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  • Online Poker...?

    Does anyone know where online you can play poker against a computer? I recently started watching the poker on Player and was wondering if there were any way of playing against the computer instead of real people because then i could take my time and not have people telling me to hurry up!

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  • Digital Cameras?

    Mum recently bought a Polaroid i532 camera but took it back to the shops 24hrs later because the batteries were showing full power but the camera kept switching off and saying they were empty. We hadn't used the camera a lot, only took a few pics and changed the setting, maybe had it on for a total of 30 mins max!

    That wasn't the question though

    She now wants to buy a new one, one that's good for beginners (someone who's never had a digital one before), a good sized screen, good battery life (lol) - preferably rechargeables, doesn't necessarily have to take videos but should have a good zoom on it, should cost under €200 and is not from Polaroid.

    Can anyone suggest any good ones?


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  • what would you ask?

    if you could ask anyone in the world (regardless of whether you knew them or not) a question who would it be aimed at and what would it be?

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  • scotland and the world cup...?

    Who else is supporting Scotland? And I don't just mean Jason Scotland! I mean our whole country! The one who beat England 3-2 in 1967! Don't get me wrong, I've not got anything against the english themselves i've got plenty of english friends and they would probably not talk to me if I said that. We just don't support england and why should we when they wouldn't support scotland if it were the other way around!

    23 AnswersFIFA World Cup (TM)1 decade ago
  • Any british hairdressers about? I need some advice...?

    I was at the hairdressers the other day getting my hair cut and when the hairdresser had finished with it it was straight with practically no frizz and stayed like that for the 3 days until I washed it.

    My hair is really thick and wavy, frizzes whenever I wash it and I just can't seem to figure out what the hairdressers do to it for itto stay like that. I've tried different things but so far nothing's helped.

    Anyone got any ideas?

    PS The only reason I'm saying british is because I need to be able to buy things in the UK and some US products aren't available in UK.


    6 AnswersHair1 decade ago
  • My concealer doesn't seem to work...?

    I bought a concealer cream from Boots the other week but whenever i've used it it doesn't seem to cover under-eye shadows, blemishes and spots like it says on the packet. It covers some things but when it's been blended in it's as if it has simply disappeared and was never on in the first place! I've already tried their normal concealer stick (Boots own brand), but that didn't help either!

    Can anyone recommend a really good concealer that works without having to pay a fortune for it? I'm really fed up with this one!

    Anyone got any ideas?

    7 AnswersMakeup1 decade ago
  • Should I shave my legs from the knees down or up from my ankles?

    I've just started using a razor to shave my legs instead of my usual depilation cream/mousse.

    When I was talking to my mum earlier she mentioned she had seen an article which said legs should be shaven from the knee down to the ankle, but the instructions which came with the razor (and gel) said it should be down up the way.

    What do you think is best? And has anyone any proof of what is better?


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