then as i was recover from this and identify my stalker i was hit by a man who began to attack me with paranoid things about what he imagine i was thinking and confuse me and over power me. whichi is creepy to start with and evil and corrupt. ok so maybe hes **** up and it also senet me into a medical fall out instantly and from what i saw someone outside planned it. it was a very evil perfect bomb which delted my mind mental frame work self soul identity health and induce instant madnes and then rape games and fuckery to happen wiht me drag down into it i had a perfect mental health and young no dissociation and held this and musical tallented and artist for all my life.  

         i had the happiest life and shitty family. and my support died. mydr did not treat my condtiosn and i was left to suffer and lose my life and the man used to do a little trick to send me into mental hospital instanly and lsoe it all thinks hes a victim with chicken heads on his life. my life is now infested with demonic attacks. and im asking if i should go to police and waht to say? and or FBI , it has been one person attack me with their mental powers or other and now im dying. i have no one to tell. and family of corrupt nature.

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  • Epanding on the abusive intuits?

    Four years ago after i had succesful escape a life full of person and family father sent to undermine my talent and life heath failed for years and years.i was rising to a charmed life. paset al ist of very sick immature persons and most of them all of the think they are silently psychic and to shut me up and  get even wiht me for escape and not fall to any of them.  i was always a self reliatn and answering person. but four years ago after i got rid of this jamaican pimp . he did not want to go away   

        without kill me  all of them feel they are intuits and four years ago a set up occure using a rock star to hep them to do a jilting game. i had a it life and not a idiot and i was wise to the threat and walked around the rock star figure in hotel and maybe he di not like that either, so he rushed me and as i was in a sort of medical meditation that keeps my life from suffer permanent effecs of someoen testing me and try to **** my mind up. i was happy with god and in one second this mans strange move lead to a series of reactiosn and then him turn angry and  i was used as patsy and my life was sent to hell and left and four yeras i have been terrorized by demonic call it winged monkeys or presence of somewhere leaving me dying sick and infested and my mind erased and all kinds of mind control torture with said man cry victim. i had no intent to know the man and now im being terrorized and beaten down stalked by invisible and not my imagintaion to psychotic sick and strange

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  •  i have a problem with some violent agressive intuit kind of abusive demonic persons and a rock star?

     four years ago i  had escape a list of certain  persons toss at me to stop my life progress and the vampire kind. i was not the fool and not the women wiht the instant house car kids i was the girl who survived near death a sick familyand was rising to my own life at later age and could nt spare no more trauamtized abuse or persons. it was not a long list and i was not a whore for guys and focus o myart and  music lover and i was moving up. they are all violent adn not just violent in some way but think they are privelage to abuse and are psychicly endowed also. i was not powerless and taken for fool. so if i escape them without being heart broken or fooled and regain muself there is this threat along with my family ( a sister might be of same blood of not honest with life themself and kept me down and i was moving over them bcak to my real self after years of being kept down. ) i was a lucky survivor and might be able to see thorugh them all. i was not a fool for no one an not broken so i came up and kept rising as  blessed person. 

         after i got out of number call him 7. a pimp and one other one came at me also trying to show off geting to into others minds and i never asked for any of them and i ahd the call it rich life coming and they are indigent. to prove themself using  mind reading and invasion. the dont go away and i was hit bya psychic bomb that  invovled a rock star used to help and it lead to a fatal blow leaving me disabled and suffering. 

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  • I have a stalker. someone who might want my soul and to assume the identity of my twin an tether my soul out of me. should I contact FBI?? ?

     I suffered a traumatic wound call it a blast to my mind and life four years ago. prior to this I had escape a hostage abuse situation 24 years ago and evicted a spirit. I began to thrive and turn into myself and talent. and I knew this person who ever it was family included was still go try to get to me. when I also cut off family, only time I saw them was when I did. I was winged monkey and set on tested and did not stop my rise up from torture. I worked at my life to get my real life back from this event. I read about mind control and intentional traumas to take others souls is true. I manage to live 24 years rising. I had also witness an contact with person brag about their mental powers and travel places where it a rampant pandemic to feel they are psychic as a drug and cover esteem issues.. I was not unepowered but not use it to kill and enslave persons for stupid reason. ok in past four year and before threats made t me to make sure I don't get there. I left family and thrive over them and others bullies and creeps. four years ago the event that took me from 24 years of rising to instant death removed my walls borders and left me a brinks for someone to hijack and the last four being ransacked by person and twin games. to link minds into victim and suck the wealth talent soul out and kill the victim like US the movie and I have stories about that movie and ties.. I wanted to call FBI but will they believe I'm being stalked menace by a ex and persons in my life.?

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    Dying of a death punch from a spirit follow me, what should I do.?

    Demonic possession abuse torture. three years ago a death punch while I escape a Jamaican pimp who did not get it llike that toff me a mentally ill person who wanted to klll me because I escape it without being broken. A night mare and a man who they were setting up to try to use to hit me to undermine my not being heart broken a family who I escape . a night mare induce on me of brain damage instantly trn me from a happy and unbroken and into a cattnic and I was to smart for the game and walk around it. the person came out of his lane into my own. it trigger a death punch I saw was set up from someone else follow me and he just was used. I have a story of demonic abuse and family from hell I did outwit in sick intent on me. ovdercme a story and they reversed in one second 24 years of my progress and induce stroke and lobotomy on me. stalked now and terrorized by someone who was struggle to identify wh had me a hostage for years, and nightmare. Dr who hear voices tell them what to do to me and fear to go to police and in three years this is what I was and now im.

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  • Not my imagination. ??

    I parted from my family after 11 years of being held down in munchuasen by proxy abuse torture . taking me last 24 years rto regain life and escape abusers and drs did not adress my abuse I did it alone. I walked out of it and not look back. I began to thrive got jobs and went up not down. when I cut it off moved and travel and began to have fun. one sister who was most aggressive search me via the mail. but id dnot care when I was a victim and being batter to death or care about their damage to me. I neve saw her and last time I did she toss me out of a car, in jamaica. I said then last time. and removed myself from them and began to have fun. when she show up at my door 700 miles away or more. call it thousand. I was having fun travel. healing and rising . ok. like this. I left it and 24 years of my life were about rising up and be a person again. they did not caree about the 11 years or repent. I kept going up and a lis tof winged monkeys toss at me my friend said were to do the work of family. in abuse.. ok 24 years of my life to learn to become a person from feral in torture. my family felt this was not important. dysfuncitnoal I was not. so the mission was then to get me back into them im sure she is the aggressor of control family. three years ago after 24 free years rising. a set up occur to perfectly reverse this. I began to beg for dr. to said sister put in my life and that murder was up. she play deaf and dumb in three years unable to understand. is she a fake?

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    I GOT TO A DOCTOR IN REGARD TO A SERIOUS BLOW TO A PTSD MIRACLE RECOVERY ADN ABUSE LIFE. I was a rising star of it. it was not easy and I kept a smile on my face and I did all the work. I was target forsome covert torture abuse game by ex persons theif ex persons Jamaican mentally ill and opportunist to try to knock me out and use some trip on me to gain access. it left me in serious conditions and losing function to protect in world.. I begged my doctor to listen an ignore me. leaving me to fall form stars sky and sun to hell with me resist. since I resisted they follow me and diryt punch me again. leaving me to lose any means to regain a hapy life and leav me looking act walk like someone this person wanted me to be not who I was .a young gifted livery artist music and he is the image of himself is some useless person who had no talent and did this to me to get even with life. Is my doctor incompetent to know I was drop and they were induce anger in me for fail and myl ife fall into dust and induce issues I did not have.

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