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friendly, fun, and likes the sumer weather, have some problems with back, and bones, but try to keep going, had screws put in my back in 2000 and has not let up on the pain yet the screws in my back did not help much, but taking it day by day, i am on some strong medication, and may have to be the rest of my life, but i enjoy the summer, it is my favotite time of the year,news update on me and my wife , one day before christmas this year december 24th 2007 my wife asked me for a divorce after almost 29 years of a wonderfull mariage and a great famiy we had togther, why i asked she said she loved me but wanted a differant life being in the menapause state i thought it might pass but no still wants it, i decided it is her life and family , that up to her as of april 1st 2008 we willl be divorced, what can i say or do i have done it all but still wants the divorce she said i was great to her and she knew i still loved her but still wants the divorce,hurt ?yes i am